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International Day of the Disappeared is observed on August 30, 2014. It is a day created to draw attention to the fate of individuals imprisoned at places and under poor conditions unknown to their relatives and/or legal representatives.

The impulse for the day came from the Latin American Federation of Associations for Relatives of Detained-Disappeared (Federación Latinoamericana de Asociaciones de Familiares de Detenidos-Desaparecidos, or FEDEFAM), a non-governmental organization founded in 1981 in Costa Rica as an association of local and regional groups actively working against secret imprisonment and forced disappearances in a number of Latin-American countries.

Work on secret imprisonment is an important part of the activities for a number of international bodies and organizations in the fields of human rights activism and humanitarian aid.


Remember that people and animals go missing everyday, legally or illegally, thousands are always officially missing (not including those not reported/included) even in ‘modern’ countries; easy targets include those without next of kin, homeless, those sanctioned under ‘govt care’ such as under mental health, animal control, orphans and elderly, those in war/battle zones. Though when quotas need to be met anyone can be vulnerable particularly if from a group of convenience i.e. the public fed ‘enemy of the moment’ and/or for sex and domestic slavery trafficking. The disappeared/missing also includes those who’ve lost contact/been separated by political boundaries and geographical/natural and induced/exacerbated ‘natural’ upheavals, note when ‘natural disasters’ happen pets and ‘livestock’ are often sacrificed by official force or personal choice.

Pure evil = evil is as evil does.

There’s a belief that when you (generic use of the word ‘you’) die or ‘pass on’ you are faced with all those who you’ve hurt whether you knew/acknowledged it or not, you have to listen to them and be judged. Basically you have to be aware of our thoughts, words and deeds and endure the consequences of reaping what you’ve sown. It ties into ‘everything is recorded’ in an intrinsic memory and actually there is research going on to find memory pockets/storage in this electric, plasma, holographic universe (yeah so they can know, erase and change like book burning?)

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