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Ah We’ve Reached The Middle of Summer

And no MidSummer Night’s Dream(s) 😉

Sun Tarot Woman Sunflowers


Sun Tarot Woman Luminous Stars


Here we are basking (or grumbling and/or sweltering) in the blazing sunshine and heat. Motion is stilled, conservation of energy and prevention of skin moistening in buckets near the forefront of the mind. Featheries like being fanned, the furry dislikes it but conversely likes the feel of a breeze – no one likes being blown on and will tell you off at length or fluff up, sniff/turn their head and move away if you do so deeming it an insult. The delicate mist of water vapour (handheld spray) or a damp cloth are things that can just about be mutually consented.

Sun Goddesses

Pure Raw Sunstone


Australian Aborigines
  • Gnowee, solar goddess who searches daily for her lost son; the light of her torch is the sun
  • Wala, solar goddess
  • Wuriupranili, solar goddess whose torch is the sun
  • Yhi, Karraur goddess of the sun, light and creation
  • Saulė, goddess of the sun and fertility
Basque (RH- Negative bloodtype/group)
  • Ekhi, goddess of the sun and protector of humanity
  • Marici, goddess of the heavens, sun and light
  • Áine, Irish goddess of love, summer, wealth and sovereignty, associated with the sun and midsummer
  • Étaín, Irish sun goddess
  • Sulis, British deity (also found in Graeco-Roman religion) whose name is related to the common Proto-Indo-European word for “sun” (and thus cognate with Helios, Sól, Sol, Usil and Surya) and who retains solar imagery, as well as a domain over healing and thermal springs (Aqua-Sulis).
  • Xihe, sun goddess and mother of the ten suns

Deanism and Filianism

Japanese (Shinto)
Sami mythology (Shamanism/animism)
  • Beiwe, goddess of the sun, spring, fertility and sanity

Gayatri Mantra

An ancient prayer regarding the sun made to the Mother Goddess, you can find all kinds of translations for this and because it’s well known they can’t take out the word ‘dheemavi’/’deemavi’/’dhemayvi’/’dhimavi’/’dimavi’ (spelling depends for dialect) you’ll barely ever find that the inclusion of the meaning of that word: Divine Mother. So many translations, no mention of Mother, and Savitri has become ‘Savitur’/’Savitr’ from feminine to masculine. Temples/priests/gurus/translators will go on about the divine consciousness/source etc which is all included in the words but so is the definite word for Mother.

In Devanagari:

ॐ भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः ।
तत्स॑वितुर्वरे॑णियं(तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं) ।
भ॒र्गो॑ दे॒वस्य॑ धीमहि। ।
धियो॒ यो नः॑ प्रचो॒दया॑त्॥ ।

Standardized Transliteration:

Om bhūr bhuvah namaha
tát savitúr váreniyam
bhárgo devásya dhīmahi
dhíyo yó nah prachodáyāt

General translation:

Om (also known as Aum) – Supreme Consciousness
bhur – spiritual energy = protect it
bhuvah – suffering = eliminate it
namaha – in the name of = [in this case] Gayatri

tat – it is/that/so be it
Savitri – illumination, brilliance, divine light, creative energy (a form of to our eyes being the sun)
vareniyam – virtue, great virtue
bhargo – imperfections = purification of,
devasya – combination of divine virtues, divinity, strength etc
DhimMahi – Divine Mother

dhiyo – intellect = knowledge of ‘who’ (last word) = knowledge of DhimMahi
yo – pray = to pray/to pray to,
nah – our = may our
prachodayat – propel = enable us to

The order of the words is a bit hard to form in English, so the last sentence for example would form/mean: ‘May our intellect/knowledge enable us to pray to (Divine Mother as in the above verse)’ and then in context of the rest of the prayer would generally mean to pray to Divine mother for and be: righteous, spiritual, enlightenment/ed through the sun/light that we receive. Many translations include a lot of adjectives for virtues and things to gain but if I go into those the translation would be a lot longer than the prayer and would include people’s interpretations of virtues and happiness e.g. prosperity and wealth.

