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Today it was very difficult to pick just who were the most cowardly of the cowardly and lowest of the low; everyone was really going for the title but the Fords and the Volkswagons seemed to be winning. (Ever since I mentioned the Peugeot’s they’ve been reduced and were replaced for a while with Vauxhall’s, an ‘upgraded’ winged version of the lion aka a griffin like these ‘people’ really mean something 🙄 and the Fords started taking their places, then the VW’s – ironically a Jewish fave and Wonder Woman wannabe association – clamoured in.) The Asian brands are being more discreet but there all the same. The b*tch in the Ford Focus who always rushes to drive out when we leave sprinted to her car and sped to get ahead of us at the entrance/exit but since it was wet and massive puddles and flooding happens easily here I was in the middle of the roadway but of course she couldn’t wait, desperate as she was/is. The Fords here are mostly driven by women interestingly enough. Then the prats that drive past us on the road, or drive past us, turn around and pass us again [and sometimes again] gave way to a new method – driving upto us in front and then abruptly turning around and driving away. Oh and btw just because I described a warrior earlier doesn’t make you one because you have it written on the side of your car and wait outside the bank we visit just as we go in and rush off as soon as we leave, double parked alongside a no parking marked off section on a busy road too, waiting. Tools are soldiers, not warriors. The consistent b*stards have to take the trophy for most pathetic and lame though i.e. the site staff where we live. From the ex-navy window cleaner (apparently being in the armed forces makes you a better cleaner, or sh*t spreader is perhaps more like it) who moved on to site as a resident after he started passing us on the road every time, no matter what time of day/evening we come or go, even if we’re late, amazing how he can keep his appointments/business in town – to the engineers who in the Merc-Benz mid weight 3.5tonne commercial plain White van who today were parked near a White Mercedes car at the entrance as we left and as we returned they (as usual) hurtled past us back to site to get there before us & the Merc car left site at the same time (so they passed us from both directions) with the driver smirking ear to ear at us through the windscreen. They should realize that their little exoskeleton stupidity doesn’t actually mean anything in reality but their own stupidity, there’s nothing valid to it just people being dipsh*ts. They think vehicles are like their own little world and live in their little bubbles; until they’re ripped out like aborted fetuses. Oh this town with its masons, mason dogs and wannabes, though it’s interesting to see which organizations/institutions work together or against each other. The caravan site we live on for example has a bunch of permanent residents and when we went to sign up for council tax the council only had a single address for residential council tax here that they kept as a template; just one former caravan resident(s) had paid yet there were/are so many; the site owner isn’t popular there… Tell me about it, post that is sent from down the road doesn’t make it sometimes, or takes conveniently until after the deadline to show up, sometimes sellotaped or other mail opened with a ‘sorry, opened in error’ on it when our names are blatantly on there. Resorting to couriers who should deliver to the specific address hasn’t worked either, always an issue (which a lot of people can probably relate to) but if your name is written in a bigger font than the rest and there’s stickers on there saying don’t leave at reception, follow the directions given plus contact info why does reception still sign for it yet direct or even escort couriers to other people’s caravans to make sure they’re delivered and signed for properly? Or why is it a bunch of the front door screws to our caravan were removed after we moved in making it noisy and really stiff – easy to hear when we come & go – unlike anyone else’s and when it became too stiff to even close so they had to crowbar it back into place, they replaced the screws? Doors, entrances, portals are important to these ‘people’, amongst other things like roads and vehicles – being in control of theirs/your journey/life.

I haven’t given my blog address to anybody here, to barely anyone actually over the years but it’s amazing how people here and in other places will react after each post.

P.S – there’s no such thing as White Knights, they’re just pissants and pricks on bicycles pretending to be something on shining steeds. So if you’re holding out for a [rapist] hero (which is what most of the classics are), don’t bother. I say that because the photos of the horses in my last post upset some ‘people’ (and us being there at all without their knowing upset others).

So today is the Summer Solstice and Full Moon, so some idiots or shall I say lunar-tics tried to put down She-Ra and Goddess culture to/at me like they know anything but gang stalking.

