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You thought it was bad when Coca-Cola used to tell you to feed their product to your infants and that it was good for their social development right? Ok no we didn’t, many people didn’t think much about it until a while after. Now Pepsi are telling us in what looks like a movie trailer (but isn’t, it’s one of their short films) to welcome aliens that visited us thousands of I assume our Earth years ago.

It’s not a joke either, in very UN-esque style it shows the world, including a nation which still operates open slavery, putting on Olympic style showcases to tell said aliens we’re ready and worthy.

I like what the UN stand for, have done since I was yay high and before knowing about them, but when it comes down to it they’re a token loosely banded committee with the usual committee style too-ing and fro-ing. (Akin to places that ‘nobly’ attended the Paris climate conference, still gotten nowhere after decades of discussing it already and still can’t agree or acknowledge the differences between climate change, human driven climate change, global warming (which is ultimately global cooling) and focusing on CO2 ignoring all the other crap we put into the air.) Then power or should I say shit sliding down the hierarchy of the token pyramid most of the ‘goodwill ambassadors’ are just that – ‘goodwill’ hot air, they take a bit of scheduled and well publicized time out of their expensive, bloated lifestyles to say ‘make the world a better place and look how wonderful/glorified I am’.

The UN has initiatives well worth getting involved in and even competitions, that can help raise awareness for the everyday person e.g.

http://www.unposterforpeace.org/ – Disarmament poster for peace contest.

http://lurieunaward.com/ – For political artists (usually satire)

and similar from others:

http://embracingourdifferences.org/ – US Art competition

But when the group is cobbled together from other people/groups who do the opposite of what they preach, what is the point. It’s like donating blood money to charity and acting like you’re absolved.

At the end of the video Usher the usherer tells us this is an important message of unity and welcoming diversity. Hey I’ve never been one to advocate ‘go forth, conquer and shut the door to later waves’ attitude which is what we get in practise.

I like the use of a dark skin actors as the main characters theoretically, due to the history and continuous stereotyping they have in the media but I don’t like it in conjunction with the Black Knight/saviour here. I support using a variety of ethnic characters elsewhere and even ‘going back to our roots/odes to the tribal’. (And the people remaking the Remo Williams film(s) (‘The Destroyer’ book series) shouldn’t try to turn Chiun into a Mr Miyagi again this time nor use a White actor, Chiun is an old-school-hothouse-exclusive-manipulative-bastard and both ‘sides’ in that story are branches of the same corruption). It’s a twisted version of the pre-serpent ‘dark’/destroyer.

The funny thing is, Nikola Tesla is a taboo subject in the media, a genius ahead of his time in regards to many an industry but with emphasis on energy. Why use his name with the Black Knight… Itself another mystery. Pepsi tells us the Black Knight was his ‘discovery’ (ignoring Jorgen Hals). But regardless of who on Earth discovered it, when and possible references to it in older cultures, the prevalent question is ‘what the heck is it’? People like to lay claim to anything and anyone all the time, you’d be hard pressed to find a bit of land to go ‘wild camping’ on anymore without the risk of a landowner getting upset let alone the funny way every major nation seems to have a flag and research base in the Antarctic in a kind of ‘competitive truce’. We’re a species that has created political boundaries over natural ones to make territories and like to know that wherever we go we can have a place of our own prerogative in every country possible – embassies – and yet we can ‘share’ the poles? (The Arctic to a lesser extent.) The Black Knight remains a massive mystery, we don’t even have an official/orthodox line ‘oh it’s this because we say so’ explanation, subject to endless debate and maybe gets changed when forced to by a massive new theory. No country lays claim to it, claims to know what it is (though there’s some indication as to what it’s made of, at least partially), where it came from, why it’s there and if it’s just a rock or has any effects on us other than supposedly orbiting us for over 10,000 years. Humans have had millenia to think up things about it, buy and sell it, reproduce it, use its material, link it to other parts of space, and they haven’t O_O. It’s an enduring enigma.

