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Only the mass media can say things like ‘new year’s across the globe’ or ‘the world celebrates new year’ 🙄 Many countries and religions haven’t changed their solar/lunar or solar and lunar calendars to the point where they believe the eve/new year ever being at this time. For many people it’s approximately Spring equinox (upto what modern people consider Easter – earlier people say Eastre but there’s still far earlier than that) and those who just had to invert that politically to assert their independence say Autumn. When Christians outlived the Greeks and Romans they still needed to incorporate/morph/takeover the Winter solstice and make its general timeframe important int heir system (regimes can’t just get people to forget overnight, they have to incorporate their desires in ways that the people will be able to accept – Black Madonnas and Mary statues dressed in saris anyone?). Calendars are politically restructured for religion and monarchs/rulers. The Winter/Summer solstice and Spring/Autumn equinoxes are the points.

Dec31/Jan1 as eve/NY are fake days like April Fools. All Fools Day has an interesting though unclear history being another religious/political extension stamping a mark over/near natural event. Most celebrations and anniversaries are invented but at least some don’t hide their intentions – ritual/fun/awareness – though the uber modern calendars with dates for all kinds of weird, wacky and serious things tend to group days with similar meanings of associations that are ‘interesting’. But back to eve/NY, it could be said that both are trickster days asserting dominance over nature & each other = invalid point scoring.

People forget and the more time that goes along the easier it is. It doesn’t take that long for people to get bored, complacent and lose the ability to compare events – oh yes, more declassified IRA era related documents are out now, must remember to read more on them. They keep ’em for 30 years and release the archives in batches, lots of underhandedness and hypocrisy in those documents for people to educate themselves about regarding ‘terrorism’.

Oh yes back to – the western ‘eve’NY’ is ingrained so much in the consciousness now and astrology so ridiculed that even those who are lightly into it think of Capricorn as the last sign, it’s not (it’s the last Cardinal sign). Pisces is the last western sign and what is the last date of that? The Vernal equinox (which changes depending on the year, but overall the same rough time, same applies to cusps of zodiac signs and moons, it’s generally over a period of 3 days). Pisces the sign of duality/opposites (different to the twins Gemini), the ‘8’ (its meaning morphed/taken in Christianity), the yin/yang, the midgard serpent. People think of Janus/January as the NY mistaking the two headed god as looking backwards and forwards as time eve and NY, but it’s not, he’s simply two faced. A pre-Christian Roman edifice gatekeeper superimposed onto the timeline and then incorporated by the following regimes. Janus is not ‘father time’ (which really refers to Mother Time, the Black/vastness) that is Saturn and Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn (which is why it’s been changed from Dark/Black Mother to the ‘Devil’ in the tarot/the goat head and some people nowadays interchange Saturn and the ‘Devil’ as ‘Saturn the Devil’ or ‘satan’. It’s another patriarchal desecration/inversion and masonic symbolic subversion/perversion of root cultures, the term ‘shaytan/satan”s referring referring to a type of demon(s) in Islam and India and people use those terms interchangeably with ‘rakush/raksus’ (certain demon[s]) but that links to the Indo-European sanskrit root word for ‘bear’ and bear reverence being one of the oldest forms of mother god symbolism, remember modern Hindu ‘ultimate’ male god names are all taken/forms or just regular use of the female devi names). Even the hexagon, well hexagram – an ancient symbol like the pentagram, swastika (four) and triquetra – is now referred to as the Star of David which unfortunately some people are interchangeably using for the Eye of Saturn (it’s north pole vortex).

Pisces sign

This is another Pisces sign.

Also remember that Quirinus is an earlier Sabine link for Janus. Doors/territory = Janus, and Quirinus = war. Perfect ironic ritualistic combo superimposed onto a major natural quarter point of year for the masses to celebrate huh. Which are you a Roman [insert any type] conqueror or a root [nature]? Or maybe you’re both eh o_O

Peace out.


Oh yeah sorry, forgot, that sign has double meaning. Forget that. (I won’t show the apaan mudra otherwise known as the ‘devil horns’ – remember when you do that you’re telling us oldies that you’re constipated and need to clear your waste, as well as other orifices.)

Oh wait! It’s almost Chinese New Year (depending on the sky – which is just blue to some animals – is usually at some point withing a 4 week timeframe from the last week of Jan, in western Aquarius, an early but still known to them traditionally as the Spring Festival and followed by neighbours with Songkran). This year it’s on 8th Feb and is the Monkey, we’re currently still in 2015 which is the goat…

The following clip (Monkey! 1978-1980 – Japanese tv show) was an adaptation of the classic Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West’ and yes Buddha is properly portrayed by a woman (the ‘West’ being India and the journey to obtain sacred documents, remember Buddism is a later form of Hinduism and was all goddess culture – the Mahavidyas renamed anyone? Much like they’ve been duplicated and attributed to Durga in modern Hinduism – to start before it become about a monotheistic type male and everyone else relegated to haloed saint/demi-god like bodhisattvas). Monkey is such an idiot – just because he’s one of the ‘gods’ (very much like the Indian pantheon) he thinks he can go around doing whatever he wants (and it’s usually nothing good as usual for the ‘gods’) he then meets the real Goddess/the Universe and she puts him under a mountain. I’ve seen one of these ‘monkey’ djinns/demons/gods too…

Now I’ve got that ruddy theme tune in my head. Bah! Or should that be whatever sound a goat makes since I’m not a sheep (not even a wild one and they can give you a real menacing stare)… A certain Aries even claimed I have goat ankles (pot and kettle people) and that I chew thoughtfully (so do many people who have to eat anything they can or chew the cud, it’s hard work you know especially when you’re freezing too!)

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  1. […] is not the New Year, today is the New Year (and in India today). I’ve explained some of this HERE, the Spring Equinox HERE and then Easter/Songkran […]

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