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So today is ‘Be an Angel’ day. I’m not going to go into the origins of the use of angel terminology and depiction, angelic/light beings/deities, species changes etc over time and place but rather just a note on how we view angels today in general in the European colonised parts of world and those incorporating ‘modern’ culture. Although it is important to note that angels in common historical description (including Euro-classical) are often a link, a go-between, like people in a sense they can come in many kinds typically thought of as sentient beings, sometimes acting independently though often as soldiers and sometimes robotic. They can be good, evil or on the fence/just getting on with it/indifferent…

I once saw a strange, Grey cloudy being in the sky
Flying by, flying high
Swift yet graceful, just there in the sky
No one seemed to notice, the shape by on by
No wings but humanoid, smooth like a sigh
The first and only time I saw it, upon high


Once a strange lady sat right next to me, touching but quietly
With expectation she looked at me, waiting silently
“How can I help you?” I asked politely
Silence greeted my reply
“What can I do for you?” lest she didn’t hear me
Again silence met my query
“Hmm” I thought
There was something she wanted to say
“Well what do you want me to do for you?”
“What do you want?”
“If you’re here you already know”
That was all that said and she went away but I knew what she wanted to say.
Our words filled a gap but they were just the tip of tip of the iceberg of feeling.

Sometimes even ‘angels’ (and I personally mean good/really nice beings) need help.

Many of us, myself included, use a lot of words but they’re not always used wisely or with the best intentions. Sometimes you don’t need them at all but they are powerful. They help us feel each other, reach out in this world where it’s so easy to be connected yet disconnected at the same time, to be surrounded yet lonely. To get distracted, frustrated, or even bored in a natural world full of so many mind boggling, awe inducing scenes, detail, delicacy, complex yet simple balance based on giving/needing or unnatural based on supply/demand. We have to use a lot of words to explain things but I do appreciate the strength in simplicity and the power of feeling/understanding in them or other types of communication.

We need words whether said by tongues and/or gestures though sometimes we don’t know what to say. Sometimes what it takes is to stop the soap opera of thought streams, that super highway of lingo & second guessing and look at those around us also struggling with the weight of their thoughts.

If an ‘angel’ (and I personally mean good/really nice being 😉 ) asks you what you need/does you a favour – ask them what they really need/want. It can be surprising and or/painful to be asked, but it’s necessary.

Sometimes angels are made for the circumstances and best to appreciate them before they’re gone. (Significantly this film has no dialogue except in the introduction and haunting song).

And sometimes angels and events are changed to be intentionally misunderstood (major inter/national holidays):

The original book has a slightly different plot. While the first half of the story remains the same, the boy and the snowman do not visit Father Christmas. In fact, all of the Christmas elements of the film were not present in the story. Notably, the boy’s family does not have a Christmas tree in the house. After the snowman comes to life, they proceed to explore the boy’s house. After they see the family car and play with the lights, the boy prepares a feast that the two eat by candlelight. Here the snowman takes the boy outside again, and they begin to fly. Once the boy and the snowman take flight, they only fly as far as the pier seen in the film. They stop there and wait for the sunrise. They hurry back, as the sun is rising, and the boy hurries inside again, like the film. The finale does not show James finding the scarf in his pocket, as they never made the trip to Father Christmas, but he finds the snowman melted in the same fashion.


(Remember when I explained the F.Xmas is based on Mother Time.)

Mum reminded me recently that extremely helpful and plentiful hedgerow plants & fruit grow amongst those that are thorny and grow big and strong such as blackberries and stinging nettles; to protect themselves, those who live amongst them and they help clean the water they come from. Not to mention that they are super nutritious but there’s always burdock nearby to soothe and heal the pain. We have real angels all around us in nature and always have. We just don’t see them properly much of the time as we move past, call them weeds and remove them or build over them. They are persistent though and endure as best they can. For quite some time however it’s been hard to tell between many angels and demons. We can only try our best in the time we have and I mean best by taking off those tinted glasses/mental barriers we all have – and to get a vegan/eco point in there too 😛 remember that if you’re anti-fur don’t be buying those fur makeup brushes 😉

Tomorrow (if we’re still here) is: European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism (though bear in mind politics is a business war game with the same people playing all sides, the obvious bad guys aren’t the only ones and how many people fall in line and do/support their bidding on the propaganda alone. Plenty of those victims have and are a part of races/groups that did/do the same thing. Follow the money/title trails and why industries such as Hollywood were set up and school curriculum orthodox theories taught. Revisionist history thrives, the world wars were obvious culminations which haven’t ended and were already ongoing earlier such as with the extermination of the Cathars & 100 Years War, the ‘Black Death’ and the witch hunts. This world isn’t random, if we can’t tell between angels and demons and in between why not try to be an angel in the modern sense of the word yourself in the meantime.

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