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I’ve written about Father Time/Grim Reaper going back to Mother Time and hence the Dark Mother, the world has seen her in many forms, a prehistoric goddess and the oldest living version is Kali (Black, Time – and carrier of many weapons but the sickle one of staples) from old Hinduism (modern Hinduism to me being Vedic Hinduism aka from approx 1500BC.) I’ve also written about the feminine triad predating the masculine triads we see from/following the cradles of civilization ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and India. I tend to refer to the Indian side of things most because their customs/beliefs/knowledge is still living, twisted and morphed over time, but still there so for me it’s easier to see the changes.

The feminine triad came from Lalita who split into three major forms; Bala, Lalita and Kali. The Daughter, the Mother and the Dark [grand]Mother/Crone. Lalita is seen as the ultimate Mother Goddess/cosmic Mother who in texts that aren’t so popular even the current pantheon admit pre-dates and is more powerful than them. I found Valdimir Nabokov’s book ‘Lolita’ to be a poignant version of this (and not romantic at all as many think it, but probably wouldn’t if it was them/their daughter) and how they took over the Earth, but in a personalized/individual rather than cosmic form.

Shortened versions of Lalita is Lal or L and in later religions people have highlighted the ‘el’ (Mum has had people say ‘elle’ to her as well – her name being Lalita). ‘El’ is both significant and frequent in the later triad of dominant world religion – Judaism, Islam and Christianity but it is usually in plural form.

Going back to Kali/Kala/Kalika though, given the spread of Indo-European languages from the India side of the Indus (and pushing aside languages already in India such as Tamil) we can see the use of Kal in many places. For example Cailleach of the Gaelic Scottish Celts (pronounced Kall-yack) whose name means ‘old woman’ and commonly ‘hag’ or ‘crone’ both of those terms associated with magic/being a witch and being a ‘dark mother’. Cailleach was/is a Mother Goddess figure. (On a sidenote Ireland had a goddess called Brigid – a number of spellings – who was later incorporated as one of the Christian saints.)

California after the Spanish story of Calafia/Califia a warrior queen of Black women is another interesting one, though bear in mind being Spanish it is a later version and significantly that story includes the use of her in the war between Islam and Christianity. Also California’s flag has a dark/Black bear (remember the bear is one of the oldest symbols of Mother Goddess) and a pentagram. Later there was the establishment of the Golden Gate Bridge and Los Angeles with its Holy Holly Wood (remember witches don’t need/have wands, it’s a phallic symbol).

Where does Saturn fit into this?

Saturn is the planet represented by Kali which makes sense since she is Mother Time. In later religion it became Kronos/Chronos and was most widely known with Graeco-Roman religion(s) (pre-Roman Catholic & Christian period but remember that he was a titan so harking back to an older race, pre-dating the Greek gods who conquered them). If you’ve seen masonic artwork of the zodiac often found in divination books (and to some freemasonic symbolism is also called ‘alchemy’) you’ve probably seen pictures of the gods in front of their representative planet and with other symbols around them. For some reason none of those are coming up in image searches I’ve been doing but here’s an interesting yet simplistic one:

Chronos Kronos Capricorn Aquarius

Chronos was both the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius but that changed later on with Uranus taking Aquaman. The water bearer Aquarius used to just be a vase pouring water (over to Pisces) in both old Greek and Hindu zodiacs (potentially confusing for the Hindus given their girls and women carry very heavy clay pots of water on their heads short and long distance, and could break their necks but like Chronos, Capricorn/Baphomet and the rest the water bearer became male even though the job is considered too low for them).

