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So today is World Meteorology Day and Be a Millionaire Day; I’m not in the mood to talk about the former (although it seems the day was indented for the sake of unity in uniform measurement – which I’m not necessarily into), not even astronomy or cosmology so I’m going for the latter.

I always figured “if I had the money” and since I’m not a prick or greedy that means a lot less than a million (but still sky high nigh almost impossible or at least astronomical in odds to the likes of me) I’d be doing more than just consistently evaluating my lifestyle, trying to live by example and helping. Like many I figured I’d “do more” but more what? Ok I’ve had many ‘standout’ ideas on top of the default more giving/donation, more teaching, more environmentally friendly, more DIY (mum and I have always makeshifted well and our energy use tiny but having as many engineering, building, carpentry, tailoring, plumbing, mechanic skills is always better in this world) etc but in the last 7-ish years I was inspired by an eatery brand layout called EV (part of a chain called Taz).

The layout consists of three eateries next to each other; a salad bar cum health shop where they make fresh bread, pastries, cakes and of course loads of different salads (Anatolian, Turkish, Lebanese style so not the boring or artery clogging condiment or digestive rotting meat or lacto egg heavy Western types many think of as ‘salad’ – or even ‘veg’ which just tends to be side or individual & few types of vegetables, not creative or interesting let alone healthy…) Next to that is the restaurant and next to that the bar – so an environment for different moods, settings and times. All had great bright and airy yet intimate interiors; the salad bar was more ‘Earthy’ with gorgeous wooden furniture and rustic colours, the restaurant more chic and classy yet still continuing with the trailing plants (and frog art hmm) and the bar more contemporary but all had traditional details incorporated really well (and a modern ‘Moroccan-esque’ bathroom).

So basically I figured I liked the different functions of each place but really interested in the salad/health bar and bakery. I’d make one (with different interiors – can’t copy lol – though I haven’t thought of them) even more functional. I’d try to keep the holistic feel and would use the place as a ‘soup kitchen’ in ‘closing time’ but obviously wouldn’t turn down homeless in regular hours and would have a special discount service with delivery for local people such as the elderly, less mobile and nurseries/pre-schools. Obviously the place would be vegan and would have to based in an area to grow and access the kind of variety you find in ‘ethnic’ areas where small supermarkets and markets easily outdo and outsell the big chain supermarkets when it comes to fruit, veg, herbs, nuts and seeds (and in much bigger sizes from fresh to preserved). I remember Turkish shops selling various olives considered delicacies even in London – not the rubbery, small, almost bland, pitted or badly preserved ones found on standard pizzas et al – for £4 and then later £5 a kilo and yes I bought’em in bulk and they lasted months and then shock horror! At one of the temporary outdoor exhibition/foodie fests at the Southbank (posh side) they were selling them for £20 a kilo!!! Even the more common stuffed ones! 😮 They had the audacity to say because they were selling by weight it was fair and people agreed with them! So a portion of olives costs you £6 quid… I’m not even going on to the preserved ginger.

I’m thinking the growing area might be turned into or extended to a community organic scheme so people can help grow the food as well as their own subsidized or free. I wanted to have more than just the ‘soup kitchen’ element i.e. a hostel too for both temp and longer term stay and maybe assistance to independence but maybe I’m thinking too big and expensive *sigh*. Oh well better to daydream, plan and do good things than the usual waking and sleeping nightmares.

Great song, great film though I wouldn’t spend it stupidly on the big house(s) which are fun but I only think of them as ok when thinking about everybody having them (I already picked one or two out in a one of award posts previously but prefer cob houses or homes built into the landscape not plonked on top it ‘I’m the king of the castle’ style – those are only really nice for looking at and design interest), or walk heck live-in boutique like closets, masses of media and ‘toys’, vehicles etc of the brain cell damaged and generally mentally challenged control freaks. It’s uplifting and helpful to look stylish/attractive but it has to have REAL substance, it has to be ethical and have meaning. I like brains, beauty, brawn and brilliance – not the bimbo way of life, survival or showing off and neediness.

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