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I finally part watched/part listened to the adaptation of ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ (2004) with Jackie Chan (I still prefer ‘Around the World with Willy Fog’ – 1983 Japanese/Spanish cartoon successor to ‘Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds’ – 1981), whilst reading ‘The Earth Turned Upside Down’ (published 1889), it’d be easier if Jules Verne hadn’t been so ahead of his time, so well written and reminds me that in written format people prefer the details because that way they can skim over the bits they don’t want and imagine the rest, and prefer the drama on the screen whilst perhaps light on the facts. The book is brilliant; a critique and wonderment at the same time, scathing and yet so delicately done. It tells of man’s audacity to own and use everything, of people vs people, of vanity in the media and diplomacy and its effects on the public all with a distinct vein of humour. As someone who is able to laugh at myself and able to laugh at others laughing at me, I can appreciate that. It reminds of me Saki (1870-1915) though he was apt at making jabs at other people even if they were of his class. Verne wrote ‘The Earth Turned Upside Down’ so well that it’s almost like he didn’t know how the story would end so he simply circumvented the plot and made it into a joke, but the ‘what if’ remains if you didn’t skim the false technical lingo, if he really knew what he was talking about he hid it in implication which was understandable, people still believe Newton discovered gravity by an often depicted Red apple falling/being given to him like Eve in Eden. (He studied the ‘occult’; Alchemy, Freemasonry, Sacred Geometry and some of his ‘alternative science’ writings were conveniently destroyed in a laboratory fire. Remember many of the ‘fathers’ of the sciences were masons and many religious.) Over 100 years after Verne’s book people are trying to find out about the types of poleshift we’re going through, what’s causing the magnetic one, the movement of the crustal one and then the possibility of the other one, the effects of the Nibiru system, fracking and the booms/metallic sounds people keep hearing, weather modification, changes to the gulf stream and Earth cooling.

On being jaded

I understand a lot of people are put off by the most grasping and envious personalities, the ones that cling the longest and take the most enjoyment in it even if you don’t want anything to do with them and they can only really shine when the more able personalities have left their pond, lapping up your years of work like they were there. There’s a difference between survivors and people who’ve gotten older, the latter tend to have done so off the backs of the former.

You know the phrase ‘keep calm and carry on’ – that pretty much translates into ‘ignore it, don’t get bothered’ in practice but that’s dismissive and careless; the helpful level of calm is being in complete control of your mind, not just thinking you are. That’s why so many people are scared of kundalini yoga for example and put others off, they talk about ‘activation’ and ‘opening yourself up to entities’. Unsurprisingly it was Mum who told me to do it (whilst she didn’t because beyond being excellent at basketball and a speed walker when she was younger exercise isn’t her thing), and I achieved in 7 weeks what it takes others years to get to because they separate the mind and body of it (like we do in modern marital arts). Our concentration and hence consciousness is already stretched as it is.

I didn’t experience any kind of physical makeover but that’s most likely because I’ve spent most of my life since childhood doing disciplined exercise, thinking hard, learning from older people, trying to get people to be kind to themselves and each other, trying to do so myself; I was prepared. Therefore I don’t know what ‘activation’ or ‘awareness’ is like from kundalini yoga but I do know it can be triggered by other things like trauma, illness, seeing something strange that changes your understanding of life, physical accidents, mind altering substances. I know that I was forced into ‘interesting’ subjects at age 12 and from families with wealth believing their children are god sent and one generation being named in chronological order of the ages/stages of humanity/spiritual conversion/destiny. Except for the wanderer beggar priests/esses I have a sliding scale of respect for the others, diminishing the more the status of ‘Brahmin’ means to those more interested in materialism, part of the reason Buddhism was so successful was because it sheltered the ‘untouchables’. The priest framework is still masonic, obviously, knowledge and ability can only be put in the minds and hands of the trusted and trustworthiness and loyalty proved. They play a big part in people’s lives, even ‘common’ people can have a birth scroll written for them. Destiny, place, honour and respect are very much steeped and I wouldn’t be against that if it weren’t overdone, the opposite in the West and Westernizinfg influence over there. Over here people in general don’t have to earn everything in their lives, even their life, the right to speak, to lift the eyes, head up, don’t owe a debt to parents and ancestors for birth, every bit of food on the plate, though of course over there people can get around duty by using proxies. Ironically both methods turn into false pride – people there have earned their place in society or not (or can’t if the caste/class system is still strong where they live), here we’re allowed to be big mouthed and full of ourselves based on almost nothing other than that we exist – except we too feel the pull of class systems. All these years and we still haven’t really got a balance.

