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Whilst I don’t like the intro of the following video upto 3min47sec and I’m not keen on his interpretations of events for the people on Earth in his work generally (I’m not a love&light person and no that doesn’t mean I’m dark&evil 🙄 ) but for those who need scientists to tell them their reality this video is helpful. It gives a timeline of astronomers who have researched Planet X (remember X doesn’t just mean ‘mysterious’ it also means ‘ten’) and shows that its taken the better part of a century for most of these people (started before that) – and ironically NASA themselves the usual detractors – to learn about the effects that Micheal Brown, his assistant Konstantin Batygin and those who are supporting them ‘discovered’ in short order. It’s unlikely they were unaware of the easily found research available before coming up with the same findings. The video does not mention the many, many professional and amateur researchers constantly using every means they can from satellites to cross subject reference with culture/history and religion (though it does mention other subjects and prophets briefly) to the ‘contactees’. No it’s not funny; there are many intelligent, discerning as well as lettered (qualified) people who follow or at least pay attention to groups like the Zetas who have been talking about this and many other subjects for a long time but have their own agenda for humanity (no I don’t follow or endorse them).

It’s available in other versions on Youtube, shortened/added to/updated by other uploaders, and without the ‘ads’ but this is the original. It’s feels slow because he speaks slowly and the sleepy (but beautiful) background music but I prefer to show you the source and it was Mum who showed it to me (also thanks to her for just giving me a mug of hot [proper, healthy] chocolate.)

EDIT – 28JAN – the video that was showing was NOT the video I wanted. I posted the original hour long video by the man who made it, not that 1/2 hour edit with other footage. Re-posting the original. I DON’T like movie style documentaries or event dates/predictions. They’re put up every month, every national event, every alignment mostly by headline grabbers and shills. If the video ever changes or you’re unsure look for the title ‘Planet X 101: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How HD 1080p’ published on Oct 28, 2013 by user ‘Your Own World Books’ his website is yowusa.com

Whereas this video is the type of news you’ll get from parasites and ignorants.


I read Sitchin’s first 6 books, ashamedly I haven’t read the 7th, when I was approx 16/17 so I don’t remember the books in complete detail but of course I’ve read about his work since. The first of the ‘Earth Chronicles’ was called ’12th planet’ (thanks for reminding me Mum, d’uh how did I forget the title even though I remember about the significance of the number 12; too much to know, too much to learn, too much to remember.) However thinking about Michael Brown (why, oh why) I’m reminded that when he was demoting Pluto (though its status was always controversial to the scientific community and whether they counted it as a planet at all) he was announcing another 9th dwarf planet (so actually a 10th planet, but 8 ‘normal’ and 2 dwarves) temporarily called Xena and it’s satellite Gabrielle, Xena was later renamed Eris (Eris being the Greek goddess of discord. That makes me think of – ‘dis-chord’ – remember the musical scale has been changed from the ‘divine’ scale of Asia which was based on 12 too and the Fibbonaci sequence and Lalita (way pre-dating Greek morphs) the Indian Mother Goddess and her Sri Chakra/Vidya – fibonacci being from the Matrika Devi from Lalita that deals with language and sound/frequency/vibration/music, the constellations so the zodiac). Latin Discord/ia’s opposite is Harmonia. At the time the public were told that it was not Planet X and that Planet X did not exist but now he’s admitting the effects of Planet X.

P.S – Xena being a ‘dark mother’ figure though not an original one, she’s also overtly fictional, but the later dark mother figures of world culture (fictional or not we’ll see) are generally portrayed as evil e.g ‘the wicked stepmother’, ‘the temptress’. Though look at the fate of desecrated&demoted Medusa, an African goddess incorporated into the conquering mythology/religion demonized for her natural Afro hair and made into a rape victim who is typically blamed instead of the rapist and vilified as a monster.

