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Unless you know, you actually get paid, you’re considered above and don’t have to live in society, get waited on hand and foot, can claim expenses as public costs or charity, charge people for the benefit of your presence and secure similar entitlements for your relatives, mafia like. Those are what our divinities/divine representatives, nobles and apparently alien benefactors are like. They don’t deserve their godlike status.

Lol I almost feel sorry for ‘him’, had he not enjoyed his exploits so much before having to undergo the bureaucracy his ilk instigated for and enforce on the rest of us o_o

Looking after the world & paying the rent don’t mix, and who the hell are we paying rent to anyway, people who claim the own the place, given ‘authority’ from some other ‘authority’ to keep people off the ‘god given land’ unless they have ‘permission’. What was the point in being born – the world was a great set-up, now we’re born, have a number and property name making us assets of the country slapped on us whilst or after the doc-tor physically slaps us & parents are praying the nurses don’t mix us up, we get vaccinated straight away and then indoctrinated. After a while, if we ‘successfully’ pass we get to pay for the air, water, heat, shelter, land, toxic cardboard disguised as food, superficial people who daydream about hotter/richer/more outgoing people, rent & if we can be tricked into supposedly selling our souls to the devil or in this case mortgage lenders who aren’t and don’t act as landlords who’ll fix stuff & supposedly maintain a decent level of housing until it comes to somehow being allowed to kick us out if we miss a payment or few without buying us out for the part we’ve managed to purchase so far, or sell the place & give us a share, the same goes with any other type of property we part buy but can be repossessed. Then apparently we’re supposed to somehow save up for retirement, after having not really scraped by on minimum wage & hawking everything we could find in pawn shops & shitty pay day loans. Out of the few of us who managed to go to uni many of us realized those degrees weren’t worth the paper they were written on and the most important yet most looked down on job in society aka being a cleaner is even hard to get into without lots of ‘professional experience’, ‘references’ and/or ‘certificates of completed courses’ – wtf? And then they have the ironic audacity to demand candidates ‘speak a good level of English’.

Headhunters I mean recruitment agents, if you ever manage to get a job through them instead of wasting your time and money going to their sign up process where they tell you a bunch of lies whilst testing you, look down on all your volunteering which educational institutes and govt highlight as good experience, and then tell you don’t look corporate enough, your hair’s too long, the wrong colour, you could do this job standing on your head so we won’t give it to you, your suit which is better tailored than theirs isn’t good enough, you make them uncomfortable & wishing they had put makeup on and so would put clients off too, or if you had the opposite effect & clients harass you asking for things like would you stir their tea with your little finger and give them your number then it’s your fault for looking the way you do and if ‘god forbid’ you ever get upset about anything they don’t want anything to do with you again despite your track record because you can’t take it and that’s the way the world is but they’re allowed to feel human and get frustrated/exasperated or even cry (some even regularly) & the office has to stop to console them and sympathise with how delicate they are and when they get promoted they actually believe their own hype. Then you find out another person in a similar role who comes in later, leaves earlier and does less work is getting paid more. After a while you realize that wherever you go you do the lions share, people delegate to you & you end up supervising without the title & pay, and when you do tons of overtime you get taxed more because you don’t have kids and that apparently means you don’t have dependents or obligations. After a while your realizing you’re getting older and they’re looking at younger candidates more favourably but are not old enough for mature/responsible positions that they know you’re actually able to do but those jobs get even harder to find the older you get and you end up falling back down the career ladder, if you managed to climb a little at all. And that’s all on top of overcharging businesses who are too cheap to do HR themselves yet willing to pay a siphon who’ll get a commission off your work as long as you’re in work life. Funny how when you interview for companies themselves they see your potential & are more willing to give you a chance because they know what they need but if you go through a recruitment agent their checklist is usually based on data that says little about the person other than they’ve been in work and where, and that they prefer people in work than those who need work.

When you’re in work you go to get the job done and be polite, whilst other people and especially middle management go to place themselves around you & spread gossip & make sure you never get ahead or away from them. You don’t go to underestimate or demoralize colleagues but if you’re in an engineering industry for example half the office leers at photos of women, expects you to make drinks, gets angry if you don’t, insult your intelligence and make stupid comments about housework and the sexes/sex in general everyday all whilst expecting you to like them and provide them with chances to come on to you, all whilst promoting nepotism who leapfrog off your back and thinking new graduates should go on management fast-track but if you’re lucky enough to remind management of their family or family they wished they had then you can be popular and waste time whilst other people make up the slack but are deemed as not doing as much work or so valuable. But hey at least you’re not seen as useless as all those dedicated people who spent much of their lives caring for others. Did jobcentre staff ever wonder why when they went through job cuts and downsizing a few years ago that the public didn’t feel sympathy for them and figuratively reacted with “serves you right, see how you like it!” Jobcentres who promote colleges that then go bust after having perfected the ‘career development loan’ process with banks and dumping you with the debts with no qualifications or qualifications that don’t anywhere near amount to what they promoted, jobcentres who write ‘dummy’ on your file right in front of you, where the advisor tells you he wouldn’t mind you sucking him. Jobcentres who force you to stop volunteering instead of giving you a different sign up day, or who decide to ask you the same details you gave to register every single week (yes week because for some reason the ‘workcoach’ decides they don’t trust you to treat you like everybody else to come in bi-weekly) instead of listening/answering questions about work or schemes, and after they’ve stalled for as long as possible actually refer you to a business scheme without explaining any of it to you, get told by the referral establishment that you’re not upto speed as you should be and said workcoach turns around and says why don’t you know about it, only to then later talk to you like shit and act like you didn’t go, aren’t doing the work, and are just generally stupid but when pressed admit they ‘lost’ the paperwork which is why you haven’t made any progress. No apologies for having brought their colleagues into it to come, look disgusted and laugh at you and develop unfair opinions about you.

