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Galactic Centre Center Core

My branches spread and reach to the sky,
The stars are not far, they hear my cry.

The rose in my heart hasn’t withered and died,
I saw it coming, the leaves and the flowers survived.

The birds and butterflies that helped me fly,
Another heart on my lips, I need not wonder why.

I called to the universe, She heard me sigh,
And said “to your troubles goodbye”.


My eyes shine bright and state beseechingly.
Lips say unspoken words, pleading repeatedly.
The head is at once held strong and high,
And in the next moment hung low in a *sigh*.


On and on the draining pattern continues,
Enemies get bolder and explore more avenues.
One watcher turns into another, one monster begets a brother,
On and on this draining pattern continues.


A group of enemies turns into a gang,
A gang into a town and community bang.
They love to manipulate, orchestrate and drain you of hate,
The one weapon you need, with which to succeed.

On and on until what? Too late?

They like to hurt, shame and humiliate,
Take all control and choices to invalidate,
And then say you wanted, asked, even begged for it.
But the truth is they forced you into a gladiator pit.

False smiles and words, they act like they’re doing you a favour.
Getting you to do things you’d never consider is what they savour.
Numbing the mind until you believe the lies they spin.
You go along with the picture presented within.

Pushing our buttons, pulling our strings
Like forced toys, we’re barely conscious,
Real choices stolen, like clipped wings,
A virtual nightmare, reality is fictitious.

We’re pained to see others, that looks like us,
Or those we thought we knew, turn up on cue,
Actors with our names, faces and ideas,
Pretending they are the original few.

The deceivers say and do, things we never would
Addicted to showing each other, and you that we could
They stop us from talking, thinking and feeling
Replace our words with lies, bar our flight with a ceiling.

Traitors, imposters in the face of others acting sweet,
Man next door, or famous stars to strangers that we meet,
Claiming friendship, allegiance but behind your back,
Plotting, planning, corrupted, colluding on the attack.

They want to portray us as the whore, to sully what is pure.
In respected positions they are all, bought and paid for.
Our lives a circus, dreams are video games and tape.
Our deaths are not real, we’re kept in a quasi shape.

But parasites can’t hide or deny their crime,
Their total annihilation has come to time,
This Earth is full of vampires and rapists,
There will be no escapists.