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I’m noting this one because it was witnessed by so many people and without the need of best conditions and equipment. In the cold, witching hour of 17th March Mum (and many others) noticed something streak past low in the sky.

I’m sad I missed it but Mum initially mistook it for lightening and when thunder didn’t follow she didn’t think much of it given that we’ve experienced that a few times here. What some people are calling the ‘St Patrick’s Day Green Meteor’ she and camera footage saw as White though it does have a greenish/yellow hue in photographs.

Very large fireball reported by public was first noticed by our Church Crookham station at 3:16 this morning. It momentarily overloaded the camera with light and with second video we will be able to triangulate and calculate the orbit soon.

Preliminary calculations estimate the brightens to be around -7 mag and explosion -14 mag. The event lasted just a couple of seconds.

Turns out that many UKMON’s cameras captured the event than previously thought, 8 cameras in total.

An estimated terminal altitude is just 30-34km!


There are more cameras on the above site and footage on Youtube, not quite as publicly exciting as when people watch the sun cameras and see major and strange flares, and once in the past few years it even looked like a piece broke off, but not as many people look at those.

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