The usual number given for it’s time to go round our sun Sol is 3,600 years and that number was not only found by Zecharia Sitchin – it’s found in the Indian-subcontinental part of Asia too. That and other galactic times/patterns, the time it takes us to reach the galactic centre and back for example and the 15 Nityas of Eternity/the 21600 lunar/solar breaths i.e. the movement of planets in a Kali Yuga/432,000 years too. They were adept at mathematics. For the Eastern part (Western Asia being the focus of Sitchin) I read Madam Blavatsky’s amalgamation work ‘The Secret Doctrine’ when I was approx 20 and still find it the most ‘easily understandable’*, comprehensive/comparative work on that – yes you might have heard a lot of things about the Theosophical Society that was based on her work – but that doesn’t mean the work itself is not worth looking at. She used the terminology from numerous languages and explained it in English so it is jargon heavy but doesn’t go over the head and she (and whoever funded her/agreed to talk/got her into places to people most wouldn’t have a chance in a lifetime to get to or even know about) put together a lot of the work you’ll find separately elsewhere. That doesn’t mean I agree with it but it’s a worthwhile account and a large starting or early point since what she includes could easily be called a conclusion/the point where many searchers are at for ‘cosmic truth’ that relates to us. Sitchin’s work is more about what I call the ‘Cult of Celebrity’ but at the same time if true, even partially, is worth thinking about.

To all those that easily scoff at ‘dustbin/pseudo science’ i.e. what Planet X research has fallen into until now (well it wasn’t start with, but then was pushed there and is now being brought back), they usually fall into two major categories 1) those who actually know very little about science and scientific research and if they did follow journals and science media they’d be very shocked at all the projects going on and that have been going on, it’s not all ‘black ops’ ‘conspiracy theory’ – there’s plenty of crazy, useless, already known and mind blowing stuff going on that is published and updated all the time. It’s ironic the people who don’t look often talk about science like religion but get irate at that idea and look a bit too much at Californian film science without digging/looking for further explanation. 2) Those who know enough about those subjects to know it makes them uncomfortable, sometimes insecure and generally behave immaturely looking for every chance to jump on it. Funnily enough many of the people in those areas don’t behave the same and welcome/respect work done in areas that could be cross referenced with. Remember that geology was recently up until recently a soft-pseudo science and now has validity and psychology fought tooth and nail to be recognized as a social science (systematizing things being something they’re good at) and we also have ‘social sciences’ such as sociology who use empirical methods/statistics in research but aren’t scientific as a whole because things like social consciousness and behaviour don’t always follow strict guidelines. That said popularity I mean peer review doesn’t make things easy on anyone thinking differently but that’s going into a third group.

*It’s not easy, it’s not bestseller reading, you’ll need to use brain cells you forgot or didn’t realize you had but I don’t underestimate anyone – if you prefer not to look at just numbers and don’t mind what we think of as metaphors and interested in world/cosmic history/astronomy I don’t see why it should be mainly in the knowledge of elitist people even though it’s freely available online (just as a ton of researchers have made their work/updates available about Planet X but ridiculed/dismissed until now). Hitler and those (most likely the Thule Society) who twisted such learnings to place in a number of ways, the most obvious being the swastika also placed their ideal race up in the Scandinavian area and then claimed it spread to the Indus Valley and throughout Asia. However pre-Vedic old Hinduism (unfortunately it’s easier to call the different systems about Earth, life, health and well being ‘Hinduism’ in retrospect as it is the umbrella they were incorporated into) existed before modern/Vedic Hinduism when things got puritanical; class hierarchy, Sanskrit (younger than the Indus pictograms&symbols and Dravidian Indian languages*2) and the ‘lighter the better’ mentality for skin – that last of which was further entrenched with colonialism even though they broke up the country and they along with Islam decided which scriptures to transcribe and let the people believe as current Hinduism (it’s arguable that are are more non-translated Indian scripts than there are translated). I can see why they related the giants (both as a characteristic ‘they stand mentally/spiritually taller than us’ and as a 3D physical characteristic) of Europe with the idealized Aryan race of the Indus Valley but their reference point for that a place we don’t know existed and if it did, we don’t know where, at least Asia was there at the time. That said the insertion of ‘Blue bloods’ and ‘white skin, Blond but moreso Red hair and Blue eyes’ (and perhaps the RH-negative blood type according to some) is superior theme has had its effect, something many have noted and even complained about, in the casting for films for example (though Blonde became preferred and Red haired people stigmatized as seen with the Irish in particular in the UK and as immigrants to the US though quite frankly after Independence they were prejudiced against most new European arrivals) and ‘the perfect looking child’.

