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Search Away: Hacked Panama Papers Go Online

The notorious Panama Papers, the largest document leak in history, exposing offshore tax haven users, is now online as a searchable database.

The enormous bundle of 11.5 million documents exposing hundreds of thousands of companies and individuals is online as a searchable database with interactive visualization depicting links between persons, companies and countries.

According to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), an organization which, until today, had sole access to the documents, the database reveals the names of the real owners of many shell companies.

The website opens with a disclaimer, noting that there not all people and organizations on the list use tax havens illegally. The statement also mentions that many people have similar names, and recommends diligent ID validation.

The documents, revealing some 360,000 names of companies and people, were extracted and leaked by an unknown source from a database owned by the Mossack Fonseca law firm. The firm, which has chosen to continue practicing, claims it was hacked.

Mossack Fonseca issued a cease-and-desist order on Thursday to the journalist group, claiming that revealing the information publicly is a violation of attorney-client privilege. The ICIJ, however, published the information, claiming it is acting in the ‘public interest.’

Tax havens, of which Panama is widely known, are often used to conceal wealth and, of course, evade taxes. Reporting based on the documents caused swift fall-out for some of the prominent clients around the globe — including the resignation of Iceland’s prime minister.


This is what the website looks like:


panamapapers popup

Then this pops up.

On Thursday 12th May at Lancaster House London, a bunch of rulers/lawmakers will pretend to think about governing themselves at the ‘first’ (how long have humans been corrupted) anti-corruption summit in London where David Cameron has vetted which countries will attend. There will be representatives from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Pic: Paul Hackett/Reuters. Who is 'fantastically corrupt' David?

Pic: Paul Hackett/Reuters. Who is ‘fantastically corrupt’ David?

Here’s a list of some of the other worldwide anti-corruption events that have been going for years but don’t get as much media attention:


Their London conference:

Looking on the furry side


The WikiLeaks founder won’t feel so lonely anymore during his lengthy stay at the Ecuador embassy because now he has a cat.

The kitten, a two-month descendant of the original European wildcat, was given to Assange by his children to keep him company.

Assange intends to keep the world appraised of the antics of his feline companion via a Twitter account called @EmbassyCat.

Julian Kitty

The WikiLeaks founder has been residing at the Ecuador embassy in London since 2012 out of fear of being extradited to Sweden and ultimately to the United States where he could face espionage charges for publishing secret US documents through his website.

Offtrack sidenote:

Don’t they look sweet, I hope she wasn’t from a mill or breeder and that the photos aren’t taken with a flash. I wonder what name he’s thinking of. Mum and I couldn’t decide on name for our feline family member so she is still Kitty and a plethora of terms of endearment or annoyance Mum has for her, they change daily… I built a makeshift climbing frame for Kitty out of leftover food crates a local shop didn’t want, I made it according to spiral technique to save space and crates, had easy to reach levels/steps, places to sit and even a kind of arch at the top. Was she interested… No. Mum has reclaimed it. Kitty preferred a & faux velvet covered wood frame I was once able to get for her cheaply on which she only used one level, it had a hole in so she didn’t even fit properly and ignored the bits she did fit on… Mum’s architectural makeshifts are much more successful but then maybe her recipients weren’t as particular e.g. my parrots Samson (the strong, mindful, silent type) and Harry [Potter] (highly outspoken and courageous) – I didn’t know any better back then, you shouldn’t name after figures, it affects them on top of being similar to their favourite human. For Samson she made a very simple to use but comfy ‘transport’ system/playground in his baby cage out of old baby clothes she’d kept. She tried the same with Harry but he was [initially] so shy and timid he wouldn’t even move from one perch to another so I spent hours daily feeding him seed by seed & water, he preferred branches in there. Then I found a discarded bare (no needles left) real Xmas tree and it really brought him out of himself, he relocated straight away and we stuck his food on the tree. Another year I found a much nicer discarded tree and it pleased everyone, took a whole month for the pine buds to be found/eaten and people got to hide inside.

birds love trees of course

The first tree, he was so happy – so were my knees, alleviated from all the previous kneeling!

Here’s a climbing frame Mum made for Harry before he could fly (the person who had him before was a wing clipping b*stard):

Household DIY Bird Climbing Frame Adventure Course

The chain ‘sheet’ and former springs actually came from underneath one of those fold up beds someone had left, it was broken so we couldn’t use it for its function but rather functional parts.

According to the website govwaste.co.uk:

The figures increase live

The figures increase live

Money well spent? Not. What was I saying about Jules Verne?


Professors Use Tuition Dollars for 500 Million-Year Plan to Save Earth

Astrophysicists spend tuition fees to expound upon the lifesaving possibilities of radical measures like launching asteroids toward the Earth or attaching a gigantic sail to the planet.

In 500 million years, scientists project that the Sun’s expansion will leave the Earth a scorched, uninhabitable rock. Fortunately, researchers at Columbia University are being paid taxpayer dollars and student tuitions to salvage the fate of the planet’s future inhabitants.

Michael Hahn and Daniel Wolf Savin, astrophysics professors at the venerable institution extrapolate on the Earth’s decline and the evasive lifesaving action that the space alien overlords who will inevitably take over the plan should take, in an essay titled “How to Survive Doomsday.”

The team of academics have created a survival plan for the distant descendants of humanity, who history suggests will not be able to comprehend contemporary English to enjoy the essay.

Student tuition dollars are funding projects while comfortable tenured professors criticize them for complaining about soaring tuition rates, saying that if they can’t pay it off it is because they are lazy. Columbia University’s tuition is the highest in the US, at about $53,000 per year.

The professor’s’ first humanity-saving scheme is to launch a massive asteroid toward the Earth. “If we fired a 100km wide asteroid on an elliptical orbit that passed close to the earth every 5,000 years,” the scientists declaimed, “we could slowly gravitationally nudge the planet’s orbit farther away from the sun, provided that we don’t accidentally hit the Earth.”

The scientists then broke for lunch, to prepare for the thought processes required to come up with additional ground-breaking ideas.

But seriously, the professors then suggested that an alternative way to maintain the habitability on the Earth would be to attach a giant solar sail to the planet, something at least 20 times the diameter of the planet. Using this method, it is postulated that our Earth could then sail through the galaxy, as Thor Heyerdahl did the Pacific Ocean, on his basket of reeds.

If all else fails, the scientists suggest that humans can simply upload themselves into storage.

Student debt in America now exceeds $1.41 trillion, with over 2/3 of that debt accumulated within the past seven years. Certainly, these wild-eyed research projects are more likely to send students to debtor’s prison than they are to save lives, whether in 500 million years or just tomorrow.

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