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Mum’s earliest memory of tv/film was ‘Lost in Space’ 😉

Remember ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’, ‘Robinson Crusoe’, ‘Land of the Lost’, ‘Lost’ and ‘Castaway’? What do they all have in common?

This is my competition entry (£5 for two entries) for the question: What two things would you take with you to a desert island?

Desert Island!? Ha! Two Items!? Mu ha ha ha HA hA!

Initially I thought what is with this mind boggling conundrum?! Then I stopped, got over the ‘two items‘ bit, thought wait I have loads of skills (can always do with more but ya know) and…

So I’m on the island, I’ll later discover exactly how I got here and punish people. But for now…

My non-maniacal laugh turns into a jig – ahhh I’m free! Freeeee! Freeeedommm! Finally liberated from all those responsibilities and dependents who… Who… Damn. Who still need me. (Expletative.)

I can’t be wasting my time thinking about peaceful retirement. (Expletative.)

*Kicks a pebble* Sorry pebble. *Sigh*

Ok fine *rubs hands* time for the nitty-gritty!

It’s early, I’m pretty good at telling time from the sky once used to the location. I need to make a map, I always have a notebook, sewing kit, waterbottle, snack, spare clothing, blanket/towel, laces/ties, rubber bands, spare bags waterproof and natural fibre, tarot cards on me and quite a few other things anyway – seriously, I easily carry upto 10kg in my backpack all the time so I know it’ll be with me. But even if I didn’t I’d leave markers and estimate distance/positions, try to find a high vantage point and try to remember as much as poss. I’m interested in camp and long term amenities but it’s important to me to have more than one place preferring to be able to pick things up as I go along.

It’s hot/sunny now but might be cold/windy at night, there’s enough cover from the trees&foliage but a big stone is needed for support and a wind-breaker. A dryish-or-semi-humid non-wind tunnel cave would be nice and humid ones have ambient temperatures.

Water is plentiful, well it’d be easier if there was freshwater and I’ll try to find some – maybe by following mass animal tracks but hey I’m flippin’ surround by the stuff. Distillation is slow but simple so can desalinate seawater via first principles and there’s plenty of UV to purify the output.

I’m Yellow-Brown, easily Bronzed so have in-built sun-protection and can make use of the disease preventing/fighting Vitamin D and calcium processor.

Fire is fine, easier with a fire piston, but even without, not a problem.

Land and sea-plant foraging makes up a substantial part of my regular diet already and the rest is mostly a vehicle for spice/oils so no big deal – thank you all those years of thinking ‘if priests in mountains can do this so can I‘, been intentionally fasting since approx 14 and minimal eating much of my life out of budget anyway. I’ve so got this down pfft *almost spiteful half turned up mouth smile-scoff-sneer at the memories*. I’ve trained my body hard and it works efficiently on less.

I very much live by the ethos ‘let thy food by thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food‘, self treat and have lived through all kinds of injuries and illness either with help from those similarly minded or alone. Heck in 2013 I was poisoned three times in quick succession so no time to really heal, and I’m not talking normal relatable poisoning like food poisoning, no that’s a walk in the park, this started with inflammation, vomiting, foaming and (leaving out the gory hours in the middle and not being able to take any of the natural anti-toxin/poison medicines) ended in me losing a ton of bodily fluids from every orifice and all over pores/skin, unable to carry my own weight so had to be laid down, cold, convulsing and exhausted but fatal if I fell asleep. Calmly told MotherGoddess I appreciated everything she’d done, how sorry I was and how she could manage without me just in case. She had to leave the room and fell asleep immediately so tired and worried; I fought to stay awake and told myself to stay alive. Next day I got up, cleaned up all my mess on the floors/bedding, finally went to sleep for a few hours, got up and got back to my duties like nothing happened. Rasputin? Whatever.

That’s life people. I don’t do medicine/doctors/healers that include animals and testing on them and poor people in other countries/war/natural disaster zones and even in my childhood days when I had no choice things rarely went to professional prediction and I got better regardless.

So food/liquids/medicine covered – thank you botany – same for cosmetics. Again I’ll find plants/trees for the skin/lips/teeth/hair and some offer natural sun-filtering which is different to harmful sun-block in case my melanin isn’t enough.

Power is tougher, I doubt I’ll have the equipment needed to make Brown’s gas though salt/mineral water conducts electricity.

Wild animals are not as panicky and confused as their civilised human/non-human counterparts. They usually just pretend to ignore me and pick up their pace.

As usual all my abilities are eclipsed by my MotherGoddess’ awesomeness. Lol as a child in India she woke up with a cobra on her bed, annoyed the ‘joongli‘/jungle people which no one else would dare and played alone in an area everyone avoided saying was haunted.


Three types; magnetic, crustal and the other… The third will take a cosmic/planetary body to turn the world round. The first two are easily accounted for and acted-upon, things like compasses not working properly so increased dependence on GPS, redrawing airport lines to mega underground bunkers/complexes building with some countries like Russia saying they’ve got space for thousands. Effects include volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, water displacement, land sinking&rising, tidal waves and flooding.

Some may have seen/heard of these, there are many designs for artificial islands/arks/vessels/living-spaces but the Lilypad is my favourite. For the sake of this competition I’ll take artistic licence and pretend they’re already built.

I don’t even need item no:2 🙂

My chosen family aren’t items, I know many would say theirs are extensions of their body/soul (and they are) but Mum and Kitty go everywhere together, seriously and if you’re lucky and have extra special sight you might see phantom birds/feathers through my hair and if not-so-lucky get bitten. So they’re probably with me on the island anyway but if not, and the Lilypad isn’t already here as it should be who’d d’ya think would be driving it to come rescue me. Exactly – for peeps like us, no one is left behind or forgotten and we’ll find each other anywhere, anytime.

the Lilypad

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