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Throughout our lives when Mum & I have moved residence interesting changes tend to happen, the place starts off as a hovel – we have had holes in the walls, doors, damp, leaks, mould and bodily fluids on the furniture, stuck doors & windows, big burns in the carpet, us losing gas/electricity but not the neighbours even in places where there’s manual override switches for every property controlled by the landlord etc (and when we’ve temporarily been in places the fire alarms have always decided on that time to be on low battery and so spend a day beeping loudly until the landlord accesses it) but one thing improves en mass; the cars and interiors of the people who live on the same council and housing estates and sites, really nice cars, usually BMW-Merc but the sometimes a Jag, Bentley or similar. We’ve not bought furniture in 20+ years, used to look in skips & stuff people’d thrown away (before it was illegal and you have to ask first – though that didn’t stop neighbours taking post & even our clothes horse in front of our door whilst lots of people put their washing on the landing), we haven’t bought clothes in 4 years except bits and pieces to replace the most essential of the lots of stuff that die from mould each year no matter how much we try to protect them, lol we didn’t even care what colour/pattern/style of the clothes were as long as they were functional and clearance. After the car phenomenon here there now seems to be a downturn – Peugeot cars are increasing. I guess people know about a deal or something even though there isn’t a Peugeot dealer in the area, maybe they just like the upright lion symbol. Which reminds me, when I was 30 the no:1 worst person I knew gave me a present. Imagine the person who hurt someone you love in the most awful ways giving you a present, especially when you haven’t celebrated your birthday since 11/12 and it’s rarely mentioned, even forgotten some years. They give you an unchained unicorn; like in the lion & unicorn herald coat of arms, a pendant by itself both without the necklace chain and without chains on the unicorn. I was once taken to visit that person when I was a kid by the person who apparently took me to see Cinderella at the Elephant & [Pink] Castle, in the person’s home there were painting of unicorns/Pegasus in the hallway and he gave me one but my chaperone said I had to give it back (the two hated each other). What does it mean – someone/those involved in abusing your loved one giving you a mark of respect, goodwill, or some kind of insult? Interestingly enough in the film ‘The Last Unicorn’ (1982) when the unicorn is turned into a human she is called Amalthea – the mother goddess figure represented by a goat, even a ‘mountain goat’ and in the film she’s saves the other unicorns from their prison in the sea, so she represents both a mountain and a sea-goat – Capricorn (Capricorn is a mountain goat on top, sea creature on bottom). Reminds me of the time we went out and returned to find an iridescent plastic fleur-de-lis on the carpet, not ours and in the same style as the ones of the gas heater (which we never use), and the time when we moved into a newly renovated place (that a trading standards person was not complimentary about upsetting Mum & I who were proud of it since it was so much better than the place and hostel before that) to find a guru sigil on the inside door step or the time someone left two big, wool blankets in the bin before we moved in; one Red with a tiger, the other Green with what I thought was a tulip and a random group of people outside calling me ‘Tiger Lily’ afterwards.

Lucky Seven

Lucky Seven (1986) was a Chinese film featuring hot housed children who are amazing at martial arts and other athletic skills, it’s dubbed in English in the usual ‘funny’ way for the time but it was a great film. The beginning is a bit awkward but once it gets rolling it’s really well done. I was reminded of it because of the ‘Spy Kids’ movies featuring Jessica Alba in her thigh high boots, ziplining and fighting the enemy whilst at the point of giving birth, she’s married to a guy whose children still aren’t used to their stepmom and acknowledged as ok when they find out her background and then taken into the family business. Ultimately it’s wacky, massive amounts of cgi and basically making people look cool whilst dependent on technology and little personal skill, unlike Lucky Seven. Here’s some funny pics of the seven’s watcher/handler:

Lucky Seven 1986 pink teal suit

Seriously, light Pink & Teal? Can’t say anything about the fabric due to the fashions of the time but with the Pink & Teal, quite the fashion disaster (and colour scheme of where we live which is approx the same age as this film so perhaps it was in fashion 0_0 though this place probably looked like a doll’s house when it was new) for someone trying to hide from the smart kids.

Lucky Seven 1986 pink teal suit


Lucky Seven 1986 pink teal suit

He follows the kids into a women’s self defense meeting and then he turns into a…

Lucky Seven 1986 red green cross dresser

…A fake version of the woman they’re looking for! Red and Blue or Red and Green (full versions of Pink and Teal) are usually attractive combinations except in this case, and again the fabrics!

Science vs/+ fiction = science fiction today = science tomorrow

There was a show called ‘Science Fiction Theater’ (1995-57) in which the audience would get a soundbite introduction to present day science thought and then a fictional story based on hypothetical use of those principles, exaggerated. I liked the intros better than the stories but still it was a good show.

Then there’s the real deal, to an extent:

‘Dark Matters Twisted But True’ (2011-12) – documentary series on The Science Channel.

A show about past controversial, unethical practices/developments in science and the main scientists involved. The above episode is about resuscitation after death using oxygenated blood (wanting to test/bring back to life people a death row prisoner but having the issue of double jeopardy), MK Ultra brainwashing (funded by the CIA and involving obvious torture) and the “father of immunology” Louis Pasteur’s rabies vaccine where he’s willing to murder a peasant boy and lie about it. Other episodes include include the attempt to impregnate female chimpanzees with human sperm to create super soldiers, another a Syphilis study testing on Black people who were lied to about their treatments and reported in the media 40 years later, another with the successful head transplants of monkeys “you know, it’d be so much easier to do this on a human, everything’s bigger… You could save great minds” and lot’s more – a series that could just go on and on. However keeping it in a past tense scares people less. The endings of the episodes tend to say ‘the project ended’, ‘not enough positive results’ or ‘the greater good – many people benefited’ ignoring the begging/pleading/refusal of test subjects ‘in the name of science’, their curiosity, their overwhelming egos. Once they set their mind on a goal will do anything to achieve it, dispassionate towards those tested on yet fixated and passionate on what they’re doing and unwilling to let test subjects go, the ‘father of gastric science’ even enlisting his prisoner into the army so that if he tried to escape he’d be killed, thinking and acting as if their test subjects are their god given property. They show that animal and human life isn’t worth anything in the pursuit of power and prestige, weapons of war, everything else is a side benefit but popularized to make it seem worth it, even moreso the further back the experiment happened. The episode with the bringing back to life/defeating death wannabe showed how he used euphemism for his work – he can save your beloved dog that was put down in the pound by bringing it back to life – no mention of lab bred dogs, caged, tested on, how many would be lost to the cause, not that people would care much but they would care if it was their beloved pet/family member. Using a historical setting makes the pill easier to swallow but they don’t go into the aspect of how goals/aims and driven obsession that had funding/support doesn’t just stop; if potential was found, the possibility of the test working, with a bit of tweaking, a bit more work, funding – why not? They do show that a project or method can have a name change (e.g. changing the name of a food ingredient after bad publicity/controversial findings but not wanting to remove it from food – aspartame to NutraSweet Canderel, Pal Sweet Diet and AminoSweet), personnel change, sponsor change and so technically that project can be called closed but it’s continued in another form. People are always willing to sacrifice another especially if it’s someone/thing they don’t care about to reap the benefits, even in religion – Jesus? One/few for the many. That makes it ok eh. ‘Progress’ even when it isn’t progressive they think they have a divine/intrinsic human right to know absolutely everything and control no matter the cost.

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