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With the crazy ‘terror’-phobia the world is in (and mislabeling all kinds of acts as ‘terrorist’ whilst financial paths/choices that lead to these events go unlabelled, uninvestigated, unpunished e.g. selected rather than elected political candidates) it’s been easy for anybody and everybody to be suspected as a potential or actual terrorist, including animal activists. (And hey you can always everything on the Muslims and Russians right as an immediate response before having to quietly, if at all, admit it wasn’t the Russians at least and then blame everything on displacement migration/immigration. Hell blame poverty on slums/ghettos too as if they weren’t brought and left the way they were to fester and make perfect breeding grounds for unhappiness and discontent – people who can’t/don’t laugh, love, do yoga or something like that and hence look for an outlet. And then of course who can be bothered with the everyday heroes right i.e. the animal activists – who through caring for other animals are providing an example of how we should care for each other and ourselves.)

Anyway, the problem in the particular example below is that by saving predators it then means the breeding, torture and slaughter of countless other animals to feed them. It’s a vicious cycle, but what can they do? Can you just look at them and watch them suffer? What can we do?

I’m using this example however as a preventative one in line with my post about stupid customs – last time focusing on some Hindus, Muslims (and participants in general) in India. This time it’s China. Bear in mind this is not casting a shadow on customs (some of which may be pointless) that bring joy and happiness without hurting anyone or anything and that includes the environment. The problem is these barbaric traditions and the mindset they create undo the little good others do.

Man Saves 1,000 Dogs From Slaughter At The Yulin Meat Festival (Powerful Images)


Amanda Monteiro. July 26, 2016

Marc Ching Animal Activist

Marc Ching Animal Activist

The practice of eating dog meat in China began about 400 years ago as a means of warding off heat in the blazing summer months. Yet it wasn’t until recently that the festival in Yulin began, where for 10 days at the beginning of the Summer Solstice, roughly 10,000- 15,000 dogs are caged, skinned, and cooked for consumption for festival attendants and local residents. Cats are fair game during this time as well.

People all over the world have expressed their outrage that such loving, intelligent companions would be confined, slaughtered, and eaten, and this backlash has only snowballed as media coverage of the event grows. Groups such as the Humane Society and PETA in particular have protested the event, but you don’t have to be a part of an organization to make a difference.

Marc Ching Animal Activist Yulin Meat Festival 2

Marc Ching is an American activist who reminds us that if you are passionate enough about making a change, change will happen! Marc visits slaughterhouses that contain dogs and works to shut them down. He has in the past been successful in persuading slaughterhouse owners to stop their cruel practices by paying a fee and helping them to create a more peaceful business.

Marc Ching Animal Activist Yulin Meat Festival 3

Before this year’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival began, Marc and his partner, Valarie Ianniello, managed to save 1,000 dogs from six slaughterhouses. He documents his rescues and investigations on his Facebook page, The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation. He has even been physically assaulted and detained by Chinese authorities on the way to Yulin.

And the Yulin Dog Meat Festival isn’t the only place where Marc’s passion takes him, as he has visited countries such as Cambodia and Indonesia to rescue dogs from slaughterhouses.

Seoul Korea, The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

Seoul Korea, The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

Marc also joins protestors who visit the festival to disrupt dog sales. Many people even purchase dogs to save them from being killed to eat.

Many residents recognize the cruelty of the practices that take place during the festival, as they are animal lovers themselves and even have dogs and cats as pets.

“We came to Yulin to tell people here dogs are our friends. They should not kill dogs in such a cruel way and many of the dogs they killed are pet dogs,” said Yang Yuhua, a volunteer.

Marc continues to join thousands around the world in the pledge to recognize all life as sacred and to help others honour the souls that live within the animals that grace our planet.

I will leave you with this quote that Marc posted alongside one of the images on The Animal Hope & Wellness Facebook page:

I still remember the day. The way blood fell from the sky like rain. I had never been into a slaughterhouse. Never watched living things die from torture. If I knew then what I know now. If I knew the way the journey would bury me into the ground. I never would have came. I never would have started down this way.

But once you see it. Once they pull your eyes and you breathe it. This is who you become. And your life, it is left somewhere and sacrificed.


This is a story from last year’s ‘festival’/’celebration’ – and of course like the above, ongoing because once you start you can’t give up, because once you’re lost you’re lost, sometimes there’s just no going back.

Chinese Woman Travels 1,500 Miles And Pays $1,100 To Save 100 Dogs From Chinese Dog-Eating Festival

Chinese Woman Travels 1,500 Miles And Pays $1,100 To Save 100 Dogs From Chinese Dog-Eating Festival

1 year ago by Dovas

Yulin, a city in southern China, celebrates the summer solstice by throwing a festival that involves the slaughter and consumption of as many as 10,000 dogs. Not everyone in China supports such practices, however; 65-year-old Yang Xiaoyun, a retired teacher who runs an animal shelter in Tianjin, traveled more than 2,400 km (1,500 miles) and spent more than 7,000 yuan ($1,100 or €990) to save 100 dogs from certain death.

