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I just found a coat Mum has been going on an on about for months that I’d packed away before Winter last year because it’s too thin and not waterproof enough for Winter and if she wore it in anything more than a light drizzle/shower the already loose/crumbling lining would come off all in one go and potentially ruin the clothes worn underneath. I wanted to use it for something else or dispose of it, she didn’t so I put it away… But then I couldn’t find it and I haven’t heard the end of it since because it’s one of those exceptionally rare things we assumed I’d acted counter to her instructions/permission for (we assumed I’d thrown it away after I couldn’t find it) instead of the usual doing everything she wants exactly and then her changing her mind or deciding she didn’t actually want it that way (the majority of ‘people’ in our lives are idiots that think getting or pretending to have an association, or one of our approval means having the other’s but we don’t have to get along or agree; the rest think they can separate us/get us to argue as if they understand the bond between the unstoppable force – Mother – and the immovable object – Dark Mother, no sword gets through this stone, the last time they clashed I got the bruise and I wasn’t even there). I’ve developed quite the thick skin and sense of humour to put up with every second that we spend together. Ironically, on the anniversary of my bday last year she came across a Ronnie Corbett show called ‘Sorry!’ (1981-88) which I found absolutely hilarious and she found a little uncomfortable. Sarcasm and retorts are the only defense he has against his mother but seriously I’m not a pathetic, incapable, weakling lacking in social skills like he is and my Mother is in no way sabotaging though she is overbearing, domineering, draining and controlling to me – to an extent.

Anyway, Mother rant over – I just found the coat packed with the Winter clothing in my personal clothing bags rather than the shared outerwear bags left out in one of the other rooms, and guess what was in it?


I didn’t choose this coat, I bought it as part of a sight unseen second hand clearance clothing lot in our sizes years ago. I wouldn’t buy the majority of mainstream sports brands with their crappy labour and other practices.

Just like the fleur-de-lis we found on the ‘front’ room carpet on 5th Feb 2015 for which I quietly and politely took a lot of public, shouted and ultimatum laden sh*t from the site owner about as if I were their subject or child when I reported it, and I then I shut their mouth down just as politely by reminding them of their place. I didn’t need to be polite but something needing replacing at the same time, which they replaced with something equally broken.


You can’t see it in the pics but they are iridescent so they turn Pink, Green, Blue and Purple in the light/when you move them. They’re supposed to be iridescent because that comes from the etymology of Iris and the Goddess’ iridescence and rainbow self.

I really can’t be bothered to unpack the rest of the stuff; although when we return to find things slightly moved, removed or added it’s usually not more than 1 or 2 things at a time and I truly hope that some have hurt themselves on things I’ve accidentally left in places at times.

And another thing – I don’t like the way the residents, guests and ‘others’ here use our ‘lot’ as a dumping ground and have the audacity to use the word ‘garbage’ about us; rummaging through, filling, taking the contents and even taking the bins has been past practice for ‘neighbours’ at other places.

The fleur-de-lis is a lily and/or iris. They’re linked to the eye; to the Greeks Iris was the link between the gods and humanity, the messenger between Heaven and Earth i.e. the Rainbow Goddess. (Interestingly someone with unique gemstone ability recently gave me a rainbow jasper.) It’s linked to Wadjet and the all seeing eye, the eye of Ra and the eye of Horus; the eye being common enough symbolism but Wadjet was an all encompassing protector patron Goddess, of Lower and then unified Egypt and for 16 years I was connected with ‘The Prince of the South’ (who lives in the US, is Caucasian and has soiled himself with Roman imitation/morphing/twisting but is linked to ancient Egypt and has a tattoo of the ‘original sin’ knowledge/hope/help tree/snake goddess) and whilst he loved me chose a ‘beta’/beth in line with the current planetary ruling class (one of which asked me to be her oracle, plenty of people she could ask that of but wanted the ‘enemy’/elder); the lying, cheating, two-faced, backstabbing sea-serpent even though he’s interested in the omega, but gave up on what is the alpha and the omega. Anyway, Goddess and Eye (and later Caduceus) symbolism comes from the ancient Daughter, the communicator/connection between the Mother Goddess so radiant/bright and powerful that being anywhere near her presence would be too much for fragile creation, so the lesser but still divine light Daughter is there instead. It goes with my name: Dolly as explained in other posts, to the Greeks meant ‘Gift/Vision of God(s)’ but also means the tree of life and tree of knowledge, door, gate protector, horse etc. Iris was a swift traveler between worlds and especially linked with the sea and sky, both worlds in themselves and as shown in ‘The Last Unicorn’ (1982) her kind are trapped in the sea and the adopted Prince’s name Lír means ‘sea’ whilst her human name is Amalthea ‘tender goddess/mountain goat’ supposed foster Mother figure of Zeus (he/they wish, but basically means she is older than the Greek and Roman empires) (also moon of Jupiter, Jupiter being the ‘protector’ i.e. a beatdown taker and why Venus was changed to Jupiter in ‘Jupiter Ascending’ (2015) because some ‘people’ hope that the Dark Star and Nibiru system can be prevented/won’t do damage/won’t get a bad impression of what’s been going on in Sol’s closer area) which goes very well with Capricorn being of sky (mountain) and sea, also a horned one (as old Goddesses should be or have something that has a horn(s)). The ancient Greeks also laid on or planted Purple Irises by women’s graves to ask the ‘Goddess’ to help them on their way/death journey. In Asian symbolism they are the lotus and when talking about Lalita and Kali the Mother and Dark Mother are the tulips, which is why two old blankets: Green blanket with tulips/lilies on it and a Red one with the tiger on it were left by someone before we moved into another place ages ago, along with the usual soiled mattresses. Followed by tiger symbolism following us around and people calling me Tiger Lily. Green and Red were extremely important in ancient Egypt in terms of crown, dominion and power and continued to be so but differently to the continuing gnostics and freemasons (as have the triple goddess the flowers are associated with which became Faith, Hope and Charity based on Wisdom, Faith, Hope, Friendship/Cherishing and Valor). They were very important in ancient India too in terms of types of knowledge, universal and individual, and the maturity you must have to access either, I have access to both and have since childhood; ‘the’ library and all libraries of past, present and symbolic are open to me though ‘people’ love to get in the way, and physically the librarians in this ridiculous little town we live in have recently shown cowardly tendencies.

Customs for such flowers have been incorporated into other and later cultures, all goddess based even if not obvious such as in Judaism and Christianity, in the latter for example they were used in ‘sorrow gardens’ (unrelated but interesting in their altruistic sounding yet hypocritical and sly use were ‘sorrow lodges’).

Also – just because I don’t like being followed, bothered, orchestrated, coerced and all the rest of it; the aforementioned are just some of my titles, I’m not giving them up or sharing. Mum and I don’t hide and don’t appreciate your hiding and thinking you can boss us around either; you’re within the ‘food chain’/pyramid/mountain (and quite frankly many of you act like bottom feeders) and we’re not in it at all. Even if you skulk around to leave marks of respect it’s not exactly respectful when you act like those who don’t and we can’t even tell the difference between you whilst the obvious ‘elites’ on this crying, bleeding planet live in the lap of luxury pulling puppet strings having their way with everybody. Remember that.

EDIT – Just after I posted this someone took it upon themselves to bang on a metal lid out in front of us gong style, the site owner has rang a bell a few times upon our return too; see that’s what I mean much of time you can’t tell between the friends, foes and frenemies. They act the same, it might sound nice that they signal your arrival, journey, departure, return etc but all it really means is that they think they have the right know everything about you and all the time, like ownership.

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