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I came up with one flower and one was all it took. It was weird, it usually takes upto a day to make one design after figuring out what to do in the first place. Drawing all the ‘bits’ from scratch takes an age (painful elbows from leaning on the table to prove it.) People not into graphic design don’t realize that if you’re not using stock images and altering them then making your own is a real mission. Every line has to be smooth, no colour bleed, each shape accurate, in place, every layer of blending, shading, layers upon layers of light and dark and sometimes they have to be scalable! So it was a real surprise to Mum when she left the room for less than 5min, came back and I’d made this flower out of two previously made shapes. That helped obviously since I didn’t have to re-shade and make them 3d-ish again but still I’d started out without even knowing what I was going to draw. She’d played around with the basic shapes for a while but hadn’t come up with anything before she’d left.


Border Prints (the really busy one was Mum’s ultimate bouquet idea).







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