This one was more like the ones I originally saw:

Greek Zodiac Wheel

7 planets at their time including the sun and our moon

I saw similar when researching my star sign Capricorn, whose ruler is Saturn (and whose day is Saturday) and who is represented by the Devil (commonly signifying materialism and base desires) in the tarot cards, the Devil being the goat headed satyr Baphomet with the circled pentagram. (Baphomet, one of the names being ‘Black Goat’, has very interesting symbolism and history of worship too going back to the Knights Templar, Baphomet being a Dark Goddess. Remember going back further Kali is one of the Mahavidyas or Dasha Vidyas, the Mahavidyas being 9 forms and the Dahsa being 10 since it counts the bigger unsplit form. This was long before the ‘Satan’ and the ‘Nine Angels’ connection which people jump to immediately and remember ‘Satan’ is from the Muslim word ‘Shaytan’ meaning a class of jinn-smokeless fire beings.) Interestingly Capricorn isn’t a regular goat, it’s a sea-goat – part land/part water animal and the water part being magical/mythical. The significance of water beings on this water planet Earth is something I might go into in a later post.

Saturn (and the other planets/stars) have come a long way from their goddess associations, Saturn’s Mother Goddess being the fiercest, most protective, most aware/punisher of injustice Kali Maa who has sadly become the object of many people’s (and Shiv’s) desires for her near nudity, blood and raw power. ‘The blood is the life’ goes the well-known phrase particularly menstrual blood despite it’s taboo is modern religions making women dirty and even evil, untouchable, not allowed to pray, go in ‘houses of god’, touch men even shake hands etc yet modern Hindu statues that apparently bleed are revered in the utmost and the red/pink (or ash) marks on the head of people symbolize that though ironically the coloured powder for women is made of toxic substances and the men’s one not. And it’s not just the blood – it’s the electricity – including the spinal chakra electricity (later called ‘serpent’) of kundalini, something some people are scared of and so call evil, and the creative energy nowadays known as sexual energy. More specifically when it becomes reproductive in sexual intercourse. Remember that in Earth root cultures – pre-modern Hinduism (and incorporated/twisted into it) – there is a focus on feminine androgyny i.e. asexuality and being able to self-produce, and how those who came to this planet on sailboats (possibly space ships) raped the dark woman with dark curly hair of the Earth by controlling her sexuality and making her frenzied and thereby taking over and made the ‘original feminine’ into a vessel and all her children as part of their school (like fish). Again another subject for another day.

One of misconceptions that I really dislike about the Kali-Saturn connection is that is brings up the later Shiv connection, the later god whom now Kali is apparently an ‘aspect’ of and so sexually enamoured with that she wants his creative juices even after she kills him. Her killing of demons is something she apparently enjoys (rather than just being furious at and sickened by, especially after witnessing her children/creations hurt and a popular sin is to rape females in front of Mother Goddess statues/in their templates to show the Mother Goddess means nothing, is nothing and has no power) and then takes part in necrophilia with his penis being portrayed on a mighty scale. This ‘frenzy’ is something that comes with modern Hinduism. Shiv and his pantheon being the usurpers means that he then became the Creator Destroyer, the Lord of the Dance (and lover/participant of wrestling), the Black One instead of her (even the mass statues of his penis which is prayed to separately to whole statues of him is coloured Black and significant in Islam too as a cornerstone of their religion that they revere and housed in Mecca the Black cube). It’s ironic because when I first heard about CERN proposing to build the LHC in search of/to prove the existence of the Higgs Boson aka the ‘God Particle’ I read up on said particle and even from the basic descriptions/rudimentary maths of its spin/movement I thought to myself in horrified surprise “they’re trying to build a portal for him”. The door/portal bit made sense to me but the ‘him’ being Shiv was a strange thought because anyone who knows religion/culture knows he doesn’t need a portal, he and his ilk are already here and took up residence in the Himalayas (though bear in mind it’s also a/awaiting punishment to be trapped in and under mountains) (the reason why I thought of him is one I’ll unlikely go into). At the grand LHC unveiling though, what was standing there – a donated statue of Shiv from India. I’m not sure if it really has anything to do with the God particle or Shiv but the laser like spirals they’ve unleashed into the sky worry people.

