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Has there ever been media freedom?

This is an interesting video on the WWII state of Germany during and post war. Warning – there is a lot of sickening and disturbing information and footage here. I don’t agree with all of the narration but all sides need to be known and remembered.

This behaviour is typical of war & ‘peacekeeping’, aftermath of ‘natural disasters’, epidemics and winner’s history. There’s usually a hell of a lot more blame and things hidden than what is shown. Everybody is to blame and spotlights instead of mass floodlighting has been favoured. People are people wherever they are, whenever they were, whatever they look like – and this is why our existence is techologically advanced, socially backwards and culturally pretentious.

(Interesting how from what I’ve read from Robert Rankin, he’s the only ‘fiction’ author that has portrayed Churchill ‘realistically’.)

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