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What is sacred sex?

Ritualistic sex.

That’s all?

Yep, that’s it.

So how is it any different to pay per view?

It’s not.


If you want to be a voyeur there’s live sex shows in places like New Orleans, seedy places worldwide, probably down the street in a town near you, and hey burlesque and pole dancing having been made into an art form with women fighting for the chance to prove how adept they are, you know instead of being forced mostly like they used to.

Burlesque is art, it’s not… Distasteful.

Really. I remember an episode of Sharon Osborne’s pathetic attempt at talk show hosting (it was on in the background) where she had Dita Von Teese on and acted like Dita was better/higher class/more sophisticated/superior to a common stripper; Dita had the pretend decency to quietly half-say that she wasn’t but Sharon was having none of it “you’re the only woman I’d let strip for my husband, at his birthday party he was wearing your bra on his head and so happy!” Yeah I bet. Burlesque is for people who like pomp, airs and graces who prefer to wait and have someone take longer to remove their clothing. That’s it. Titillation, drawn out, teased. Don’t look down on the common ‘exotic dancer’ because she needs her rent paid double quick or she’ll lose her kids to social services (though you can lose your children for all manner of things; the ‘wrong’ diet even if it’s healthy/ier, vaccinations, home schooling…)

Sharon also had Kerry Katona on and insulting the first ‘kiss and tell’ woman who apparently started the trend even though she hadn’t actually been a kiss and tell person. She wasn’t a golddigger. “No offense” as Kerry said whilst not listening.

What does this have to do with sacred sex?

Some people are exhibitionists and so make their beliefs into a religion/part of a religion. Sex was a lot riskier (and still is in much of the world) since pregnancy is like an illness in the way the body initially reacts/tries to fight it off/flush it out until it realizes it’s not going to work (if it’s not a failed pregnancy) and so starts supporting it instead and the host has to consume more to manage, then of course childbirth and afterbirth are high risk. But ‘sacred sex’ has been/is popular with the ‘culturally sophisticated/modern’ world and would be suitable as modern concept since it’s a novelty rather than the norm and in this day and age where sex (in countries with higher guaranteed contraception and natal care) is less likely to be as problematic. People can ‘get into it’ more in modern times. In ancient times they were more likely to lose the girl/woman, something that technically doesn’t matter so much in large populations but realistically does if/when it’s a loved one. Otherwise you can just get another, there’s lots of desperate people and traffickers.

Some people saw it as sacred because it’s an avenue for procreation, the modern audience can understand that; though it didn’t have to be a loving bond, you didn’t have to really know the person at all. So it easily turned into selling your daughters into being priestesses (a bit like Living Gods though they’re supposed to be ‘pure’/strictly behaved, caged and some have a best before date) and thinking it a great honour. Similar to high level priests who die and his co-workers go to a local village and pronounce some ‘lucky’ newborn as their recently deceased figurehead. Of course this led to those priestesses/sex toys being called prostitutes much like actresses are called that, though for some reason not actors. Acting includes casual sexual relations as part of the job and understandably many affairs occur when people are pretending to be someone else yet doing the actions with their body – unless they can disassociate and/or control their hormones – then the lines between co-worker and lover get blurred despite the chastity pillow, like that would stop arousal. It’s much easier for them and us to accept that it’s part of their life and ‘no big deal’ under the noble art of imitation. They are the gods/goddesses of our times afterall, even if they’re acting.

The importance of menstrual blood, eggs and the fifth element aka electricity lost to people who really just wanted to think every time they had sex with their wife, mistress or ‘prostitute’ they were doing something sacred and superior. Also great for people who like to watch. That’s why it’s easy for some people who talk about ‘natural, free, beautiful love’ and “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.” to recruit people who don’t know any better. Aleicester Crowley, obsessed with sex and sex magic, an example. He knew the masonic beliefs he was talking about just like the scientists who transfer genes and foreign molecules into cells via laser do, there’s many uses for it (though people are most concerned with ‘designer babies’) but when transferring from species to another it also involves cloning DNA. Imitation is the primary goal of freemasonry; copying the creator/architect ‘G’, tweaking and controlling life whether animate or inanimate to call themselves god, or at least ‘its’ representative regardless of what industry they’re in. But people think they’re going to opened up to a whole new experience of wonder and being one with nature, when it comes to sacred sex at least.