So love and light messages aside in the Pepsi video – let’s look at humanity. Ok, let’s not, it’s not nice even though we can appear to be some of the time. Many people think of themselves as ‘decent, honest, good, hardworking people’ until we hear the complaints of everybody with a grudge against us personally. Who is to blame, us, these aliens Pepsi says the Black Knight represents – even if it’s a metaphor and not literal – others, all of the aforementioned? Hey Pepsi might just be taking the piss out of the theories in cyberspace about the BK and the people who believe, purport or even debate them but if they are then they’re crap at satire since the ‘peace, love, forgiveness’ theme which apparently leads to redemption though we’re not actually told what happens when the BK opens up, is serious and emphasized.

If I were a character in the video this would be my message: If you came here thousands of years ago, and yes we know you or humans who knew you or pretended to know you included you in all the established religions. We’re used to ‘people from the stars’ wowing us and giving us the equivalent of a junk food wrapper in exchange for gold and then calling us Indian Givers when we realize we’ve been hoodwinked. We’re still obsessed with ‘people who shine above us’ in our godlike celebrity cult obsession calling them stars. Look at the mess you started, did you even leave? Our religions and cultures from then til now are littered with alien references – we’ve come a long way have we? Technologically forwards and socially backwards, with every step in social diversity and sustainability having to constantly battle the tide against it as people get more distracted by bling and convenience? We have more than enough puppet masters, backstabbers, ‘out for myself and screw everybody else’ types, people who think they do their ‘fair share’ which is a grain of sand in comparison to all the things they undo it with, fighting/war, lack of rights, poverty, classism, experimentation, buying and selling of each other, lack of respect for other species and even our planet without you. But again, if you’re still spying on us, what the hell have you been doing all this time? Watching us hurt each other? Do we meet the entertainment standards? We don’t really want equality on this planet because most people don’t share those ideals, they want the best for their own and maybe more manageable conditions for others they can empathize with, since sympathy is harder and tends to have to be bought/forced/manipulated. We gave you the Olympic display – what next? The games? And why are you referee? If you’re better than us ethically, ok fine, can’t argue with that but given the many scriptures of your antics, you aren’t. And hey, I don’t go for sacrificing the lamb/child for the many who support horrible characters. The lamb/child (and I don’t appreciate the jokes about that poor sheep Dolly btw who they then forced to have children) who is now called a son (though that’s more a reference to ‘star’ child again) and in older languages the terms for man/male and interestingly death are feminine but got turned around when the worldwide serpent changes came into it. Yes that’s when Pepsi (and conspiracy starters) tell us you came around. Amazing how people from different parts of the planet and outside their usual, if any, trade routes all have the same symbolism when it comes to lizards&snakes, the first historical universal theme. Of course the flora, fauna and obvious parts of visible space were carried over and included but long distance space calculations and the amazingly accurate buildings/complexes built upon them come after that change. Got a lot to answer for don’tcha? But in this Guantanamo Bay of the galaxy, you better hope you can bulldoze us ‘Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ style because either by our own inclination, or yours, others or all – we’re learned how to beat the crap out of each other, kill, or keep enemies alive to slowly kill them in as many ways as possible. We can barely communicate with each other let alone other species on this planet, what are you going to do make us telepathic? Raise our consciousness? We mistake our own planet as multi-dimensional because we fail to realize that all ‘dimensional’ means is parameters (I’m not talking about changing of dimensions, just what dimensions are). Parameters that are different to our own, outside/overlapping with the limits of our sensory perception are ‘extra/other dimensional’, so in a sense anything that is ‘on another plane’ is simply invisible to us but not in another place (which is why various animals see and feel the same things differently, our way of experiencing the world e.g. through colour and sound can look and sound different to those with different sense ranges – if they see and hear them at all). Although whatever exists in those ‘dimensions’, if anything, probably wish they could live in another place at times. Don’t we all. Well tough luck or should I say orchestration. If you’re really innocent and naive you have my deepest sympathies and regrets of what you’ll learn here and it’d probably make you change your minds about saving us if that was your goal. There’s no way of you making us ‘ascend’ in the state we’re in without destroying these all our bonds of carnage, but if you did that you wouldn’t have ‘us’ anymore, we’d be other people, which isn’t a bad thing but what’s the point. Doesn’t teach us much does it except ‘f’ck up the place and each other as much as you want, and we’ll fix it’. I’m not saying leave us to our own devices, we’re not in known history proved to be caring enough for that, if you leave us to it, it’ll most probably continue in the same way because the poor are just as self serving as the rich and aspire to be the rich, but the rich are better at being self-serving, hence their success. You got an answer to that that will appease the majority? I doubt it. I don’t like playing chess, maybe because I’m not very good at it and not bothered, from chess to card games I tend to let my Mum (since it’s mainly her and I) win if she doesn’t beat me herself, and try to cause minimal damage that she can easily make up for whereas she likes to be as ruthless as possible o_o and she quickly surpasses those who thought they were more intelligent than her. But even I know you can’t be kind and considerate and hope to survive without being clever, you’ll have to change your gameplan if you think you can fix this planet through advice, teaching or leading by example and being nice. So brutality nor kindness will work because we’re not all on the same page and don’t want to be. Turning back time wouldn’t work either even if it was possible. In all your maturity you must have thought of all this, so what’s the point in getting us to show you pretty colours and music? What is your answer to the conundrum of ‘what next’ and can you pull it off BK people?

