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So I’ve talked a lot about sex change and gender bending in ancient to modern history, usually the female/feminine being masculanized (from gods to deities e.g. God to planets) and in classic culture females were (and still are in some places) portrayed by males from theatre to armour/ceremonial garb which would not be considered masculine in the Western world today. The masculanization of the feminine is usually derogatory and done to hide/change/move away from beliefs from the past.

In culture rather than history though feminization is common and seen as both fringe/deviant to fun/desirable. For example young male characters like Peter Pan are often played by females in the general dramatic arts pysche that prepubescent boys are of a similar ranking to women until their voices break. Popular carryovers from the past finding their way through the circular nature of fashion are the ganymede (feminine looking males) trends and androgyne/hermaphrodite trends e.g. if you’re a manga/anime fan sometimes the sex and/or gender is not obvious or mixed going beyond the lesser ‘weak guy‘/’tomboy‘ stereotypes of usual accepted gender bending.

Then a mix of religion and history there are the eunuch priests in certain religious sub-sects though they are overshadowed and outnumbered massively by the dominance of males with their genetalia in religious positions and lack of female priests/ranked positions (particularly of high rank) in general.

The sexualization and sexism of linguistics makes it difficult/confusing as well from certain words having a sex attributed to them to describing creatures of a sex such as a group of boys with one or fewer girls in it being described by the masculine terms and the opposite a group of girls with one or fewer boys still being described as masculine. Then generic terms for people/population in general being labeled under masculine terms like ‘he‘ and ‘fraternity‘ or the masculine for profession/job titles or even sexuality where all non-heterosexuals are called ‘gay‘.

When looking for a picture of my darling Death of Discworld who is a skeleton in a dress robe written as a male character (the Grim Reaper based on female Goddesses and ultimately the Divine Mother) on Saturday (Saturn Day – Saturn typically portrayed as a male but based on Kali the Black/Time, Crone/Dark Mother) I saw this:

Death’s gender

The initial books did not pronounce themselves about the gender of Death, although Ysabell called him ‘Daddy’, using the pronoun “it”. In Reaper Man, Death is unambiguously identified as a male, and in Soul Music and Hogfather Susan calls him her grandfather or “Granddad”. When asked to describe Death, in the second Discworld computer game, the protagonist Rincewind hazards a guess, “Well, I suppose he’s a man. You have to look at the pelvis, don’t you?” In the comic strip adaptation of Mort, Death is seen in mirrors as a black-bearded human wearing a black cloak, and also seen as this when he needs to be seen by the living.

Many languages must provide a grammatical gender to each object, and death is often a feminine noun. As such, translations of early novels sometimes refer to Death as a woman. This is generally changed, by the time of Reaper Man. Also, the personification of Death varies from country to country leading to further confusion, for example the Russian personification is that of an old woman, the Czech version uses a (normally non-existent) male variant of the usually female word for death for his name. Explanations are given in footnotes, often with a pun.[7]


Interestingly enough for those who’ve read and/or seen Hogfather which describes a little the ‘Father Christmas‘ (Father Time which is actually Mother Time aka Kali pre-dating patriarchy) title to Santa Claus as in claws going back to ancient people and was seen as a boar with relation to the sun/creation of the world. Who is the boar with that relation? Varahi (later known as Buddhist goddesss Vajravarahi and Marichi) captain/leader of the Divine Mother Lalita”s army. She was later demoted via  history to consort of a form of the usurper Vishnu that also took her name and kept it feminine calling himself/being called Varaha. Vishnu, one of the main current male triad ruling Hinduism and corner angle for the many other male triads in the ruling religions, is typically shown as bi-sexual and mating with his brother/the top of the triangle Shiva (feminine name) whose seen as the alpha of alpha males and in other incarnated Vishnu forms such as Krishna he’s depicted as a ganymede and narcissus.

Some artwork came to my attention which made me wonder if I’d be good looking as a guy… I’ve sometimes wondered what guys in my life would look like as women, probably because there’s so many great/convincing looking transsexuals and crossdressers in the media usually focused on males looking like/becoming females. What the media doesn’t often show though are the many and increasing amount of children taking hormonal drugs and being used as prostitutes/sex victims.

I’m not exactly a fan of Disney but of course they do provide a plethora of well known characters for an artist to work with.

Here’s a bunch of Disney ladies who’ve been drawn as guys:


Hmm they are drawn exceptionally well but I still prefer being/looking feminine methinks it suits me plus I like dressing dapper:


Comments on: "If I were a guy what would I look like?" (4)

  1. The Otaku Judge said:

    The gender bender take on the Disney characters is really well drawn although Beast scares me.

  2. I’m so in love with this post. Also, Belle is my favorite princess and she is working it in those pants!

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