Then after a family breakup, divorce, bad situation of any kind & you’re just broke and end up homeless you’re now a criminal because you can’t afford to live in society and all that ‘public space’ that was claimed as public space from a planet that is home to all of us thank you very much, is now even off limits to you and would you go die somewhere without making too much of a mess. That’s if you don’t end up in an old folk’s home and die after dementia or cancer or something. Then according to some it doesn’t end there – we get recycled over and over and the same can even happen to us as ghosts/spirits. Great. Just. Great. Cheers. NOT.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, since we seem to forget more than we learn – everytime we try to concentrate on something we can’t even control our own thoughts and attention spans and are annoyed with all the wi-fi that’s goings through us all the time but we’re not allowed to charge rent for and have to in fact pay for the privilege to use.

That said some of us do manage to think and make choices, that’s not to say they’re individual and unaffected thoughts given the billions spent on advertising by people who know that we’re affected by promotional bombardment whether we admit it or not. But hey some of us still try, rather than just think our ignorant & limited opinions are truth or getting to truth or at least some kind of version of reality that we can understand ;-). How long do we have to keep trying & shouldering the burden of those that don’t and try to/stamp on us for it & will there really be happiness if everybody suddenly catches up without the effort & hell they put some through whilst helping them… Will those who didn’t try or didn’t try consistently/very hard or didn’t question throw it all in the faces of those that did and suddenly act smart like they knew it all the whole time and didn’t really need [much] help and claim it was going to happen anyway undermining the efforts whilst giving a token pat on the back. Hermit living looks very attractive… Whilst those above this poisoned atmosphere look down on us, and if we’re lucky sometimes give us a few moments there when we sleep or meditate causing temporary clarity “wow, they’re crazy down there at least I can breaaaaaathe, heyyyy whaaat’s haapppennnninnng” *wakes up again* Phew it was just a nightmare, that we’ve just woken up again in.

What’s a weird work/work-related scenario you’ve been in? I once went to one of those ongoing work seminars/focus groups people periodically get sent to to listen to other people go on about how to make a success of things. That one time for some reason they decided to try something – there was about 30 of us, they sat us in a circle and asked each of us to write three answers to generic questions (what’s your favourite band, favourite actor/ess, can’t remember the third) on three pieces of paper, fold them up and put them in a box. The speaker acting as psychological tester then shook the box, asked us to pick three pieces, read each one out loud and guess who had written the answer. None of us were supposed to know each other and I didn’t recognize anyone but I picked all three correctly. I think a maybe a couple of other people got one answer right. Then they asked us something like (can’t remember the exact wording) if you had an endless amount of income that you had to spent all of, what would you do? They had answers prepared for every scenario except mine where I said ‘build’. Simple, you keep building. What is the point of all those stupid tutorials where they’re actually asking you questions instead of giving (real) answers. Those newbuild towns/cities left sitting and so referred to as ‘ghost towns’ in China going to help anybody? Is it that hard to stop being stupid with inventing, printing & inflating money as well as creating digital figures based on nothing except hot air and sweat in stock exchanges, would it be that bad to have no class system or no poverty? For with so much food grown to be wasted by not only individual consumers but businesses who pour detergents on leftovers, mix it with glass & have to lock up their bins? Why [obvious] food plants have to be pulled and replaced with non edible plants by councils and even then some want early daffodils picked.

Do I sound ungrateful. Good. And no, I’m not lazy and weak or someone who criticizes/makes fun whilst doing little/nothing to make things better.

If I was an aging [super]hero where would I go to retire I wonder. Hmmmm. Stupid question? Look to those society consider default heroes that are sent off to hurt other people like them in war games played out by the masses but are really ancient grudge matches between a few? Why if they survive in relatively good health they can be assimilated back into and make helpful members and mentors of society of course. Otherwise they end up in various stages of trauma, physical injury and homeless aka criminal, a title they funnily enough had immunity from when being paid to break natural law in the name of manmade law and even breaking a heck of a lot of those while they were at it.

That’s life 😛

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