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In no particular order:

1) Meat off a hook, hanging on tenterhooks – oops I mean ‘Garudan Thookam’:

Aka – insulting the root Goddess, as usual, and doing it through torture.


Garudan Thookkam (Eagle Hanging) is a ritual art form performed in Kali temples of south Kerala. The people who dress up as Garuda perform the dance. After the dance performance, the hang-designate dangle from a shaft hooking the skin on his back. In some places, the ritual is performed colorfully with Garudas taken in a procession on bullock carts or boats or hand pulled carts. It will be available in Devi temple during the festival of Meena bharani and Pathamudayam in Thiruvanchoor in Kottayam district. During the ritual, the performer — with face painted green, and body complete with attached wings and red beak — undertakes a special dance. Following this, he strategically inserts a metal hook into his back and swings from a connected rope, wings outstretched. The blood that the performer sheds is viewed as an offering to the goddess.

Legend has it that even after slaying Darika, Kali remained insatiable and thirsty. At this time Vishnu sent Garuda to Kali to quench the thirst. A dancing and bleeding Garuda was taken to Kali and only after getting some drops of blood from Garuda, Kali was pacified. The ritual is performed based on this belief.

There is a famous Garudan Thookam at the Elamkavu Devi temple at Vadayar in Vaikkom taluk of Kottayam district. During the Aswathi, Bharanthi days of Meenam Month (Malayalam), more than 40 to 50 numbers of Garudan in the Thooka chadus, decorated and floated in thoni vallams (big country-boats), travel behind the Attuvela – a wooden structure constructed in the form of a three storied building which is considered as the floating temple of the Goddess Kali in the Moovattupuzha river. This is one of the best sights, with illuminated Structures. After the night long performance with the help of scores of chenda experts, the Garudans – bleeding after the Choondakuthal (Piercing of the skin on their back with a sharp metal hook) will be hung on a tall pedestal-like structure and taken thrice around the temple by the devotees. This is seen at the Pazhaveedu temple at Alappuzha district. But here the performance is done on a chariot-like structure on the road.

Garudan Thookkam 2

How much cocaine you on boys?

How much cocaine you on boys?

Want a whipping with that?

Want a whipping with that?

Oh what fun. Howabout a maypole, make it sexual too and we can swing you round and round.

Oh what fun. Howabout a maypole, make it sexual too and we can swing you round and round.

Taking the piss is more like it, as Hinduism or new/Post-Vedic Hinduism did when it amalgamated and took over/usurped. The same goes human/animal sacrifice and beating women/children before the Goddess (the real Goddess thank you very much, none of the shitty little wannabes that came after, I’m looking at you traitor ‘snake’ bitches Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati) because men beating women and children in the name of Kali is really what the protector of the innocent (i.e. moreso human women & children and other animals in general) would condone. That’s just the same as people who rape them before the Goddess or any ‘goddess’ especially Mother Goddesses to say ‘hey look what I’m doing, what are you going to do about it? Hahaha.’

Now if it were the ‘real’ Garuda I would not be so against it and if it were ‘Vishnu’ hell yeah string the bastard up now! But wannabes and sacrifices/proxies? I know you’re cheap, but We’re priceless. I’m against sacrifice.

2) Throw your babies off a 50ft tower for good luck (Hindu and Muslim)

Yeah it’s been going on over half a millenium. In the spirit of animal mothers who throw their babes off everything from cliffs to ice bergs to see if they survive? Whilst I’ve never been keen on that design specification, the human version is not to show them the trials of life by throwing them off the ‘deep end’ (and hoping they don’t remember it) – it’s for something in return i.e. luck, prosperity/success etc all that material garbage. They catch them in a net, so that makes it ok…

I won’t post a picture, the men above quasi-not-really-too-stupid-to-know-better-but-will-do-anything-to-get-ahead chose to hang themselves in that unusual way. The kids didn’t.

3) Wasting [vegetarian] food even whilst poor.

Doing stupid things for material compensation/materialism is the norm (and also for lust based love rather than actual love) but there’s also living vicariously/basking in the glow/achievement or in this case pointless inherited status of others. In this case Brahmins (by default rather than say by meritocracy, there’s tons of ‘brahmin’ families who stick to the title, have done nothing to earn it, act like their ancestors achievements are theirs and are greedy, rich folk when priests are supposed to be poor or at least conscientious) and their leftovers. Now I might be a ‘poison taster’ (and multiple time survivor, I’m tough) for my Mum and finisher of the leftovers/everything that She makes but doesn’t want, doesn’t like, makes en masse but changes her mind and can’t be bothered with and I’ll have to finish it even if its about to go off (and put on weight because of the extra) but hey I’ve asserted my rights lately and she finishes her damned food now (now if only the cat would do the same) but I never used to roll around in it first…

Seriously, there’s a practice where people roll around on the leftovers of Brahmins (who technically are supposed to have what is offered to them, not the other way round) for good luck etc. Some people will do anything. The art of rolling is actually really good for you and significant but on food? Why not just bathe in the mud and get it over with, at least you’ll have massively clean skin afterwards. I can understand not sharing food or not wanting people too close or touching you – that’s an energy thing (and contamination thing) – but their food is so holy that you roll around in it?

Rolling in leftover Brahmin food

Some places are trying to alter this by making it untasted food, but people want what they want.

4) Females are inferior but we’ll make you even moreso by saying you’re not only unclean, you’re possessed too (or we’ll make sure you’re possessed first by a contract/ritual so that we can say that) and then we’ll degrade and desecrate you further but exorcising you via bestiality, if we like you a tiny bit maybe a tree marriage.

Girls, women, ladies, if you have any kind of deformity, anything unattractive, any kind of undesirable behaviour (damn that means me then on maximum impact) then you might have to marry an animal or a tree before having the honour of an arranged marriage to man you don’t know/like/want anyway. It’s like how the medical profession in Britain used to call behaving in any way males and evil enabler females decided was unladylike then you had a disease or physical (usually genital) problem to be treated or operated on.

Since when was marriage about love?


Man’s best friend.

Who comes up with this trash? Oh yeah, power hungry secret keepers. It’s ridiculous how people don’t stand up for each other though or for those who try to help them, preferring their victimizers.

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