By the time I was 15 I was pushing against the influence of the older but not wiser. When I got into kundalini much later I didn’t have any epiphany. It just made me calm, very calm, able to breathe in multiple ways which was the most important thing and less affected by those who have to bother others, and that bothered them. This is where I see possible risk comes in for full body disciplines that work on your available senses e.g. yoga affects your hearing, sight, breath, nerves and touch via using the vehicle/body, it’s practical and so your body gets stronger, supple, more immune as well as long as you’re devoted to it and not just scheduling it in. Most people do not achieve that, many find even the idea of meditation alien and would need mind altering substances or frenzied states like chanting/dance for the same thing but would likely lack the control since the physical/mental exercises give you practice. If/when a person gets close to focus, trance/meditative states they may find something traumatic happens (if in a situation with hangars on) that would set them back and throw them off kilter, maybe even put them off trying to focus again for years if not life. But that is the nature of having so many conflicting personalities all vying to live and climb above each other via breaking the will of others at the same time. It’s just like people who go on pilgrimages and then stampede when they get there trampling and crushing those they’re supposed to be helping and if you stop and try to help someone and ask others to stop, help or give you room they just look at you blankly if they notice at all.

‘Opening yourself up to’ others via strengthening practice to me means it won’t just be regular people who usually notice you, it’ll be those on your new level and above, that’s why you have to strong beforehand and ready to get stronger afterwards because you’re the new kid on the block and everybody has to throw their weight around, why being strong comes at a price. I haven’t found any easy route but those who latch on to you are looking for an easy ride. Why many abusers are attracted to people who’ve already been abused, easier than breaking new ones in and they can slide into their comfort zone without much hassle, until they get bored and want somebody else. There are more people who aren’t predatory personalities getting stronger but everything takes a long time – we have to ask ourselves where we want to be in the balance of weak to strong and how much you’re willing to lose (and there’s always more to lose even when you think you’ve nothing left) in the possibility of gaining small steps. Are you the kind of person who people feel better for knowing, who feel more confident? The people you like find their circumstances improving, even long standing problems they thought wouldn’t change, they feel happier and those who you don’t like/dislike you benefit too usually through mutual dislike of you with others and the perks that come with that which are important to them?

I agree with trying to get along with each other, trying to understand – remember retro tv shows like ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ (1972-76) – excellent piece of satire almost like the later shows ‘The Real McCoy’ (1991-96), ‘The Word’ (the dates elude me) and ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ (on radio 1996 then on tv) which featured ethnic groups taking a mirror to themselves rather than making frequent comparisons with other groups; they’re not promoting racialist prejudice, they just show us what we’re stereotypically like and how we can appreciate each other better. It’s not for everyone and it’s not always the best method, but when it’s necessary it can be profoundly effective. I don’t agree with unconditional love, as far as I can see people who dislike you want any emotion/rise they can get; famous people survive as long as they get a reaction. If your ‘enemies’ prefer your love/approval/benevolence/association, why? Anger is always put down because people like to see superficial anger in those they dislike as something to laugh at, to catch a person out in, to get them into trouble, others find it unnerving and makes them wary. If/when you find yourselves in situations where others do their best not to let you get angry, and the situations change if/when you do, why? I’m not talking about superficial emotions here that fluctuate, change from moment to mood and drive people. This is self-possessed emotion which is why I can talk about calm, love and anger together when they’re not obviously complimentary (1 seeming neutral and the other 2 passionate or changeable); but remember anger is not hate, you can get angry with those you love and it’s often easy (so something we have to work on) but that doesn’t mean you hate them. It’s the same with love and all your emotions, don’t waste them on those who aren’t worth it. People say being angry is losing control, the same goes for love if you’re just living in it, in the moment (or in love with the romance over the person). There’s justifiable anger, justifiable love, both are something to hold dear.

There’ll be plenty who imitate and those with the audacity to want to be better at being you than you, but under their identity. It’s pathetic even moreso when they dislike you. They’ll put you down for something, then do the same themselves and try to be loved/acclaimed for it. They need you, work on not needing them. Those who dislike you will dislike you more for it. Ignoring them doesn’t make them go away, I’ve never agreed with the ‘ignore them and they’ll go away [and concentrate on someone else]’ mantra of teachers a couple of generations ago and further – but making people admit what they’ve done is a long, hard slog too. Why should they? If they apologize they’d prefer it to be token, private or public in a way that makes them look good and you’re expected to forgive them and move on. Not many want to genuinely be sorry and deserve to be forgiven (if what they’ve done is forgivable), people prefer forgiveness to be an act of compassion/charity and others expect too much before forgiving or tolerating in situations where the upset was disproportionate.

