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In any sense of the word.

Recently when I went for an unscheduled/unpermitted walk that caused too much upset to do it again (or even going to collect the post by myself) I took the long way round – a defined tourist walking route – but when I was on the highstreet (obelisk in the distance, every major denomination of Christian church & Roman Catholic plus Christian charities, reading societies etc, political parties/groups with their premises on or just off the highstreet too plus the masonic hall and some interestingly titled boutiques – many private/independent stores here) someone asked me ‘spreken ze deutsch?’

I’m not in the habit of talking to strangers unless they impose themselves, I ignored him. His interest has been sustained however until today when he finally spoke in English after I ignored his German ‘danke shein(s)’ (twice, at different times and I dont know what he was thanking me for or why the hello came afterwards) and ‘guten tag’, and in English it went a little something like this:

“You’re not who you say you are fraulein”
“Oh really, who do I say I am and who am I then?”
“You’re not an alien, but you are an exceptional human being, a very exceptional human being”
“I never said I was an alien”
“Yes you did”
“No I didn’t, I’ve been talking about goddess and cultural lineage”

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