We have some big brains on this planet that communicate in ways we humans can’t and overall they’re more peaceful, but we’re busy forcing them extinct and reacting by forcing some to breed who then reject each other and turn violent against people. We use them for hard labour and entertainment. Many are being hunted in the name of scientific research but end up in restaurants, or beached and then who knows. We slice into their sides, into the calves whilst the mothers watch helplessly and are mutilated themselves. We hurt them simply because we can. These are our wise, old family members. Something, natural or otherwise or both, gave us soft skinned, smaller brained animals the ability to adapt to any situation and to imitate in such extreme fashions that we consider it creating. I wonder what they’d have to say about you, an elephant never forgets as the saying goes, maybe they have less speculative/changeable ancestral past/memories than we do.

Pepsi if you really wanted us to change for the better – you would have concentrated upon those we’re conditioned to think of as inferior. We’re adept at putting down those who cause a threat simply by remembering. But then, you’re Pepsi afterall, a cheap ‘treat’ that is actually an indulgence we can ill afford, that even when taken in ‘moderation’ isn’t good for us.

Think I couldn’t have put my above message to your version of BK in short visual media? Please, advertising giants like you put signs and symbols into everyday reality, so much that we barely notice them until we walk by a store selling the product. When it comes to symbolism we were taught by the best, you. A simple


will do. It represents stop, divided unity, prohibited, do not enter, no and possibly danger. Remind you of something? That’s right – it’s a later version of yin/yang – a duality taught to us from days of old but then in theory it represented peace and balance but in truth, looking at the practices of peoples in countries and islands where that symbol and ethos dominated – it meant elevating one side and punishing another simply for being born yin or yang, in one class or another. Now it at least aligns with those practices.

We have more than enough trouble here, an individual case of suffering is one too many and yet we’re always in a hurry to ‘move on’, ‘draw a line under that [and act like it didn’t happen]’, to ‘continue from here’, to get away with and from the past and have a happy future which mostly means repeat the problem, save face again, on loop. Don’t make it worse.

As a metaphor the video it’s impractical and twee at best, tokenism and self-congratulatory at middling, and if at worst somewhere in their sci-fi minds it’s real – well, I stopped drinking anything under the Pepsi brand ages ago, their sponsorship is backhanded in my opinion. [Tongue in cheek tone] – I’m not against the BK or who it may represent but if it really does represent someone/group – the most clear and to the point message I give you is:

Beware, there be dragons and all kinds of beasties here. People have been busy splicing and dicing, genetically modifying everything possible. We may not even be recognizable anymore.

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