Remember two posts ago I mentioned and sun and moon ritual? Well it might surprise some to know that I wasn’t the moon, never have been – the moon is in modern terms associated with the ‘feminine’ (not what it was originally), darkness and reflected light – a mirror, paler comparison to the sun. The lesser. The sun/sol is also feminine, all the celestial bodies are including the Earth. The Sun, the fire, the passion, has become known as the ‘son’ but the son is really the Daughter, the Princess.

So when [Prince] William was born on the Summer Solstice and I on the Winter Solstice of the same year (the anniversary of his birthday is tomorrow but that’s not the point) – we became each other’s counters (yes all children of any positive/negative system can be used as counters but we’re talking old families, power, dynasty, wealth, knowledge and secrecy.) Ha the sun didn’t even want to shine for you today did it Willie, Will, Will-I-Am, Bill, Billy (and no not a billy goat, goats are too good for you). Remember when you lost all your colour to my metallics? You can’t even pretend to be the fake prince of the sun can you, it peeked through at moments but I was totally:

Good for nothing with your clownish, frozen-smile, bobble-head wife. The only nice thing about you was your mother from which you failed to inherit her stubbornness, resilience, pain tolerance and daring; that poor sacrificial lady. She was Diana, the Graeco-Romanized version of the Daughter but because of parasites, scavengers and sell-outs like you, older versions and originals are having to wake up and stay awake. We like our rest (not sleeping/dreaming) you know, just being around us is too much for most people to cope with unless they can drain us. We like to think, to contemplate, to make things and generally do our own thing but we’ve had to focus on the goings on here and damn what a focus that has been. F*cked up big time haven’t ya, over and over. Hassle, drama, fuss and foolish speed aren’t our style, but when we start something we finish it. Don’t worry just because you were and are too weak to stand up for her properly doesn’t mean she won’t be remembered properly, no one will be forgotten or lost in vain just because the likes of you.

The king is the most useless member on the board, hit home? Just like the Yin and Yang rituals you got everything whilst the ‘negative’ one got all the hell. Do you feel the power shifting? Of course you do. We all do.

Ah all this symbolic trash talking; hey I’m actually a really nice person, I’m just a tiny, teensy bit obnoxious to pathologically obnoxious people who can’t take a tad of what they dish out, it’s just a bit of fun 😛 , why should they have all the enjoyment.

Down to Business

The story goes Mattel (an interesting name) decided to make animations to sell their toys, using a lot of audio and sometimes visual material from Filmation’s other cartoons. ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ (wow, just wow at the audacity) was released in 1983 and did very well. What people don’t realize or really appreciate is that Adam (like the Muslim name ‘Aman’) was an Adam, not a superman (and even Superman is based on the real Kal and Lal ultimate pre-Vedic Hindu goddesses). He was a lazy, vain, airhead totally unfit and unsuitable for ‘princely’ duties (and it’s being generous to call that a facade to hide being He-Man, at least Adora had the courage of her convictions and gave it her all in both forms).

So enter the Princess, the real deal.

The truly epic superhero unlike her supposed brother who couldn’t even claim to be epic in any way, not even tragic i.e. a tragic suffering, love, strength etc, he’s just a sad wannabe. She’s strong, agile, kind, a healer, telepathic, talks to animals, beautiful and clever. Princess of the Sun in name and substance. Sol is a twin, so Adam and Adora are made to look like twins but note they are separated after birth; the designers added a real story (the Daughter) onto a fake story (the son). Unlike Wonder Woman, Adora doesn’t have Darkstar in this story but she is taken into another world/’dimension’; from Eternia (immortality) into Etheria (the ether/manifestation/matter/mortality). Her character is forced to make up for this by being a Dark Princess; something she is well on the road to being after being raised by a [another] fake family who groomed and trained her.

