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Today June 20th (though it might not say that in the title of this post yet) is the Summer Solstice. Recently Mum, Kitty and I visited some Redwoods, they’re not that old but they certainly grow quickly. You can’t really see it from the photos but the way to the giant ones is on a slight incline/slope so you walk onwards and upwards to them. I like places like that, you feel so much calmer there without all the noise and electromagnetic radiation (additional to the background radiation people are naturally ok with), it’s like a weight’s been lifted automatically. It’s interesting; the place had been empty of people for quite a while but each time I sat down next to them and tried to meditate groups suddenly came and as usual people taking photos with us in them (when a place is quite deserted do you still take photos including the tourists when its easy to avoid them, why would you want them in your photos?) But even more interestingly no one, including Kitty (which was very weird), passed them into the wilderness behind. Mum and I obviously went and I went the furthest, it was great, something about it makes you feel like you can just keep going on and on (without feeling lost or getting tired), like you could just disappear. Another thing I like about places like that is that you can really hear, you might not be able to see very well but you can hear and there are many many voices; animal voices, sounds and whispers on the wind. You can also hear you own conscience clearer.

The giant trees were funny; let’s just say that I figure a long life isn’t worth living unless you have a sense of humour and they, well, they seemed to share that spirit. No meditation necessary.

Behind them were some shelters so I’m surprised none of the visitors went to look, but the way some things were organized at the base of one of the giants just in front of them made me wonder if something was done there.

As we were leaving something special happened and escorted us until we were back onto the main path when it stopped and I felt very drained afterwards for some hours but not enough to bypass my share of the carrying/heaving. I always have enough energy left for that no matter what šŸ˜‰ we still had a long way to go but we got there, as always.

Trees, Redwoods, Nature


Trees, Pine Cones, Pine Nuts, Nature

Pine cones are amazing, they hold and protect their contents so well and there’s so much inside… Until they hit the ground.


Some other friends


They decided to walk along with us

Redwoods, Trees, Communing with Nature, Pathway

The walkway

Redwoods, Trees, Communing with Nature, Path

Redwoods, Trees, Communing with Nature

Redwoods, Trees, Communing with Nature, Best Friends


Redwoods, Trees, Communing with Nature

Kitty is a tree hugger but decided these were just too wide. She decided it was easier and more intelligent to relax with the Mother tree.

Redwoods, Trees, Communing with Nature

One of the shelters

Redwoods, Trees, Communing with Nature

Back door for the cat

Redwoods, Trees, Communing with Nature

Redwoods, Trees, Communing with Nature

Redwoods, Trees, Communing with Nature

I’m Robin and Mum is Sweetums XD


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