Parts of China have long-standing traditions surrounding the consumption of dog meat, though this seems to be more focused in southern China. This year’s Yulin Festival, held on June 20th, has drawn extraordinary ire from the international community, using the trending #stopYulin2015 hashtag to proclaim their condemnation of the festival. Activists in China, Xiaoyun included, have also responded, accusing the festival organizers of unnecessary cruelty and torture.

Though the public conversation about this controversial tradition in China continues, it’s nice to see that there are people like Xiaoyun who are taking real action!

*UPDATE: 2016.04.11* A reader has written in painting an alternate picture of Mrs. Yang’s operation. Poor and unsanitary living conditions, along with misuse of funds, are among the claims made. Concerned readers can make up their own mind before donating by reading the blog entry here.

(h/t: TIME, Blogspot, news.163.com)

This is Yang Xiaoyun, a 65-year-old retired teacher who wants to stop dog slaughter in China

Yang Xiaoyun and dogs she's housed

Yang Xiaoyun and dogs she’s housed

Every year, 10,000 dogs are eaten at the traditional Chinese Yulin festival

Image credits: Reuters

Image credits: Reuters

Many have accused the organizers of unnecessary cruelty when cooking the dogs

Image credits: AP/Humane Society International

Image credits: AP/Humane Society International

Yang decided to travel 1,500 miles to Yulin and spent 7,000 yuan ($1,100) to rescue 100 dogs from being slaughtered

Many of the dogs require medical attention, which she provides.

Yang Xiaoyun Teacher Saves Dogs Yulin Meat Festival 5

Yang makes steamed corn bread twice a day to feed the dogs, which is all she can afford

[Note: Dogs can and do live well on vegetarian and vegan diets, cats on vegetarian diets. In the US many people feed their 'predators' non-meat based foods without even realizing it especially if its dry bulk food. That's ingredients for you - here in the UK for example many of the mainstream highstreet dog & cat food brands have on average approx 4% meat & meat derivatives, much of the rest is filler and a lot of unhealthy things for them.]

[Note: Dogs can and do live well on vegetarian and vegan diets, cats on vegetarian diets. In the US many people feed their ‘predators’ non-meat based foods without even realizing it especially if its dry bulk food. That’s ingredients for you – here in the UK for example many of the mainstream highstreet dog & cat food brands have on average approx 4% meat & meat derivatives, much of the rest is filler and a lot of unhealthy things for them. Many people in ‘developing’ countries feed their pets the same food they eat which is varied and made from scratch/homemade.]

She tries to give them treats every weekend

Yang Xiaoyun Teacher Saves Dogs Yulin Meat Festival 8

Attitudes towards dog and cat consumption in China are changing, but some of these traditions have deep roots

Yang Xiaoyun Teacher Saves Dogs Yulin Meat Festival 7

This is a story about a man who saves dogs from slaughterhouses

Man spends millions to save 2,000 dogs from slaughter


gbtimes 2015/11/19

Chang Chun saves dogs from slaughterhouses

Chang Chun saves dogs from slaughterhouses

A man has spent millions of yuan to rescue dogs from slaughterhouses and the streets in Changchun, Jilin Province.

29-year-old construction worker Wang Yan started adopting the animals after his own dog went missing several years ago, reported the Chinese language Tencent news.

Wang visited a local slaughterhouse in hopes of finding his pet but to no avail. However, the dogs he saw there made him want to do something to help them.

Wang built an animal rescue centre and has saved more than 2,000 dogs in the past three years, according to China News Service.

There are currently almost 200 pooches living in the shelter which mostly relies on donations. Wang who has spent more than three million yuan (USD 470,186) of his own money on saving the animals is deep in debt.

Wang and his 24-year-old fiancée are supposed to marry next month but the couple has been spending their wedding money on the dogs.

Wang said there was an emergency and they needed to buy more dog food. The pair will have to rely on credit cards to have their wedding.

Money is so tight right now Wang can’t even afford rabies vaccine for the dogs. This is putting his life at risk as he often gets bitten while dealing with the new strays.

Despite the difficulties Wang is facing, he hopes his work will inspire more people to stop eating dog meat and take better care of animals.

There are many stories like this about people giving everything they have; resources, time, energy, health to help others and often they don’t even know why/how the ‘systems’ work that cause these things to happen but they do it, they do what the vast majority of society are too gutless to do whilst feeding their guts and then they’re (the ‘activists’ – currently a ‘dirty word’) demonized and/or belittled.

Does it make a difference in the end? They don’t know but at least they did something in this cold, hard existence. There are no guarantees in this life; any one of can be struck down at any time, doesn’t matter how rich, how popular, how poor, where you come from. There’s countless voices in this world that are unheard, unheeded, uncared for/about, and they’ll never be saved which is what puts a lot of people off “why save one? What difference does it make? There’s plenty of others. It won’t stop/change anything. Serve yourself.” Keep telling yourself that and perpetuating it, then when it happens to you, who’re ya gonna call? The Ghostbusters?

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