Divine Light

Sri Shri Yantra

Sri/Shree/Shri Yantra – geometrical chakra representation (part of the subject known as ‘sacred geometry’/’numerology’) of the chariot of Divine Mother Lalita. Each part i.e. the inside of every ‘piece’ aka triangle, lotus flower petal, box (the box is the origin of the swastika and the cross) is a devi/goddess and they represent creation with particular reference (in texts, depictions) to light – everything that gives off/contains/reflects e.g. stars, moons, planets.

Shri Sri 3d Yantra Mandala Maha Meru

When raised in 3d madala it looks like this, called the Maha Meru ‘Great Mountain’, in pyramid complex structure, a communication/teleportation system supposed to be for devis.

Sri Shri Shree Yantra 3d mandala tortoise turtle

When the full representation is made it’s usually seated upon a turtle/tortoise.

Mahavidyas Yantras Goddesses Devis Lalita

These 10 are the Maha Vidyas /Das Vidyas (Maha means ‘Great’, Das means ’10’) . They are the 9 highest forms of Lalita, portrayed with Lalita to make 10. They include Kali and Bala from the Mother/Daughter/Dark Mother triad (Lalita-Bala-Kali) I’m always referring to, though Bala is usually referred to or within other names/name groupings. The 9 Maha Vidyas are 9 pieces of the above Sri Yantra/chariot.

Mahavidyas Goddesses Yantras Mandalas Chakras Lalita Kali

These 9 yantras are the geometrical representations of the Maha Vidyas, like the Sri Yantra is a geometrical representation of the chariot (all creation). The text in the above picture says ‘the cluster of 10 MahaVidyas’ referring to the Sri Yantra but I couldn’t fit it in the picture and I’ve already pictured that above. Picture credit (partial screenshot – couldn’t fit it all on my screen) goes to crystallotus.com/Yantra/07MahaVidya.htm

Kali MahaKali Yantra Mandala Chakra

Kali is seen as both light and darkness. This is her ‘usual’ yantra that most people familiar with yantras use/see hence is included in the above diagram. The upside ‘V’ triangle represents the sacred vagina.

Kali MahaKali Yantra Mandala Chakra

This is also Kali’s yantra, but one that for some reason is rarely seen.

Kali MahaKali Yantra Mandala Chakra

Kali’s number is 13, an extremely lucky number.

Photos and Artwork

Since this is the Festival of Fire I’m wearing Red, Gold and Black – and in the last picture we’ve paid tribute to light in general and its rainbow properties (which allows me to include gas fire colours since we didn’t have time to make photos in different colours for say sulphur fire in Blue). My jewellery is in Red/Gold/Clear colours and designed like sun wheels.

As usual all the awesome ideas are mums, I just made them happen.

Mum and I started off with normal photos:

Sun Light Sunshine Enlightenment Red Gold Divinity Wheel Chakra Goddess

Sun Light Sunshine Enlightenment Red Gold Divinity Wheel Chakra Goddess

and then:

Sun Light Sunshine Enlightenment Red Gold Divinity Wheel Chakra Goddess

We both love armour… Though Mum is more old school (obviously) and considers body jewellery (and hair) as clothing, I prefer them over clothing.

Sun Light Sunshine Enlightenment Red Gold Divinity Wheel Chakra Goddess

Sun Light Sunshine Enlightenment Red Gold Divinity Wheel Chakra Goddess

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  1. The Otaku Judge said:

    I recognize the name Amaterasu from the Okami video games.

    • 🙂

      She was popular with the people though nowadays probably known more because the imperial family claimed they were descended from her, like most royal and many ‘noble’ families did in the days when they openly claimed to be ‘god-kings’ and descendants to validate their position lording it over everyone.

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