Let’s break this down really simply:

Adam = in modern religions a remade human after earlier versions. A man, a human. Earlier on however, along with ‘son’ and ‘God’, ‘man’ was a feminine term.
He-Man = extra masculine, no name, just masculine, but not really since it’s based on the original feminine; a root culture concept and sexuality pretty much alien to modern humans and other animals. He-Man should read He-Woman or She-Male. You could say the original androgyn (though the meanings of androgyn and hermaphrodite have changed) i.e. the sexless creation of the asexual original feminine. (Which reminds me, a Yew tree thought to be the oldest in the UK is going through a sex change, going back to the original.)

Adora = the ‘Dor’ name again e.g. Dorothea, Dorothy, Dora, Pandora, Dolores, Dolya, Doli, Dolly. The door, the gate protector, the original and perfect creation of god/(s), the link between Mother and Creation, the preserver, the light that creation is able to just about perceive, the communicator/negotiator. Knowledge and hope.
She-Ra = She of the Sun, the Sun, the fire, the radiance, the violent yet loving. Remember Ra is not wholly the Egyptian God (who is still aptly a Sun God) but part of the soul. Just like Ka is part of the soul and Kar/Kaur is also Princess.

Dark Princess to the Light Prince

Adora spent her life in training (combat, intelligence etc) but the kidnappers couldn’t actually trust in their constant brainwashing, technology and magic to let her into the field just in case she saw through their lies.

It is this point in the story that stops Adam from being useless and gives him purpose. Up until then his lack of skills in anything but the necessary combat training and prancing around in Pink and Purple* was wearing thin. Despite his popularity they had to make him less apathetic and less pathetic in general to force the real story but twisted/morphed into the storyline to get the Daughter’s (and hence the Mother and Dark Mother’s) association and supposedly approval.

To ‘redeem’ and prove himself he is sent to find his long lost sister, the past he didn’t know he had / *ahem* was based on. He must give her herself as well, must let her know who she is, what she is, where she came from. He must free her.

Poignantly up until then the ‘parents’ chose to hide knowledge of Adora’s existence completely because it was too ‘painful’ (revisionist is more like it, what you just pretend she doesn’t exist because you lost her to the other side and then act all concerned and want to bring her back when convenient) but it takes the Sorceress/a bird woman whose home is a network of portals in the shape of a skull representing the mind and its many doors (people are compartmentalized) to make it happen; there are places in space like that too, like catacombs. Bones play a big part in the He-Man/She-Ra series, usually uncovered as an exoskeleton for both sentient characters and framework structures for architecture/ships. The usage is slightly different for each character but it shows that the same things/tools/bodies can be used by both or all sides.

He goes to the other side to find ‘The One’, indeed his destiny, his truth; The Princess of Power, the Strongest Woman in the Universe, a woman who can move mountains and pull the moon. A woman who is the sun.

*The light, carefree, fluffy, pampered pooch of a prince undergoes massive transformation ‘by the power’ of Gra[e]y Skull turning into physically strong, dark skinned He-Man and his cat turns into a tiger proper. They also upgrade from Pink and Purple to Red and Green. His ‘normal’ self is Pink and Purple (males or females can wear any colour, the widely spread colour fanaticism of some people like idiots and their cars/clothes after seeing what we’re wearing that day doesn’t have to be perpetuated, just wear what makes you feel happy and well) because he’s not a divine blood, he’s a weird mix of dilution and hybrid from the Divine Celestial Red and Earth Blue/Green. He’s a human inserted into a divine role, badly. Even his fraidy scaredy cat ‘Cringer’ resembles the cowardly lion in The ‘Wizard of Oz’ (another Daughter story where she’s surrounded, apparently befriended by faux characters leading her up/down the path from Gold purity to Green debt-notes and the focus is on the ‘shoes’ like with Cinderella the ash/fire Princess). Adora/She-Ra is adorned in Red, White and Gold; divine, innocent and pure.

He finds her of course and it turns out she actually has to save him. She’s surrounded by enemies on all sides playing all sides; family, friends, frenemies, enemies… And she has to rescue him. This big man walks into her life, the epitome of a himbo brute, but she loves him and as her keepers feared she saw through the illusions as soon as she set foot outside. The Sorceress is mirrored in her life in Shadow Weaver pretending to be a Mother figure.