I’m not talking about strength and balancing emotion as if I’m an example, I’m not that strong anymore. That’s life, the people in it and me for being both too strong and not strong enough. But there have always been people who want to be strong, really strong and I’m not going to say it’s all about love and light, and that positive thinking will win; it’s not about good vs evil, and good being destined to win over evil. We’ve lived in a long state in disharmony haven’t we, according to ancient history and geology there’s been at approximately 5 extinction level events, or major planetary upheavals that we remember and we still haven’t changed. It’s about who is stronger, the way we live we make ‘might is right’ but you have to ask yourself what kind of strength you want to win – the type that’s been winning and warring throughout history or something else? And bear in mind that being too loving may have been what got us in this predicament to start with.

Just for a bit of levity – imagine a traditional hot spring, you’re nice and relaxed and then you turn around and see other animals bathing including ones that are as strong or stronger than you and you think ‘oh o_o okay…’ lol it’s not a problem but just don’t expect to be alone or with only those that are just like you. They’re not like those who’re there just because you are, they’re there doing their own thing and that’s ok, there’s nothing to be afraid of or worry about as long as you don’t provoke each other and they can better sense your emotions anyway no matter what poker face you have. The spring wasn’t meant for anyone to monopolize. It’s the hangars on that live off you and that you perhaps live off that causes the friction. Ask yourself do they need you or do you need them, and if you don’t need them do they hang on to you even more?

As far as I’m concerned the weak already inherited/took the Earth, it was done and we continue it through pack mentality and pyramid scheme – hey it works and when there’s discontent and unrest you just shuffle round the public figures and change the names of the heroes and enemies – I prefer to be both independent and sociable, neither servant or master. In the structure of varying levels of weakness/strength the strong that put up with the weaker/less strong yapping, deriding, having a go etc because it makes the lesser ones feel better about themselves and if the stronger came down on them it’d make them feel bad. I realize that applies to me in comparison to those stronger than myself too, if only much more of us put a lot of effort into trying not to make existence into one big feeding exercise though (e.g. ‘you’ feeding off the stronger, the weaker feeding off you vs ‘you’ feeding off the weaker, the stronger feeding off you), consistently evaluating and trying to improve, being conscientious.

On symbolism

I’ve written quite a bit on symbolism, it’s a tool, a lingua franca so changes; both pictograms and written language have levels of meaning e.g. phonetic, concept and slang, the further back you go the more context you need and etymology becomes even more important. Many words and symbols have multiple meanings.

That said some vehicles of symbolism are not even a messenger, the symbolism is the message e.g. the children’s film ‘Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure’ (2012), one big ball of symbolism playing both sides for US patriotism, confederates vs the yanks, they even get the children to swear an oath of allegiance. Ironically if this was a film of a different nation with a different national religion it probably wouldn’t be seen positively.

Japan has and still is the best at revealing and exploring information; history, the feelings, thoughts, technology, the effects of life, possible situations, desire, dreams and destiny despite many people immediately associating it with ‘childish’ battles/card games, teenage ecchi and adult hentai.

‘No. 6’ (anime version 2011) tells a partially twisted version of the story where all other stories come from, to the point and stays there but you have to know what you’re looking at otherwise it seems formulaic, lacking in depth, cliche, unsophisticated though the artwork is good – quite the sleight of hand to make the important seem unimportant, hiding in plain sight so people don’t even notice, making it mediocre. (For the more modern audience a better symbolic telling of the rat, human psyche and our place in life would be ‘From the New World’ – anime version 2012-13.) I know the older stories to an extent but people’s plans show through their chosen endings and many anime endings are twisted, to the point where I can’t even be bothered to watch them anymore. In regards to the use of the Mother Goddess; in some stories she is missing/taken/dies and replaced by a false mother, in others she returns in some form or another, in ‘No. 6’ she is forcibly returned and sacrificed so the children of the Earth can continue, again.

I just want to say thank you to the person who showed Mum an image they made of me carrying her and others so not to be too hard on me, I don’t often and don’t think I should appreciate those who use their skills to intrude, but once in a while there’s something. Don’t worry I’m a softie 🙂 but I won’t be relinquishing anything.