Now the ‘Saturn Cult’ as many researchers religion, freemasonry, myth and history call it is something very cruel and sinister, the victimizer rather than the slayer of the victimizer. It’s taken the blackness and morphed it into Black/dark = fear and evil, taken the natural wild/natural nudity and made it into both erotica and shame which leads to the taking the reproductive/creative of ability of blood and electricity and made it into rampant, uncontrolled and forced sexuality i.e. rape/sex abuse/prostitution/sexual murder/ritualistic abuse and vampirism/blood drinking.

There are many ‘Black’ associations in Freemasonry (although there are many ‘White’ too for the light and dark, good vs evil theatre where they play all sides and even switch back and forth e.g. the checkerboard pattern) – but the one most important here being the Black Sun. Some see that as the occult in general – the hidden – and esoteric, but it sounds more specific than that and perhaps indicates Dark Star instead.

I’ve never really thought that the sky was ‘right’ – there’s something very unreal about it me. I’ve also never been able to ‘get’ the constellations – it should be like cloud watching with someone and saying ‘hey look there’s a _____’ and then the person with you goes ‘oh yeah I see it’, perhaps they squint a bit first but it’s not too hard to imagine. Constellations though don’t even look like what they’re ‘supposed’ even when you look at the join-the-dot diagrams and even less so when the detailed drawings of the characters are superimposed. In my last post I mentioned that I always imagined the sky as sunset/sunrise (dawn/dusk) rather than Blue and cloudy and then I found similar thoughts in other cultures leading upto the ‘twilight’ description in a recent (very well written) fiction fantasy book. Part of my annoyance with ‘landmarks’ in the sky/outer space might be because people generally see them as stagnant akin to the stationary models of the solar system we’re taught with which implies all the bodies are lined up and moving together in the same direction, not taking into account that the whole system is an orbit too.

Capricorn constellation

Seriously who sees that shape without needing someone to draw/map it and point it out to them?

My ‘issue’ is that I’m interested in both the physical and the mystical/mythological side of things but I haven’t been able to explain my uncertainty about the symbolism of Saturn with the physical. Mum sees it more metaphysically – she’s better able to personify and empathise with the objects in space – whereas I look at the sky and don’t really feel anything, not even awe. I used to be able to really focus on the sun for example, to the point of it being ‘living’ in a sense with ‘beings’ and geometry inside. Nowadays when I try to concentrate on sol images of water pop into my mind and push me off that train of thought. So far I’ve been unable to verbalise to Mum why there may be more to the planets than just mythology and regular science/astronomy. However this video, an interview with Troy McLachlan on Red Ice Radio helps. I don’t agree with all of it but it got both of us thinking (and I’m glad he talks about the sky being different now to how it was which is a major factor I find it hard to explain to people into the mythological side, although it’s easier when talking about megaliths which he does too):

His website about this is: http://saturndeathcult.com/

Sidenote – modern cultural examples of seemingly friendly iconic fusion of outer space ‘divine’ with Earth into ultra masculinity and the use of Mother Goddess terms is Superman or Kal-El with the use of Lalita’s Red (name means ‘Red’ and ‘joy’) with Earth Blue. Supergirl and Superwoman (and even Superdog) came later as a kind of afterthought or perhaps from a side of rib. A bit like She-Ra (Ra-ja Ra-jeshvari another name of Lalita, and means ‘king of kings’ feminine terms but nowadays thought of as masculine, also many of the male god names are taken/added from female names, She-Ra is the ‘princess of power’ whereas He-Man doesn’t have that equivalent title though both are called the strongest woman and man), He-Man’s supposed twin sister but she had far more powers, a god-name and in her non-super form wore Red whilst he wore Purple/Pink (the fusion of Red/Blue and the dilution of Red). The Dark Goddess in that cartoon could arguably be both sorceresses, one a birdwoman who lives in a skull, and one shadow who works for a Blue skinned techno-skeleton who lives in a bone castle and whose apprentice was another skeleton.

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