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Daughter Mother Dark Maid Dea Bala Lalita Kali Divine Source Rosa Mundi Summer Solstice MidSummer

In hindsight honour of the SS (which now/currently means Sun & Sun in my view due to the honorary second sun many have been seeing and feeling the effects of recently) and Rosa Mundi I’m posting retrospectively because I don’t like cyclical time, life is all about rotary vibration but I’d rather have a definite start, middle and finish and am not obsessed with longevity/legacy. I’ve never liked repeating myself. I’m posting some pics I took a while back but didn’t get round to posting because I got ill. I was going to go heavy on tribal makeup and hairdo at the time but was too tired/drained.

I’m not a fan of the Summer Solstice, I was born on the Winter Solstice (and neolithic going backwards to origin in my view so closer to the cave aka secret place later thought/shown as the womb) and have an intentionally placed parasite ‘opposite’ who I despise and who thinks he’s something special/royal who was born on the Summer one. He in likeness of most of the later solar deities are so out of the cave they practically go for matricide, not that they’d admit it. Plus even though the SS is related to light and not heat, by this time of year the heat is really annoying me. Strange really because I can take high heat box conditions for prolongued periods of time but the light and heat together and oft mixed with cloudy skies and stagnant air = humbug. Caves are so much nicer with their ambient temperature, dewy clean air and breeze.

So I didn’t post in direct acknowledgement/honour to Alban Heruin (Summer Solstice name to some of those who aspire to Celt & Gaul ancestors/culture) on the 21st even though I of course have great respect and admiration of  ours and the many suns. If my pineal gland & other parts were working properly and I lived in a clean environment I’m pretty sure I could live off the sun and water (as part of prana), though I wouldn’t mind being fruitarian since fruit are specifically designed to be eaten and the act of picking/eating spreads their seeds in contrast to a lot of veg and destructive nature of veg harvesting.

As usual the calendars we’re given are crazy in their division of time periods and twisted meanings of names, at least we can usually count on nature (whilst taking an adapted view in periods of solar storms, emp’s and magnetic and/or physical shift) to tell us what’s what and keep our mental clocks in harmony. Pollution throws our plants and animals out of whack, and we’re out of sync already but just don’t notice or care about it so looking to the skies is important, if you can see the actual sky. So to highlight clashing calenders I’m posting today in between the Solstice and 23 June Midsummer’s Eve – after the summer solstice (since SS is also known as Midsummer or Lith/Litha/Lithia to many, a later parallel perhaps was ‘Lilith‘ and the older pre-patriarchy one the Mother Goddess ‘Lalita‘ – Sanskrit – from whom the Daughter and Dark Mother came, later ‘Lalitha’ – Hindi/Bengali) and Tuesday being June 24 the Midsummer’s Day.

Daughter Mother Dark Maid Dea Bala Lalita Kali Divine Source Rosa Mundi Summer Solstice MidSummer

Examples of celebrating the SS after it occurs:

Kupala Night 2014
June 23 – 24, 2014 in Slavic countries – Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Russia.

Jāņi(s) 2014
June 23 – 24, 2014 in Latvia

Golowan Festival (celebrating midsummer in general)
June 23 – 28, 2014 in Cornwall, UK

Feast of Sant Joan (based on and still used as a SS celebration)
June 23, Barcelona Spain

Joan goes through a sex change as San Juan
June 23, Andalucia Spain.
and known as John in many other countries, still celebrated by some on 24 June as per the old Romans who fixed their solstice with midsummer’s day.

The 21-22nd June (depending on the year) is the longest light day/shortest dark night (except in the lands of the midnight sun days and polar nights and can’t tell anyway) aka the Summer Solstice, then comes actual MidSummer rather than Summer Solstice and MidSummer combined. So I figure this whole period is a Festival of Fire which I have no problem with in itself (other than some of the ways in which people celebrate/traditions). What do I like about fire festivals (particularly in Winter)? Bonfires, fire breathers/dancers, hot food. In Summer? I think I’ll take the gentler candles, incense and fire/sun/star based jewellery. In the Winter we appreciate the light and heat more and the Summer coolness and shade. If I weren’t in this human body and more comfortable in general I’d probably be able to handle them straight up without looking at opposites but we’re in the land/time of the fallen. I don’t ascribe to the child of light/sun child and dark child solstice representations of neo-paganism, I think that’s forcibly making what is considered balance or counterweight.

On this between day (a between time of a between time since solstices represent twilight/thinning veils) I give a nod to Rosa Mundi, the proper known name for the solstice imo and since I’ve been heavy on using roses for internal and external health in the past month without even thinking of Rosa Mundi (note: Red Rose Day was 12 June, just before the Honey Moon which most thought would be a Strawberry Moon on the 13th – a Reddish moon either way, I was going to write a rose based review but didn’t).


‘It is the polar opposite of the Winter Solstice festival of Nativity. While Nativity is the feast of the descent of God (in the form of the Daughter) to earth, Rosa Mundi is the feast of the ascent of maid to Heaven (in the form of the Mother).’


The two solstices, at the highest and lowest points of the year, are called janua coeli or “heaven’s gates”; for they are the two points of entry and exit from the world-cavern in which we exist (that is why both the Nativity and Rosa Mundi periods are noted for the manifestation of subtle entitles on the world).

An old Herthelan rhyme goes as follows:

The city hath full seven gates
A maid may travel through;
But when thou speakst of Heaven’s gates
Know thou there are but two.

The Southernmost of Heaven’s gates
Stands where red roses grow;
The Northernmost of Heaven’s gates
Doth open in the snow.

The Southernmost of Heaven’s gates
Leads far beyond the sea;
The Northernmost of Heaven’s gates
Leads high above the tree.

The winter and summer solstices, as Heaven’s gates, are known respectively as the Gate of Dea and the Gate of Maid, and this corresponds exactly to the solstitial mysteries, for the Nativity mystery is precisely concerned with the descent of Dea into the world-cavern, while the Rosa Mundi mystery is concerned with the ascent of maid “like a lark” directly upward into perfect union with Dea.

The complementarity between the two solstices corresponds to the third and final declamation of the quintessential déanist statement of faith, the Drispeal: “God became maid that maid might come to God”.

Daughter Mother Dark Maid Dea Bala Lalita Kali Divine Source Rosa Mundi Summer Solstice MidSummer

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  1. I love your outfit Dolly and I learned a lot reading this. Very cool!

  2. Wow, that was very informative!!! I also like winter months better, but then again I live in California. Summers are too darn hot. Even now, it’s cool how the days shift around.

  3. You look hot (see what I did there.)

  4. Dolly you look Gorge!! love it..

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