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This was the pilot for the Buffy The Vampire [and everything else except ‘poor hu-mans’ 🙄 ] Slayer series:

‘Illuminati’ garbage, bursting with references. I’m glad they re-did it; changed the dialogue (particularly the dialogue), visuals, clothing, backgrounds, settings, they kept some and added others which is fine and generally ones I don’t mind (the cross is beyond merely linking it to Christianity and acting like that religion would scare away those it also loves and who also flock to it as a safe harbour; Buffy is the Daughter/Christ figure, the Cross is a Goddess symbol like how she gets a triple weapon Red/Silver scythe ‘For Her’ later on but can also wield the weapons of the ‘gods’. Symbolism in itself is not a bad thing like the Golden Cow (which became a bull) and whilst the club is called the Bronze (they couldn’t do anything higher for this) she still has to be there at that/this age so it’s still metallic. I preferred the pilot’s display of her ability to go from level to level though which usually scares people and causes them to say stupid things like “she’s giving birth” whilst thinking she’s going to die (personal ref there, not in the show) or vice versa especially since they can’t. This girl now lady (and they changed the reference from ‘women’ to ‘girls’ in the revamped version which makes sense since they’re younger and 15-16 is an important Goddess-in-different-form/body related age) knows how to jump/leap/cross without injury thanks, it comes naturally, although you could stop adding and reinforcing barriers making the sky lower and lower, you’ve put a major damper on the flying and sent it all out of whack, just because you can’t make it above the clouds. In terms of cosmetic superficial changes the theme music and even faster ‘instantaneous’ disintegration = better sfx.

The origins of how and why this version of the story got on air and what they were trying to achieve is interesting anyway (and Luke Perry/Pike was later picked up for ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and got the [Tori to Aaron] Spelling connection – thanks to the person who pointed out Elly May and Jethro to me in ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ regarding my Call of the Wild post, take a look at Elle from anime ‘Shadow Skill’ and the episode 2 unicorn scene). Although I find it strange how they reverted the pilot back to this crap and then changed it back to the path they were on/had aimed for with the film.

I don’t like that they re-cast Willow; did all the cast need to be rake thin and so many have a similar type of mouth? This one seemed less scatty as well but hey it was only one episode.

Obviously the omission of some key points from the original to the series are still missing; one of which being it’s the same Slayer reborn over and over, not a different one each time but the end of this like most shows that are allowed to air are twisted and they wanted to make it more inclusive. (Even though the girl who couldn’t even choose a proper weapon for the environment nor how to use it so shouldn’t pick one up in the first place thought she was such a badass whilst throwing herself at Willow and Willow going along with it in the final arc really annoyed me.)

Also of course – for ‘safe’ tv viewing vampires are made out to be ‘the demon within’ as if when they change they have no control over themselves and their urges, as if they’re not bad if they get ‘back their soul’ because being human is somehow innocent. That they’re evil because they’re more efficient predators higher up in the food chain and need to eat to stay ‘alive’ like every other hybrid on this planet. Vampires/vampire like creatures and humans are attracted because they’re similar, they’re linked, each other’s slow poison, fascinated yet anxious of each other, it’s the difference between domesticated dogs and wolves (which haters of humanity and ‘people’ who are part of the/a branch of the ‘club’ love to be) and domesticated cats to big cats. Humans and dogs are each other’s be[a]sties, bffs; cats are slightly different and make better alarms hence their link to ‘witches’/wise women/protectors (who aren’t necessarily nice – or good – but have got what it takes). (Did you chip your dog this year *sigh* – notice the surge in attacks beforehand?)

I’ve always hated the ‘organisation’, the ‘company’, the ‘watchers’ who hoard (the Evil Horde, Horde Prime, Horde Troopers, Hordak) and meter out information on someone who isn’t them and reality as and when is convenient to them. Built themselves up around her and her legacy like they’re essential and important and then have the audacity to act like they own her.

P.S – I never liked ‘Angel’is and Spike is too ‘get a girl while she’s down’ (and promiscuous and too touchy feely/wannabe rapist), as for soldier boy RobotRiley of the ‘Mother’ of Adam 🙄 – they’re all like one guy, and he’s no Sea Hawk (sea and sky – and remember Dorothy is a ‘Gale’ transported by whirlwind – one ‘world’/limited parameters are not enough for some us you ‘other’ ‘border control’ “are you ___, [please] sign this” f*ckers). Plus those love interests are a morph of some of the vampires in the Anne Rice books (for which she felt the original ‘Interview with [a] the vampire’ was dictated to her and in which both pedo-Marius/pedo-Angel have unique hence persecuted-cum-religious-victim-creations Andrei renamed/owned Amadeo, and Druscilla. When Amadeo renamed himself to Armand (disguising truth in theatre), both he and Marius love Pandora – though Marius has a really sh*tty, cowardly, hypocritical way of showing it and he prefers her docile; so insulting that when Rice wrote ‘Blood and Gold’ she changed his greeting at formerly being rescued from resentful to grateful. LeStat/Spike thinks of Pandora/Buffy as ‘damaged’/different/wrong yet is still interested.)  The ‘Watchers’ Council of Britain’ is the ‘Talamasca’ which coming back over the water implies Tavistock.

Remember Pandora didn’t go along with or like the ‘Queen’ (& consort) just as Buffy refuses the ‘Council’.

My back hurts but I manage, as does Mum, and we’re not alone. There’s distance to protect the supposed-to-be-protected but there’s been too much distance. We’re not cold even though we may feel it inside. We hurt, we cry, we fight, we cry some more, we cry, fight and ache at the same time. But it’s gotta be done.

I’m beyond tired, I’m beyond scared, I’m standing on the mouth of Hell and it is gonna swallow me whole. And it’ll choke on me.

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