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‘One of the snobbiest places in Britian’ to some for the uber affluence and rejection of an argos store – perhaps they countered that with the massive 99p Store in the middle of the highstreet. Also the Peacocks and Store21. There’s many niche and expensive shops as well as charity ones that always have impressive displays and a house clearance store that is not open when we pass it anymore but its window wares change all the time – lots of antiques. There’s a plethora of churches on and behind the highstreet with religious based buildings as well for debt advice, reading group etc; a masonic hall and a shop called ’33rd boutique’. Also a large White obelisk in the distance sticking out of yonder landscape.

The library is nice, it’s big though like many modern libraries it’s laid out in contemporary fashion and so some space for books is taken up by looking stylish. You have to pay to make reservations and for other media BUT! You can borrow 30 books for 4 weeks O_O. No other library has ever defeated my ability to read piles of books in a set time and I haven’t even tried here. (They also give you free online access to a bunch of magazines.)

One great thing though is the seaweed! There’s no beach but there’s plenty of seaweed! It’s much more effective than powder spirulina or moss and obviously has more roughage so a meal in itself. Interestingly enough we found that when dried out one of the types hardens like its been moulded, feels like hard plastic and looks really nice. I couldn’t afford crafty stuff to try and decorate some but it’s looks really nice by itself.

Strangely the location widget on the sidebar isn’t working properly for me, when I first installed it it was correct (for couriers) and said ‘Farenam’, later it switched to Andover and then London(!), then City of London and after my recent post saying we live in Hampshire it changed to Basingstoke! As close to London as it can get but still in Hampshire.

(EDIT – changed to ‘UK’ a few days after posting this and as of now 21st May it’s saying Glasgow! Crazy.
27 May – it’s been going back & fro between Glasgow and London-City of and now says Woking Surrey.
29 May – Newton-le-Willows, Staffordshire.

09 June – European Union!)
12 June – still says European Union but since yesterday the IP changes right after it’s registered but still under the EU banner. Even more weird than usual.

But no bones about it – we live in Lymington.

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