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So today is Earth Day, a title that represents in a very short space of time the embodiment of existence we all seem to know, so I guess I could open with “nanoo nanoo” Earthlings i.e. all beings apparently alive or otherwise based or just here, and not leaving no matter how much they may wish it ;-).

Anyway, by way of definition:

Earth Day is coordinated by the Earth Day Network, and is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year. April 22 corresponds to spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Numerous communities celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues. World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5 in a different nation every year, remains the principal United Nations environmental observance. (Wikipedia)

There are a number of auto-ingrained responses some have to the very word Earth (Gaia, Terra Firma, Starship something), for example some of you have already rolled your eyes and thought a number of nasty thoughts.

Some of us think


Then some

and more others are somewhat indifferent to varying degrees.

Currently Earth Day makes me think about Time and Space.

If I had had a time capsule what would I have put in it?

Obviously if I made a time capsule when I was a kid it would be different to one I’d make now?

Or would it?

Then there’s the questions those continue with i.e. would I feel the same way about stuff in them, where would I put the blasted thing etc etc.

I’ll just stick with the first question, the answer being: I don’t know. Sure there’s the obligatory newspaper and I guess a musical recording of some sort but what else? I don’t really have an attachment to ‘things’ or tokens of affection, I’m more into what those things represent – those things I remember, memories are important. Especially when the flood of memories start really late like mine do at around 9 years old, only bits and pieces before that but what I remember I do so in detail. (Why is Mum breathing over my shoulder right now and talking at me in between thoughts making it difficult to remember what I wanted to say…) Probably a bunch of warnings that would end up a weighty tome and maybe a scrawl on a back page of positive messages. That would mean I’d have to know the future in advance and yet a book like that is all I’d really want in hindsight, hmm. But then it’d be somewhat useless reading the warnings after things have happened. So what would I leave myself to help me without really knowing? I guess it’d have to be a four leaf clover to give me good luck! Ha!

For those who take time travel seriously and I don’t’ just mean linear or cyclical i.e. forwards and backwards or being in the same place more than once; there’s those who believe (don’t take the word ‘believe’ in simplified terms, there’s a lot of thought and research behind belief just as there are empty beliefs, many things start off theoretical) in timelines, alternate paradigms or dimensions. Multiple times, places, beings inhabiting the same place yet perhaps not moving at the same speed/time. Some think it’s multiples of ourselves, some think it’s not just us all the time. Do others see the earth differently to the way we do, is it like being ‘colour blind’ and that state being normal, howabout in ultra violet or infra red? What if it’s about more than the lengths of waves of colours, what about the other senses and ones we don’t have? When we look out of telescopes and at satellite images or just at our computer/phone screens we need all that language interpreted for us into imagery that we understand, and hey virtual terminals are becoming pretty common. Do we, does Earth look the same from the outside, as it does for us looking out and then back at ourselves with our tech?

Outside Looking in, Inside Looking Out?

Outside Looking in, Inside Looking Out?

Some people see and/or describe space as a cosmic sea/ocean, plasma like water, ether or dark matter. Are there beings that can breathe under water out there so to speak even if we cannot? Even if we were alone in the universe the way we see ourselves is just one of many ways – and inside the atmosphere we make it more difficult since we seem to be in many places at once under different names & images at different times in various simulations – such is the mass and mess of communications networks. At sporting games and big events it’s not unheard of for hosting nations to use gas/smoke instead of a screen for displays and make sure the area has fine weather. We know those pictures aren’t ‘real’, they’re just images of us and others, like those are not little people in the tv screen, but masses and masses of tiny data sent through the air and put back together again to get a picture that is coherent to us. So with all the phones, radios, tvs, surveillance etc how do we know what we look like from the outside, really? How do we know the image we’re giving off? Our physical existence as we know it is one of many layers going on at the same time as all the other information, which is real – how would you know if you had to filter through it from the outside or without someone/thing telling you i.e. an interface that connects you with other parts of the world or space that you aren’t physically in and that is configured similarly to yours so that you can understand it. There’s quite a bit of trust there.

What Earth really looks like.

So if we’re a ship in space and not all of us are in the same time and with all these images floating about, how do we know the Earth looks generally the same at any given moment? It depends on who is looking, from where and what access/senses and translators/filters they have.

When I look and think of Earth it’s somewhat in retrospect, and sadly, things can’t be undone. Not really.

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