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I was thinking about this for yesterday but didn’t get to post it on time.

Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression is celebrated on June 04, 2016. The day is a United Nations observance and has been established on 19 August 1982. The day aims to acknowledge the pain suffered by children throughout the world who are the victims of physical, mental and emotional abuse. It is a reminder that the rights of children have to be protected. This text has been taken from Wikipedia.

Apparently before the days where children were vaccinated almost straight out of the woman/womb they were tastier. They’re still better tasting than adults, a delicacy – except very few adults who are very sweet because of who/what they are and their personalities, like clean oxygen rich blood is going to taste better to people who like that kind of thing than diseased blood. But since most children won’t be eaten straight out and disappear physically but rather be slowly fed off into adulthood a toxic lifestyle isn’t so much a bother, there’s lot’s of other ways to feed off others.

Just think about how many children go missing in your country every minute of every hour of every day, what exactly do you think happens to them? How many possibilities are there in addition to death? Sex and sex slavery at least before death perhaps? With all those kids going missing how many young adults and adults does it take to make that happen and how many does it take to ignore it? People/animals don’t just disappear and decay in 2 seconds, where do the bodies go? Where do the bodies of the homeless go, how are they used?

How many people are born and die everyday outside of your own little reality? Where do they go, are there graves and little piles of ashes of all of them, how many memorial sites don’t have actual bodies, just stones/markers?

Remember the Hayman and Elm House scandals in the UK and bear in mind the mass scale abuse scandals are usually dealt with retrospectively and by people of the same class/club trappings. It’s also easier to ignore that once a predator what’s going to make these people suddenly stop decades ago? Why wouldn’t it continue into the present/ongoing possibilities (whereas victims, their families, people speaking out are harassed and their activities become more important than the abusers).

Here’s an easily accessible mainstream media article which outlines interesting points:

and this is a site where they’ve historically aggregated news clippings about such cases, good reference material:

Also the further into their careers and older they get numerous celebrities try to talk about the child abuse that happened to them/others in the industries they work in such as Elijah Woods speaking out most recently.

Then there’s symbolism; the meta-narrative. As horrible as this is going to sound – symbolism is the most important thing. The people, the victims, the victimizers are rarely important (despite their status, prestige, assets etc); it’s what they’re doing, continuing, representing that is important. Look at the entertainment media, in recent decades there’s been a movement in both historical subjects (history, archaeology, religion etc) and the media for human interest stories, mostly about the ‘eveyday person’ from their ‘boring’ but sporadically moving and sometimes frustrated existence but since that’s boring we’ve moved to reality tv and more interesting historical figures again. What does that possibly imply? That the wealth, the majority of history (fictional or not) and media are not about the everyday person; they are examples/representations or straight up retellings of stories of other more important people. The same people, over and over again and their adventures, lives, exploits, loves, thoughts… It’s not about the everyday person. Would you spend tons and tons of time, energy and resources on glamorizing, highlighting, glorifying, paying tribute to, acknowledging what you consider vermin or your junk food? No you’ll do that for your peers and betters. The stage is not for anyone who isn’t willing to be one of those at some point otherwise your place is not on the stage, it’s in the audience paying for the privilege and eating disgusting cinema food since homemade isn’t allowed in the theatre. People love heroes, villains, gods, monsters, superstars and popularity so why bother paying so much interest to the masses. We live in a symbolic vs ‘real’ world both because of our sensory abilities compared to others and because of having multiple languages/forms of expression. Some do very well in it and are willing, usually to continue/build on the facade. Some just want to learn what it is they’re living in by default so that isn’t conscious consent, it’s not an induction ritual or initiation such as partying with mannequins as part of the decorations, but many will think just being near you or knowing your name is a connection.