Stanley Kubrick adapted ‘A Clockwork Orange’ (1971) which showed a similar ‘do what thou wilt’ philosophy but the problem with film was it glorified the gang leader/rapist. He showed that pharmaceuticals and new practices are tested on prisoners (hey everybody wants their paper recognized and the esteem/praise of their peers, not to mention sponsorships and grants, plus a lot of us just like the taste of power – including many of those who ended up in prison) but it didn’t highlight that they basically castrated him – something a lot of people would have been ok with instead. It was ok for the authorities to punish him as they wanted but the victims? No of course not, taking away his appreciation for classical music was made into a massive thing as though they were taking away his humanity. There’s rapists and music/dance lovers in countless species. We’re not special because we can make and like music, there’s plenty of animals that have better pipes naturally and sense for sound/hearing than we do, those who can communicate over miles without wires or wireless transmitters, not to mention those who can get their groove on and boogie. 😉 He stepped up his game with ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ (1999) and died right after (reminds me of the death of Aaliyah after playing sex & blood lusting Akasha in ‘Queen of the Damned’ – 2002, and potentially Brandon Lee in ‘The Crow’ – 1994 – who was shot when his character walked in on the rape scene).

Ritual sex isn’t sacred?

No. It’s not ‘making love’. Although if you’re doing a ritual for the sake of getting something other than an STD or pregnancy, say perhaps the attention of the gods and proving yourself, then you could say yes, since you’re doing a spell and/or it’s part of your belief system. That’s how many people think their children are god sent, when they’ve conducted the ‘proper’ rites for sex. They got the gods attention with their organized heightened emotional state and god decided to bless them or if they’re really the creme de la creme come to you as a baby avatar.

There are plenty of people who ‘feed’ off the heightened emotional states of others, it keeps them going, from fandom to those who love provoking/pushing/coercing/manipulating/stalking someone. Psychic vampires some call them which is concentrated form of people’s general need to follow or have attention. But what if there were others who sacred sex folk were trying to entice or use their ritual as a form of worship to? It’s an invocation, and do those beings take no for an answer? What if they decide that not just you but the rest of your line will make suitable fodder? That’s where we get ‘deals with the devil’ from, a phrase also used by celebs after they realize what they’ve gotten in to, often far too late of their tailspin of lows and bringing others into the disaster that is their life to take the edge off via proxy. Although in that case you could call the ‘devil’ their managers, handlers, agency etc.

What about Tantra?

Tantric yoga is Vedic and part of the use of old concepts and converting and attributing them as signs and symbols to Hinduism and its followers e.g. the complete geometrical sri yantra (yantras later being called madalas) of Lalita being called Mount Meru and associated with Shaktism. No one’s saying that sex isn’t exercise but do you need to have sex to what became religious paraphernalia ‘The Exorcist’ (1973) style. Intriguing how people wouldn’t have sex [in an obvious way] in front of their parents but don’t mind in front of the ultimate parent/s. It’s not even in the ‘god is everywhere’ sense, it’s in the ‘we shall call and please god’ sense, getting ‘its’ attention. There might even be questions over what is considered more holy sex; hetero, homo, bi, orgy or masturbation? Which one would ‘god’ most approve of or maybe ‘it’ doesn’t play favourites like that. For a science that for Brahmans/ins supposed to develop the ‘super soul’ it’s strange how it’d be made harder via sexual distraction – I guess needing extreme concentration to manage having an orgasm whilst praying and focusing on religious objects takes someone of super level. Although quite a number of people are adept at visualizing someone else during sex.

I think it’s more like when we’re aroused we give off extra scent for example (along with other identifiers) along with our usual scents and for people who believe they’re attracting god via sex, maybe they’re attracting whatever hypothetical species that god represents.

Sacred sex reminds me of military recruiters who know they’ll do better in poor areas if they don’t have ‘career benefits’ to offer, but then again rape is a considered a professional hazard for them by them internally before even getting to outside enemies who might like the ‘spoils of war’.