Where did the Aryan race come from? How did the Mesopotamian, Egyptians and Asians suddenly become more technological, extra ‘civilized’ master/slave style (whilst Mesopotamia and Egypt have shown to already have pronounced hierarchy, it seems the Indus-India side was slower to pick that up and it wasn’t until the Vedic that it took off) and their beliefs moved into the Vedic age making way for the Zoroastrian and later Abrahamic religions to spread throughout the world? Who knows; religion and many groups say aliens (albeit religion generically refers to space divinities, sky divinities but when you look at where/how they live on Earth they’re more mountain/our sky (rather than some unknown ‘heavens’/’up there’ above the planet place) and underwater beings and their workers e.g. jinn are fire beings and when you see characters like the greys (alien reference) they’re like watchers and then there are shadowy beings). Sitchin claimed they were the Hurrians (Horites to biblical folk). What about the supposed Annunaki supposedly from Planet X/its system? Hmm. Maybe that was just an excuse for a takeover bid or they were survivors from previous Nibiru flybys or ‘extinction level events’, underground societies (we’re building underground nowadays so the idea isn’t new though we consider ourselves better able to now), either way I don’t like ’em in general.

Ancient cultures (pre-Zoroaster/Abraham) agree that there have been five ages/stages, something we’ve only recently acknowledged/remembered with modern science.

*2 – I don’t often use the word ‘Proto’, too many people use that interchangeably or even replacing we estimate about written language by looking at it e.g. the later Indo-Aryan and Indo-European of which Sanskrit is a part of. ‘Proto’ is reconstructed – how we estimate language sounded, harder to do. I’ve seen the term Proto-Indo-European (PIE) used to, and probably unintentionally, agree with the Nazis and act like everything ‘superior’ started in Europe instead of the three ‘cradles of civilization’ as well as act like Iron Age*3 and younger European with particular focus on North Germanic/Nordic language to say they’re as old or older than the Indo-Aryan side i.e. to age them further and give validity. The oldest written languages we know of are from Africa and Asia before we get to Indo-European; verbal language pre-dating written would likely have been everywhere there were people who could make sounds and hand signs (though sign language is considered in a league of its own), we also have undeciphered languages and of course pre-historic painting. It’s not a competition people. What was before the ‘cradles of civilization’? It seems like just people getting on with life, revering the Earth as Mother, having the Cosmic Mother, a focus on androgyny and motherhood (those two are only conflicting in modern views; ‘androgyn’ and ‘hermaphrodite’ meanings have been changed over time, androgny was non-sexual or asexual/self-creative (if those chose and were worthy) and sometimes implies the meaning of the ‘original feminine’ rather than a person with no creative ability or to today’s standards no genitalia, and hermaphrodite is a later concept meaning having characteristics of two sexes but it can also refer to the division of the androgyn or creation of another sex) and weren’t ashamed of the Black and Red (Brown/rusty/reddish/bronze/copper) skin, the ‘dark’ mother and mother goddess are found internationally pre-historical record/pre-written language and incorporated into those later cultures but both demoted and demonized. Being the oldest historical civilization or one of them is as far as I’m concerned not something to be proud of, neither is much of human history in general that I’ve seen. You can keep your Aryans and superiority/inferiority complexes, talent does not compensate for lack of ethics and those ‘cradles of civilization’ and people since have displayed very little social development imo. We’ve taken mega-long and endless wars of so many kinds just so that some of us could realize the basics or treating other humans decently? Pfft forget that (no not literally, I’m not into amnesia). Tons of people can’t even accept that non-human animals have feelings, personalities or ‘souls’/consciousness and we come into contact with them everyday let alone the other potential sentient non-humans or super-humans. As long as you don’t act like some kind of vampire (blood, energy, anything that drains others) I don’t mind what species you are but I’ve seen little evidence of beings like that on this planet, and what I have seen like that or almost like that isn’t human.

Remember that the modern/Vedic Hindu pantheon top ‘gods’ claim they were given the vedas (all knowledge), they didn’t invent/write them or their contents, they may have even stolen them but the old knowledge of the world damned well got twisted for their convenience since!

*3 – This reference system of technological ages in archaeology and cross referenced in many subjects varies greatly from place to place, it is not the cosmic & yuga age system of ancient cultures.

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