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“They look after each other, communicate with other plants and animals and feel/react too so vegans are fake.”

Well D’UH it takes people of all diets so long to remember/realize and acknowledge what is common sense and observable – of course plants are alive and have sensory perception. That however doesn’t make vegans and wannabe vegans illogical, this argument is in the same vein as happily spiteful, extreme and/or exceptional examples used as statements against anything and the first thing it reminded me of was when I used to debate in a teenage/young adult forum and one of the topics that came up alot was homophobia and the ridiculous “if gays can marry each other, what next, marrying animals?” 🙄

The point of veganism is to consistently reduce harm done to others and to yourself, absolutely as much as possible. There are very few people in the world that can be ‘true’ vegans and they’d have to live in enclosed environments and not tread on the grass. The same goes for tons of not-really-but-call-themselves ‘vegetarian’ pescetarians and it’d do less damage (although of course either way the animals end up the same and distributed to all manner of industries like those experimented on too) if actual vegetarians gave up dairy/eggs/honey instead of meat – that goes both for vegetarians in general and those doing it pre-veganism. Also self styled human carnivores who are obviously not just consuming/using animals. But vegans (not the same as plant-based dieters) are trying, hard, in a world where many think that doing more – adding more steps, processes, ingredients, business/transport links etc is normal and wanting/doing less is extreme.

Then there are those of us who want to get to fruitarianism and breatharianism/inedian – the former being fruit/nut based but some types and still actively done in parts of India for example are those who only take what has fallen/come off the plant or do not destroy the plant while harvesting, and those who do not eat veg/fruit (which are designed to be eaten btw) that grow underground part of root systems or are roots. I know I that thrive the most as a fruitarian but due to accessibility cannot do that. Breatharianism is something I’d really love to do but do not believe it possible for most in polluted and highly electrical environments (that’s on top of natural background radiation) but there have been examples and kudos to them for being stronger than I.

Then our bodies are hosts to innumerable flora and fauna and that’s before getting to the unwanted and parasites proper.

Not being able to prevent/save or do enough in one area is not an excuse to see life as a free for all to partake or even indulge in any and all areas.

“Vegans have a hidden agenda” or “they’re hypocrites and unnatural”

are not reason to think that it’s ok to take from the backs and energy of others let alone making yourself ill in the process (physically and/or mentally and for those that believe – spiritually – and no I’m not talking about people who mistake detox symptoms as ill health from apparently ‘going vegan’, uncomfortable cleansing means there’s alot to deal with.) If anything it should make people wonder what can be done to cause less pain and continuance of creating life to suffer or for your own ends, like vegans are doing and like those vegans who are doing it for the planet as a whole.

P.S – Today is ‘Water a Flower Day” so go ahead (don’t stamp on it in a defensive, bullying way as a reaction to this post/me and perhaps even laugh at such immature behaviour) and hey why not talk to it, they make good listeners 🙂 (and no I don’t mean artificially made spy rocks&plants used by US border control.)

Comments on: "“Plants Are Alive Too”" (2)

  1. The Otaku Judge said:

    When kids don’t want to eat their veggies it is because they feel concern for fellow life forms.

    • Exactly – that’s another line that could easily be used along with the example quotes above. More of a nonsensical jab or joke than an argument.

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