Interestingly enough whilst kundalini yoga was from/influenced by Tantra and other yogas, part of what I like about it is the calm kundalini yoga produces for me, there’s more to the spine than the base point. All ‘chakras’ are supposed to work harmoniously (and many people describe varying number of ‘chakras’ in various places in/above the body). It changes the way you breath and removes the desires/needs caused by excess hormones and excessive consumption (sex is a relief of pain by build up, because we long to relieve it’s called an urge/need) – sex drive can be increased by eating/drinking too much and not going to the bathroom regularly so not helpful for those who are always in some state of indigestion, inflammation or constipation. I find exercise that tones, builds a bit maybe, defines but doesn’t bulk – enhances efficiency without needing to consume more. With yoga you’re working on more than your bones and muscles, you’re working with your nervous system and glands too for example this all has an affect on the mental/emotional state of humans and their energy – I found the effect to be that I got more nutrition out of a lot less which is how I understood the priests who practice it can thrive on less, do more, can live in higher altitudes (like swimming to prepare for high altitude) etc. Yoga as a system is pre-Vedic but not all types are, in Hinduism the general title has been incorporated as a branch in itself and exclusive for quite some time with Brahman/in yoga schools. With its changes and dissemination many people think of it as ‘new age mumbo jumbo’ but it’s a science that works; pressure points, breath, frequency/sound and movement of internal juices accounted for. So for me it ‘detoxes’ in more ways than one, allowing for self-control and freedom to choose, reducing the urges and making you more conscious of them instead of being subject to them. You in charge of your body, not the other way round and not for others to take advantage of either. (No that didn’t please the people who liked to come on to me because whilst uninterested as usual it also made me more able to ignore them.)

So if ‘I’ do manage sacred sex, despite everything ‘you’ve’ said won’t god/demon/deity/spirit/alien/high status religious distributor be proud of me?

I dunno, who knows what mood they’ll be in at the time; maybe they’ll find you pretty darned attractive and want a bit of bestiality, maybe they’ll point and laugh:

Dogma (1999)

METATRON: Look at sex. Sex is funny. One time I asked Him why you people had to look so stupid while procreating. He said if you didn’t, you’d do it all the
time, just for fun.

BETHANY: But we do.

METATRON: I know. And you all look so damn stupid doing it. It kills us upstairs.

BETHANY: Sex is a joke in Heaven?

METATRON: The way I understand it, it’s mostly a joke down here too.

I have a hard time believing that next to other forms of survival like food, water, shelter, tools and social relations along with culture and cultivation that sex for ritual/hierarchical power and prestige were so predominant in root cultures. It makes it easy to dismiss root peoples as fertility cults instead of those practices being part of religion, even puritanical religions who reserve the drug/sex/drinking/all ‘prohibited’ entertainment for the pillars of society and their thugs whilst pretending to be holier than thou.

People (and other creatures) enjoy sex (sometimes) because it’s a release (like needing to go to the toilet and can ‘pent up’), or even to alleviate boredom; we’ve idolized it partly because it can make babies and for mothers/expectant mothers that is a transformation of body and personality at least for the duration if not continuing afterwards. That disfiguring yet described as loving transformation for those who want it at the time is awe-inducing regardless but the awe doesn’t always last. Domestic violence and affairs increase during pregnancy and shortly after birth. The ideal for those that want it, love it, the feelings of it, each other etc and are happy afterwards but when we’re talking about ‘sacred sex’ we’re talking authority, legality, religion. Marriage for example, a much exalted ‘loving’ thing though fundamentally a legal contract; a marriage can depending on the place, religion and circumstance be annulled if not consummated – so sacred sex there is legal. It’s been approved, much like how sacred sex/tantra is the approved, virtuous, moral sex of post Vedic-god yet is an excuse for the desires of masonic hedonists and those who’d deem mother goddess cultures as fertility cults. Pre-Vedic and post-Vedic cultures show sex but also other forms of creation, even humans that procreated differently, if at all; plus there’s the argument between gods about whether humans should be allowed to procreate.

If people want to call their union sacred that’s their business, the law and religion dictates types of sex (and that’s not always bad thing e.g. underage sex, sexual offenses etc) but I disagree and don’t allow any/all, anyone nor anything conveying to me when or why to have sex, if at all, let alone because they think it’s up them whether they want to make it look like personal choice or otherwise.

P.S – I realize that I’ve started including actors/singers lately, but they do come into the purveyors of culture category.

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