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After kitty was chipped by the people who had her before us, she went through a number of behavioural changes, one that she went from being a typical outdoors cat into a housecat so…


She didn’t like going past these, neither did the little pug dog with the woman behind us (lot’s of pylons & low, loose wiring draped over trees on that footpath too).


Long grass, short grass, it’s all good.


Yeah I get a bit knackered nowadays so have to sit down and kitty is patient enough to wait.


A good roll-a-round is fun.


But Mum & I have to get food so… Lovage is wonderful, it looks and smells like celery, or minty celery when the stalk is broken. They grow upto 6-7ft tall but it’s best to eat them when they’re small and the stalks soft otherwise they get too fibrous. Can still eat the leaves though.

Lovage Plants Foraging

Usually next to nettles, yes we got stung (have to cover hands but still) but these are only small ones so not too bad and the sting stops shortly afterwards in the sunshine but usually there’s some burdock also nearby to soothe (which I didn’t get a pic of, silly(!), though there’s plenty online).

Nettle Plants Foraging

These are of course also edible.

Dandelions Daisies Plants Edible

Came across some bamboo – nice surprise!

Bamboo Plants

Some Primrose – great for food and oil

Primrose Edible

Primrose Edible

Can’t remember the name of these nor their properties grr! (Yes the shadow is mine, I took a pic with the peace sign but it can be mistaken depending on the part of the world so just went with a wave!)


What’s in the heart of this interesting looking tree?

Tree Mushrooms

Oo mushrooms!

Tree Mushrooms

One came to look at me but I think Mum scared it off lol :-s

Horses Field

Mum accidentally scared the deer abit further away 😛 or I’m just too slow with the camera (yeah it’s the latter – the zoom doesn’t go that far and I don’t use the flash on animals).

Deer Field

Comments on: "Taking Kitty for a Walk and Foraging" (4)

  1. I used to walk my tom cat on a leach. He loved it!

    • Coolness! 😀 I always think don’t keep animal companions inside (unless they have to be healthwise) if they’re timid, easily lost or can’t go by themselves, just take ’em out yourself or get someone to, it’s inconsiderate and/or mean especially if it’s out of embarrassment!

  2. Great post, foraging with a cat, love it!

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