The Adora/She-Ra transformation is done ‘by the honour’ of Gra[e]y Skull, in modern terms that is demeaning and understandably so but this is an old character where honour is not false pride and machismo, it is grace/blessing. The Daughter is powerful in her own right. Unlike Adam who needs to change by the power of something else Adora is being awoken (and later in the series we see that she can change herself and even regenerate, and that her ancestors are fire beings). Her transformation is full of fireworks twirling Kundalini style and sparks from the highest chakra, even her hair gets longer and fuller. She has multiple powers and weapons and her weapons change too, they are living weapons. Even on the basic level the ‘twin’ swords He-Man and She-Ra have are different; his the ‘Sword of Power’ which he has to aim at others to use even for ‘good’, hers the ‘Sword of Protection’ which has an eye/jewel (with its own power) is unique because she is the jewel in the crown, the apple in the eye [of a greater Creator than their ‘parents’]. She even has a rare breed horse called ‘Spirit’ who is also a unicorn ‘Swift Wind’ – the chooser and mount of divinity – usually wild and free, subject to no one (reminds me of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and Starlite from Rainbow Brite). But that’s not all – she has a unicorn but she herself also has the winged headdress – in its fallen human form its mostly associated with predator birds but it’s a fireball/firebird – so she herself is also a flying/traveller warrior, the chosen and the chooser (both have to be very much earned), the Daughter and the mount of the Goddess/Divine Mother. Plus(!) she has Light Hope (of which she is the ‘Defender’, a place guarded by two crystal horses representing the Sun and Moon, light and dark – like Mum wanted Pegasus in Black and White before she even learned the Pegasus story) aka she has exclusive access to crystalline energy, Christos energy, she is the Divine Daughter later known as the Divine Child, Krist/Christ.

Goddess does it get any better?

Yes it does.

She doesn’t go from one fake ‘home’ to another; she goes to a special forest and becomes leader of the Great Rebellion.

And look at the titles for the first five episodes that were amalgamated into a ‘film’ intro for her series titled ‘The Secret of the Sword’:
1) Into Etheria
2) Beast Island
3) She-Ra Unchained
4) Reunions
5) Battle For Bright Moon

She is the fallen who rises again like the phoenix from her ashes, and as we all know the root cultures of this planet fell/were overcame/conquered and patriarchy ensued; she is that which fell from immortality into mortality, among the beasts, she the divine chooser was unchained (like I was given the unchained unicorn), saw through the lies and then sets out to fight for the moon; the sun fights for the moon, the old for the new, the old against the new, the old against the old and new for the old and for the new, for everybody, because She-Ra cries for those she loves as well as for her enemies, she knows the meaning of love and of pain.

Did you wonder why the latest installments of Wonder Woman changed things quite a bit; in the 2009 animation movie her and her Mother are Brown with non-Caucasian features and in the Superman vs Batman movie she’s dressed, armed and even her theme music is more like Xena? But she’s still the Graeco-Romanized version; an older version is necessary, I’ve always preferred Adora/She-Ra.

The long lasting, ever changing/inclusive platform battles and wars of the ‘gods’ and followers on Earth are not decided by believing in good or evil, that good is destined to win over evil especially since most people consider themselves ‘good’ and ‘decent’ just by being whatever they consider ‘normal’, it is about strength. Good and evil like beauty are in the eye of the beholder, they all exist but are dependent on factors such as whether it’s happening to someone/thing else or your ‘own’. Look at those representing you living it up and smug. Did you get what you deserve, do you want something better? You have to fight for it baby, we’re not here to babysit. Like Adam/He-Man the human (partial demi-being) had to fight for the Goddess for her to get back her lineage, for the heritage, for the true self, he couldn’t help himself unless he helped her.

Many of us have fallen, and in another strain a few of us have fallen many times. No more.

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