I don’t particularly remember it very well but I was in a Black Victorian style coach with another girl and some well-to-do watchers; the other girl and I represented the sun and the moon, Gold and Silver and she and I wanted to be friends, to reach out to each other but we weren’t allowed to touch or get too close. Just had to sit opposite each other and apparently kept separate from then on. Shortly afterwards she changed schools, and her name was obviously ‘light’ in the Lucifer aspect. Me being a capricorn (and Winter solstice), Brown skinned and eldest born* of the eldest who is the ‘ultimate’ of the ‘lost/conquered’ peoples ‘Mother is/of all’, and ‘Light’ being a Blue eyed Blonde (her family Blondes & Red heads) were probably factors, as well as when we did school plays the teachers would prefer her to play royalty/status and me the servant. On a school trip we’d stayed at – she, I and a ‘sleeper’ had shared a dormitory, the tiniest room to ourselves and a ways away from the others even though there were bigger rooms with others girls with empty beds. It was called ‘Candlelight’ room, the ‘sleeper’ was a girl who was very hard to wake up in the mornings, a Black girl (so you had White, Brown and Black), you could use an alarm, touch her, talk, sprinkle water and it wouldn’t work – one teacher had to pick her up and shake her a bit before she woke up one morning. At that trip the teachers also decided that the kids had bathe together whilst watched even though in a very shallow bath, all for ‘protection’/’responsibility’/’security’ even though we were 10-12 years old. ‘Light’ and I were chosen to bathe together, me being me and from an Indian Asian background – we rarely do nude especially in front of other people, so I wore my underwear and somehow everybody knew about it afterwards enough to mock – so who told? The teacher or my friend? Also at that place, all of our electronics so walkmans, torches etc were kept in a locked glass cabinet, only my possession was interfered with and the batteries stolen. What are batteries? What do they represent?

A woman whose place I used to visit every weekend once had a party and I was pushed/fell against something and unconscious hearing the laughter. In the week after all the kids in the classes in my year had to strip down to their underwear one by one without their parent/guardian (who had to wait outside the door of the assembly hall) for a ‘domestic abuse’ inspection looking for marks/bruises. That had never happened before and didn’t happen again whilst I was there at least. That woman never picked me up again and one of the people at her party I recognized on the ‘judging’/inspection panel at the school.

A teaching assistant was assigned to my class afterwards but he wasn’t interested in teaching, he was watching, and only really interested in me; wanting to share his food with me, wanting us to sit together and at first I just thought he was a nice adult who wanted to be friends but on a class outing I decided to change my mind; I wanted to be with my own friends of my own age and he felt hurt/betrayed and never came back.

Mum’s parents used to take her to a ‘magician’ every weekend.

In one of the places where we lived there was a report of child abuse and after that report the crime rate went up; fights, beatings, thefts but the people ‘dealing’ with it were sometimes surprising. For example I’d seen a couple of men around the place and hadn’t thought anything of it; big burly guys, shaven heads, thugs, gangs and wannabes weren’t uncommon there and with a similar manner to security/people comfortable with security/power; then shortly after our washing machine somehow backed up and water spilled out onto the kitchen floor. I quickly turned it off and cleaned up but someone had called the fire brigade and who turned up? Those two guys who’d been around formerly not in uniform and without any official vehicles. All kinds of weird things happened there.

For ‘special’ people who stand out/are found in their generation – and if you have the capacity/or are allowed to recognize it then you probably know if you’re one (or a clinger to one since they have many hangars-on including stupidly jealous followers) by your mid-20s/early 30s, for those not allowed it can take much longer if at all (sometimes necessary for someone to come into their life to snap them out of it) – look at the year you were born and see which standout films were released/most popular where you lived in that year as well as films that reference your birth or landmark years in your life. How close to those has your life been physically and/or symbolically? (Who made them and what else did they make?) Don’t try to identify with media to be/copy someone, but have you noticed if the storytellers and those they use (actors, singers, sports personalities, public figures) have identified you/those similar to you or are telling you/those similar to you something? It’s symbolic/representative language/art that does affect people’s lives very much from their likes/dislikes, fashion styles, personality to career and lover choices; advertising is expensive, invasive and pervasive. However for some people it can mean even more; a warning, an aid, a message, already knowing what’s going to/most likely to happen? I say films because they’re the easiest to access but some people have skills with other formats. Bear in mind that a message can be massive like a film or an event but it’s not meant for the masses (even though it effects) so like I said don’t go looking to identify with anything, to try and be ‘special’ or to hang on to anyone you think is. It’s just for those who already know/have a pretty good picture already. In the puzzle of life, the world and the game looking at films and entertainment media is not where to start, that’s outside looking in and running around ignorant.