On levels

For those who see things in levels; doors, windows, barriers, bridges, slopes, stairs, balconies, fences, gates, floors etc that is the inside and outside and layers of each. Traditionally people think of 3 levels; the gate/outer wall, the inner and the temple/house/city whatever imagery. When I visited an exhibition at the Grand Lodge on Great Queen Street – the building with the White high, thick walls and Egyptian temple structure in the middle – afterwards a man who seemed quite nice wanted to know who I was, the thing is he was outside of the gate and I went through easily. (Even though I’ve gotten on with people I’ve met in Masonic lodge libraries/museums I only try to visit once because I’d rather not be there.) He was a member, I’m not but it doesn’t work like that – just because you put boundaries on a place doesn’t mean the ‘property’ agrees with them so even outsiders can be inside and insiders out, just like making/extending an Eruv. All sorts can pass through/exist there even if you’ve marked it for your travel/residence.

There are more than 3 levels to that symbolic virtual game (not the existential physical game), most people will not make it through 1 in their lifetime. I can get through 4 without thinking about it, 5 I notice, 6 a bit more and getting tired nowadays, 7 & 8 I don’t get to much and beyond only a handful of times and practically impossible in the last 10 years since fortifying has improved. If you’re not getting to 5+ regularly you might as well be a nothing, you don’t count and have to rely on those more able. If you want to better the game for everybody you need to be making it to levels 6-8. Like all virtual and augmented reality it’s absolutely not for those with any physical health issue. If being transitional and visualizing are not your thing changing the situation is better, any little thing can look like something else, it’s just how you recognize it. I can’t say how to, I don’t know, but you’ll likely fail far more often than not.

Better not to play really, especially if you see things in more than levels – e.g. in duplicates, triples, quadruples etc that copies. Ever been so wry that your dreams/daydreams could have ending credits/logos and theme music? Probably why so many in the film industry can switchover and in between public and private films, and why video games are so intense.

Some interesting dates for today:

Cinco de Mayo
Europe Day
Kodomo no Hi
Liberation Day in Netherlands
Martyrs’ Day in Albania
National Day of Prayer
National Day of Reason
National Hoagie Day
Ascension of Jesus
Leilat al-Meiraj
Feast of Saint George – Interestingly enough both Christians and Muslims see Saint George as the curer of madness (perhaps an underlying theme for the controversial Red Cross organization).

A lot of war, religion and politics there; a lot of suffering.

Like I’ve said before I’m not religious, I don’t believe in God(s) even if I knew about it/them I don’t have faith and to some that’s a problem but whilst I don’t like many of the beliefs I’ve never begrudged people having belief. There are many people who without them would have nothing, nothing to hold on to; horrible pasts, sh*tty present and no nice foreseeable future. They need something/someone to believe in, to make life worth living, to get through the days. I don’t think it’s alright to take advantage of them and everybody should be educated in the history of their beliefs imo but at the same time one of the few Ghandi phrases that I agree with is ‘there are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread’. It’s not that easy to mock when you know that.

Silly news of the day in retrospective

So I’ve just read about the reactions of parents to Channel 5 showing ‘Watership Down’ (1978) on Easter Sunday, I don’t see anything wrong with the decision to show it. It’s an important story and at least it’s closer to the book than Animals of Farthing Wood (series 1992-95) and Animal Farm (cartoon 1954) though the message for all such stories is the same, just used by different people hence the conflict.

I don’t agree with scaring or scarring let alone parents/guardians who cause phobias and complexes in children by remarks, stories, jabs, insults but the point of metaphors and similes is to purvey meaning and maybe truth (the problem is some people’s allegories are just cruel, and not in the ‘truth is cruel’ way but just told for the sake of being cruel); pretending to sanitize the world won’t make it less of a jungle, hiding those who are beastly by behaviour whilst simultaneously seeing danger lurking in every shadow.

Perhaps they would have preferred the largely altered ‘Water Babies’ (1978) instead and none of the Disney films that show traumatizing events (I’m not a fan of Disney but obviously a lot of their films are ‘high’ caliber, they have the experience for it and that’s not necessarily praiseworthy) but again the message is the same since we as people have hardly changed, our lifestyles have not our personalities.

Now this is a story many would think looks childish, it’s not and was widely banned/restricted. Not for the fainthearted.

Ringing Bell (1978)

I’m not a sheep, ram or wolf.

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