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When Mum tells me about an ‘out of the ordinary’ physical birth defect the conversation tends to go like this:

“There’s a baby with 3 arms”
“Is it in India?”

“There’s a baby with 4 arms”
“Is it in India?”

“There’s a baby with one eye”
“Is it in India?”

“There’s a conjoined baby with too few/many limbs”
“Is it in India?”

“There’s a baby with a tail”
“Is it in India?”

“There’s a baby with a trunk”
“Is it in India?”

You get the picture.

And most recently:

“There was a baby with half a head”
“Was it in India?”

That makes me sound like I’m stereotyping, birth defects aren’t always in India but they often are.

This really worries me and what pisses me off is that it’s always initially at least blamed on the mother’s diet. It gives the picture of seriously ignorant people which is easily compounded with poverty and there’s a hell of a lot of poverty there, but not necessarily stupidity – not when it comes to diet and strength anyway. These are people (women) who get up at the crack of dawn to start cooking and many are almost cooking all day for large families, cooking from scratch – lot’s of vegetables and fresh food. These are people who when they’re old can easily do physical labour that younger people here in the West couldn’t. I realize that no matter how many vegetables a pregnant woman eats it’s still not considered enough folic acid but seriously, for those that do have enough food their diets are not as unhealthy, overly processed and lacking in nutrition as the Western diet (which is unfortunately fast spreading there and they’ve already suffered the effects of GM food in terms of lack of repeat harvests at least). Blaming it on the mother’s diet is another blow on top of what these women and their suffering infants (who generally die quickly after birth) go through – these aren’t people who don’t know what ultrasound scans are but apparently these ancient people don’t know how to have healthy babies even though they’ve already gone through the ‘survival of the fittest – evolution’ bit. They have doctors, a lot of doctors, being a doctor is one of the most prestigious things there, everybody wants their child to be a doctor (they still do over here too). The problem is so many doctors claim the babies are born that way and they didn’t know beforehand and then blame it on the mother. However, we’re not talking about village doctors working alone here, we’re talking about clinics and hospitals, and not ramshackle temporary/emergency ones either.

These are also not limited to hereditary or ethnic specific defects.

Sometimes it’s admitted afterwards that there was another cause such as the Bhopal Gas Leak:

At other times the claim of a changeling:

This link (US National Library of Medicine) shows there are many other factors and yet the mother’s diet seems to be the most popular in articles I’ve read over the years:

Bear in mind the born birth defects like Downs Syndrome are also increasing in the West, as well as afterbirth effects like Flat Head Syndrome (though I’ve as yet to come across more literature about it happening in adults, and it does).

It also doesn’t help that these people have been conditioned (externally and by themselves – it’s very easy to brainwash people when they’re willing to do the work of enforcement for you) to ignore the magnitude of knowledge in their religion for the cult of celebrity parts i.e. praising or hating like sports fans the races of divinity and ‘demons’ rather than thinking about all those scriptures of their existence/antics. It’s also common for people to think babies born in a way that taxes their organs too much are godlike, even when they’re healthy the parents are too quick to name them after gods/victors and claim some reflected glory by association. But not everybody thinks it’s a blessing. China being the other country of most population, mass poverty, massive visible and not so easy to hide/dismiss pollution shares one of the attitudes that it’s a curse – and whilst those babies/children live they suffer even more because they’re not cared for.

There’s far too many cases of serious and fatal deformities there.

Anything can be turned into a profit of some kind, it doesn’t always have to be money but it’s not beneath some people to deform children afterbirth to use them for begging or mutilate them if they don’t beg. Akin to prostitution where a child/adult begs for help only to be grassed on by the of course uncaring ‘client’ who doesn’t care about the background of the rape victim as long as there is one at least is not a variety to choose from, if there wasn’t that’d be the problem. Those adults and children (and children who’ve grown into adults living their lives in that situation) are beaten regularly and even moreso if they talk. (Millions of people go missing each year in countries worldwide, not just the ‘third world’ ones, where do they go? And how are they linked to snuff porn?)

The anti-nuclear movement has been gaining more momentum since Japan had more nuclear catastrophe added to their history, but a particular movement in India near the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant. From general reading it seems there’s a shared observation that it’s staying power is due to women. Why? Birth defects is a major reason. From the following Friends of the Earth (no I didn’t just look at the obvious people against nuclear energy, when reading up on anything I tend to look at people who are against a movement/theory/issue before the people that support it) link I was reminded of the:

‘…deformed children of Jadugoda town, which hosts India’s 45-year-old uranium mine.’

It wasn’t only children though, people tend to focus on children as if they’re more important than adults or with ‘children are the future’ mindsets instead of focusing on the present, the people of the now and remembering lessons of the past before rushing to the future. Which is why I always say there are plenty of adults who’ve been suffering longer, plenty who started suffering as children too and who lose their ‘care by status’ [best before] dates when they get to certain ages. This post however is about birth defects so I’ve focused on the children but I’ll never stop being concerned about the people left behind, about the young adults and adults – and in this case about the parents, with focus on the mothers being blamed en mass if they survive that is, if they’re died because of pregnancy/childbirth we assume they don’t have to hear the **** poured on them.

Remember that company’s reaction to information about the sick and dying and born sick/dying?

Confronted with reports villages near Uranium Corp. of India Ltd.’s mines have unusually high numbers of physically deformed people, Chairman Diwakar Acharya said: “I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of those guys are imported from elsewhere, ok?”


That brings to mind a film I saw recently dedicated to the people in the endosulfan pesticide spraying tragedy in Kerala:

Many people just don’t care and act like the victims are full of themselves/attention seekers, even those who haven’t been able to speak openly and finally do. Those who get bored of or conversely like the feeling they get from a ‘good story [about the pain of others]’ care when it happens to them/their loved ones though, of course.

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