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The last time I went to France was in 2009, as with any trip I fit in as much as possible, no languishing or laying about. I’m one of those people who need a holiday for their holiday! I know there are many people like that 🙂

2009 euro vacation (426)

2009 euro vacation (427)

I’d like to relax and just chill but when there’s lots to do and see, I have to explore.

I went at the time of the Tamil people’s sit in against the war in Sri Lanka and seeing them all gathered there together for a purpose (and they were very quiet, peaceful and easily ignored *sigh*) pulled at me.

Then someone unrelated, elsewhere reached out to me “I knew you’d come”, with his lionesque (and Reddish Blonde) mane and strong physique. He’d found me between a library and vegan friendly restaurant, because I’m just so hard to find 🙄 When you don’t know where I am, getting panicky, frustrated and stressed, your best bet is a library right? Plus I walk most places so it’s not like you can’t get there.

It’s no joke that some people know where you are or where you’ll be in life before you do or before you tell anyone, whether they orchestrate it or not. It seems someone I’d known as a child had moved there (French family anyway) and was still interested.

I didn’t see them again after that but when we moved here I thought of them since it’s close, and they’ve thought of me but I’m stubborn; as far as I’m concerned airport style security (which has been rolled out in many places) is mass harassment and even sexual harassment (on top of theft of luggage items). I refuse to go anywhere that uses the full body scanners and makes a big show out of someone who ‘chooses’ an alternate invasive search, let alone where they’re mandatory. Yeah don’t give me the ‘security; if you’ve got nothing to hide, it’s for our own safety’ spiel and I won’t go into civil liberties, that argument isn’t even what I’m talking about though it’s a lower political game level of it. Put it this way, do you remember how US TSA initially recruited people for the original staff and you let them touch you and your children? Pfft. Obviously that means I haven’t been out of the UK in a long time and to be honest after the trash I got the last time “you’re not English are you, do you speak English, are you sure you understand me?” whilst bending my passport and trying to look in the binding. Excuse me? Seriously being a bimbo would have been a lot easier than a polite, obliging, intelligent person when travelling on most ocassions. Add that to all the Brown people fear and it’s not worth it.

So anyway, I haven’t been there since and have no intention to but they did get through to me (and the Fleur-de-lis planted here whilst we were out most obviously symbolically says France and royalty) but from the little I saw they were very… Theatrical. Not exactly the Théâtre des Vampires but the usual pomp and ceremony of having exclusive membership yet spreading themselves around intimately for casual fun and that’s not me. If you think you’re special and go to the trouble of seeking out other people you consider special yet spend your ‘free’ time with people you consider so inferior to you that you don’t care about one iota about them and yet while you’re thinking so little of them allow them so close to your person when they could have been anywhere with anyone carrying anything (and do you even care how they got there?)

There are a lot of people in the world who trust too easily, who give too willingly, freely, generously and Mum and I were like that – not intimately, but in terms of friendship and assistance, and our friendship is the kind that you can call on decades later and it’ll still be just like yesterday. Sadly there are plenty of people who think its ok to take advantage of ‘idiots’ and the ‘foolish’, now let’s just get this straight – I can’t stand foolishness but I don’t mind fools. There’s a difference; fools are free spirited, optimistic, they’ll take a chance, set off on their own or stay with you out of pure affection and faith. They’re not clowns. And whilst I’m a fool, I’m nobody’s fool but my own. Fools are clever, just because I don’t go along with stupidity and/or regimentation doesn’t mean I’m weak or incapable. I’ve been out of the game too long, gotten old, lost my edge, need to start over, be taught, replaced? I was never in it and I don’t need polishing up, I’m not a gem in the rough and quite frankly I prefer rough gems (not a fan of unethical mining practices especially for things like diamonds). It’s not that free spirits like me can’t be in ‘it’, can’t be the best, it’s just that we don’t want to be. You wanna say something about that? It also doesn’t mean I can’t like or even love you and when I love you, there’s only you, no one else shows up on radar in regard to their looks or baggage/possessions/titles/status/achievements etc. You’d be special not because of my background or yours but because you are loved for who you are not what you are. Hell though if you cross me, I’ll make you beg and ecstatically, desperately admit that you want to beg. I’m not even sadistic but you’ll enjoy and be impressed by your passionate desire for masochism. You thought you were scary. Thought we survived practically alone against everybody until The Destroyer got here, all those we trusted betrayed or put out of action, by being lethargic, complacent, ‘normal’? Actually we did it through sheer grit, perseverance, a horrible amount of pain tolerance, willpower and ‘doing the right thing’ whilst almost everyone else took the easier routes. Boring eh? We’re not you, you stripped us but we managed.

Towards everyday people we’re both polite, courteous and genuinely friendly until they give us reason to be otherwise, an attitude a lot of people have in general and does actually work for some who find and are surrounded by good friends and loved ones.

A little but extremely important Mother bravely came up to us recently as she had every right to, a mother duck actually and her ducklings. It wouldn’t matter had she been a leopard or a sheep, both would have been welcome and important. Most animal mothers are all about looking after their babies and young and will not take them near others let alone outside their species without trust. Many do not have dedicated husbands and/or fathers either, and hence the presence of loyalty, commitment, dedication and faithfullness is something I admire in the species of birds that mate for life and if one dies the other does not find another at least not easily or quickly and many die of ‘heartbreak’; this rare trait is found in some of the larger and generally more aggressive birds like some swans and parrots. It’s not always necessary or essential but I admire that they know the meaning of devotion (and that they tend to like me too; I can pass through swans, geese, parrots and other aggressive birds even whilst holding Kitty and they won’t bother us but they’ll attack other people lol XD .) This lovely lady brought her precious babies right to us when the rest of the group (including all the males and noticeably no other really young families) were being fed on the other side of the pond, and as soon as she presented them they didn’t even wait for a gift, just jumped straight to the water, one of the little ones even showing off a bit showing it could swim (at distance) under water. So very, very sweet.

Those who have eyes see, the same goes for the other senses and those who are innocent can come close in good faith. Don’t give me ‘I’m a master’ or ‘grandmaster’ this or that bullshit, I don’t give a damn. You want titles? Remember this:

He’s not directly saying ‘I am the sun, and the air’ he’s saying it indirectly hence it was ok to use it for the triplicate Charmed Ones (and their Mother, GrandMother and Kitty.)

I am the Son – i.e. the Daughter, the Sun, the Fire, the Princess of the Sun/Star.
I am the heir – exactly that. At the Mother’s discretion, but their heir is the Daughter.

Being the ancient cultural creator She is the air you breathe, before it’s putrified by pollution. And she’s kinda capricious *shrug* what can I say. You can’t judge her motives and think you know, she is mysterious by default whilst in your face. And btw – we don’t need/want the kinda ‘luv’ many of you are hustling.

I don’t have the time or energy for games but I’m still on top, no matter how close or open I am with you, I’m still no:2 after Her, or no:3 after Her and DontMessWithThatHer; and any motherf*ckers (because that’s what most of you are) who want to take my place, who want to test me, who want to get close to that which I protect will fail, badly.

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  1. […] Red and White stripes were mentioned to me following my French visit post about people who knew I’d be visiting back in 2009 and I didn’t know they’d know. […]

  2. […] Red and White stripes were mentioned to me following my French visit post about people who knew I’d be visiting back in 2009 and I didn’t know they’d know. […]

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