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Lawmakers certainly choose interesting times and dates don’t they.

Armistice Day
Remembrance Day
St Martin’s Day (parable)
Veterans Day (I’m not uncaring about this but am not particularly impressed, no one had/has any business fighting when they’re practically fighting themselves if they’d look past appearances & physical differences, and try to understand why they’re disposable & replaceable pawns whilst some people/industries find it lucrative, let alone those who relished/relish and make things like rape an ‘occupational hazard’ and that’s not even the risk of being raped by the ‘enemy’, people at the war zones etc it’s the very real risk of being raped by one of your own [first/repeatedly]. If you can’t decline at first, then after being trained & armed the majority should have said ‘no’, similar to the German people apparently losing faith in their govt as they saw it wasn’t what they’d been told/promised. A million people marched against going to war with Iraq, Tony Blair et al went ahead anyway but you’ve got to try and do your best not to participate in causing/maintaining suffering.)

And ‘funnily’ enough Singles Day; birth, life and recycling (death here) marches on regardless of fighting but the difference is that many more are separated.

The post I wrote about WWI is HERE covering some of the social aspects.

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