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There’s only one Jeff Hardy; one of a kind, unique, mystique.

There ain’t no other man like him. I really hate psi-ops pretending to be those they’re not and totally violating your life. I also really hate the rapist-name William Defoe who wants a son (the Brotherhood of Man ‘prince’ needs a son). If any ‘trans-dimensional’, ‘ultraterrestrial’ (or hell just US-UKmilitary, Core Central Intelligence Alliance/Allegience CCIA – lookup ‘Hamilton’) fools come-a-knocking on your body/vessel/vehicle/door just keeping refusing and don’t bite, no ‘lovebites’ (relationship operation, look it up); no blood, spinal fluid, bodily fluids nor espeically vaginal fluid (‘seeding’ ‘seedling’ ‘seeded’, even ‘superseeded’, ‘pregnancy’ is the success term).

Interesting nicknames used: Venus, (Heaven for another ‘mark’/target), Julius Ceasar an interesting play on words given the ‘cessarian’ name/method link.

(Sidenote Reminderfor the truth – memory lane:)

Warrioress Goddess Valkyrie Amazon Fighter Warrior

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