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Don’tcha just hate that? You feel like something but not sure what and then every idea makes you feel more frustrated, the things you have you don’t want and the things you want you can’t get. 🙄

Sometimes at least you know you want something sweet or savoury (yep this post is about food but could easily be about almost anything) but that isn’t necessarily that much more helpful. *Tut*

So my migraine has just finished and I’m after something but I don’t know what = useless drumming of fingernails and further distraction. Migraines are a bit weird, usually if caught at the very beginning a supplement called feverfew can really help, once/if it starts proper upping magnesium intake helps but if you get them periodically and long lasting e.g. with menstruation then it’s like tough luck *ahem*. They’re worse than regular headaches because they feel like or seem like you’re being electro-shocked in part of your brain, it happens every few seconds and not just one pulse at a time, sometimes two or three – gives depth to the phrase ‘head is throbbing’. Sometimes it’s accompanied by acute ear ache and jaw inflammation/ache.

But anyway, it’s tentatively over (though can still feel the soreness) and I’m thinking I want something sweet but I’ve already had some muesli – I got sucked into Dorset Cereal’s competition, no I didn’t win the woodland or £50,000 (or any of the runner up prizes lol) but hey I only bought it because it was on special offer. Seriously have you seen the regular prices, upto £4 for 700g?! The ‘simply nutty’ one I bought does indeed have 11% nuts in it as claimed (yes I counted, no I’m not pedantic like that usually, I removed them to make homemade nut milk to get more out of the purchase and because nut milk is awesome) but still it’s disappointing that the rest is mainly flakes but then again, at least they replaced the usual dried fruit in muesli with dates and the flakes are a variety of types but still… Being a skinflint yet always looking for fair trade and/or higher quality stuff in general it’s still pulling at me, it doesn’t have the quality and quantity unless you eat small servings and don’t mind it not having that many nuts (especially of the kind that not everybody can eat raw – in this case I’m referring to the 5% almonds). Can’t they ease up on the packaging and put more of the product in? They don’t need a box and a plastic inner bag.

It reminds me of Kallo’s rice cakes, I loved them when they first started appearing on mainstream shelves; the brown rice crackers with dark chocolate on top were my fave. That was years ago, then the other day I saw some in a pound-ish shop so you can guess the price which is similar to the original price but now you get less of the product i.e. 6 crackers. Typical. Might as well go to an eatery and pay the price for having something made & served instead of the supposedly cheaper price of off the shelf. But then (again), have you seen the prices of things like muffins in such places, and beverages have always been the most pricey.

So in an umming and ahhing mood like this I just have something in the general category of what I feel like. The worse thing I could do? Have something I don’t really want but settle for and then still hanker for what I really want and likely have it later hence adding to the day’s food or wait even longer until I do have it. This way I’ll at least be satisfied… Hot chocolate here I come! (Sidenote – dark chocolate tends to help with regular headaches and liqourice is great for reducing the need for sweetening plus is a handy healer, but I don’t have choccy during migraines.)

Or actually I’ll just go with some orange juice and up my Vit C. Hey this one’s sweet 😉


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