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Guan Yin Thousand Arms Dance

Actors from the Chinese Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe perform the “Thousand-Hand Guan Yin,” a dance act, during the opening ceremony of the Chinese culture festival, held at the Russian Army Theater in Moscow.

The opening ceremony of the Chinese culture festival that was recently launched in Moscow took place at the Russian Army Theater on July 4, 2016.

Bring On The Drums En Masse 😉

There’s been increasing hints/alliances/associations/mocking in response from different countries (& media outlets in them) in the past 12 months, this year even more. (Good article on the ‘Women of Steel’ too.) The mocking/entertainment belittling ‘game’ response mostly from UK/US sites, even masons/wannabe masons on a consumer product review site were posting their views/comments of their spying on other people’s posts elsewhere online and putting them within ‘related’ product reviews and community posts (still are to an extent). All wanting a piece of the action, and all mouth no backbone (both the men and women). Typical, very few exceptions in the UK. All these putrid, puny, pathetic, pack mentality pipsqueaks. Whiny, conceited, narcissistic, sh*ts. And to the cyber trolls on a site Mum frequently visits – I’m not the ‘Satanic Eye’ and all the other empty mess you put together from keywords from one of my posts (as UK/US snoops usually do, do you enjoy playing ‘follow the leader’ even when that which you are following doesn’t want you?)

Italy are (plural) finally coming out and getting their arse into gear as well, for the place of the worst betrayal all this time they’ve usually been nice personally to me (obvious lust in the eyes though, adept actors) but don’t think We’ll forgot the history. You’ve been quiet about not actually being against Us this time for too long.

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