Sometimes it takes someone else to tell you/confess something (hence why secrecy and silence are so important to these people, not the altruistic reasons they usually spout) e.g. (also the year the WWE switched to the Wonder Woman logo):
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial – I have been told “you’re not going home, you’re never going home.” I thought that strange because they were saying that in a cosmos perspective but I’ve never thought of myself as anything other than human. (Spielberg also wanted to make a film version of the very important British tv show ‘Chocky’ – 1984 – based on the 1968 book.)
Blade Runner
The Entity
Conan the Barbarian (and The Beastmaster)
Cat People
First Born
The Dark Crystal
The Secret of NIMH
The Flight of Dragons
The Last Unicorn

This is first of a trilogy I’ve yet to see: Koyaanisqatsi

and then the closing speech from: The Verdict

“So much of the time, we’re just lost. We say, ‘Please, God, tell us what is right. Tell us what is true.’ I mean there is no justice. The rich win. The poor are powerless. We become tired of hearing people lie. And after a time we become dead, a little dead. We think of ourselves as victims, and we become victims. We become, we become weak. We doubt ourselves. We doubt our beliefs. We doubt our institutions, and we doubt the law. But today, you are the law. You are the law, not some book, not the lawyers, not a marble statue, or the trappings of the court. See, those are just symbols of our desire to be just. They are, they are, in fact, a prayer, I mean a fervent and a frightened prayer. In my religion, they say, ‘Act as if you had faith. Faith will be given to you.’ If-if we are to have faith in justice, we need only to believe in ourselves and act with justice. See, I believe there is justice in our hearts.”

(Sometimes you’ll see something odd though, seemingly out of place, a reference here and there about anything that could be personally relevant but then you look at the rest of the characters, the storyline and setting and realize ‘ah’ – like me seeing a tree figure called Dolly though she was ‘bad’ because the main characters/filfthy rich/spoiled overlords and their entourages were ‘good’, the tree symbolism of Dolly is extremely exclusive, not many people would know it so no surprise it came from Asia rather the US for example.)

Old Maid’s Day

I like Old Maid’s Day; the word ‘spinster’ is always used as an insult in contrast to ‘bachelor’. Why?

Being obsessed with love itself and ‘having to have it’. Not for me. Though I have the opposite ‘issue’ of when I love someone I love them and easily for life unless they f* up too much. My love is conditional and valuable, so even people from my past who had unreciprocated crushes on me have even gone to great lengths to stay ‘connected’ let alone people I rejected or the few I was with. Others see me as a rite of passage, if they can get me to like them to different levels e.g. a smile, an invitation, walking together, going somewhere together as friends but that they can call a ‘date’, a hug, then they’ve ‘progressed’. One guy told me “it took me six months to get to you, now I can move on [promoted]”. Wham bam thank you ma’am mentality without the ‘physical’ sex (thus far) though they’re beyond desperate for ‘virtual’/’non-physical’/’alternate physical’ sex.

Thankfully I’ve never had addictive or detrimental ‘bad’ habits or desires to ‘test’ things; no drugs, no smoking, very very rarely been partying, had a few sips of alcohol when I was younger and all the stuff is just noxious to me; it reminds me of household cleaning products, why would you want to consume those, to hurt your body? To those of us with sensitive smell, hearing, sight etc – it’s repulsive, there’s no desire for it at all no matter what life throws at you. I don’t dispute the health benefits of some things like wine for example, it just has no appeal to me. The same goes for sex, I’m not interested – and that’s not for a lack of people interested in me.

Sidenote – I use the word ‘kids’ a lot instead of ‘children’, always have; kids are infant goats. Remember what was sacrificed for the human children at passover, whose blood was used and in what shape on the doors and what food is used to commemorate it; then who was sacrificed for the human children later on that same shape and whose body/blood is still consumed in rite, and who are called sheep (publicly but symbolically ‘vermin’ species like rats, mice, hamsters.) The ‘innocent’ or in specific saviour cases the ‘pure’ (innocent and pure aren’t the same, some people no matter how abused are always/still pure and hence attractive, which isn’t helpful to them mostly) is hurt for the ‘new/later’ children. Remember that the ancient Egyptians represented old races (like the Hindus today do), the eldest borns of the Isrealites were threatened so they sacrificed those more innocent like a compromise, so their ‘Lord’ would recognize them/their allegiance/homage. It was a changeover from the old multi-character acknowledged pantheons and the higher races/workers above humans, to a streamlined but still 3 = 1 version. (The triangle/triple also being the one/whole ethos told in three monotheistic religions – that is the symbolic importance of the triad/triangle/mountain/pyramid/tetrahedron and hence why Pachamama for example was symbolically changed from being the mountain into being the Christian/Catholic lesser/used/easily influenced young teen Mary within the mountain/containment overlooked by more important/dominating White male characters. That is the symbolic not the physical basis of the mountain which is where the power is hence most abused and up until recently not really taught/explained by the very ‘select’/greedy few who knew it. If you know from the ‘I’m not a mason but I’m rich/successful’ info crowds out there then think about why they’re spreading it now – if you’re able to use it you’ll be obvious and unless you join the club you’re likely fodder for siphoning.)

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