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I find it funny how Diana/Laura the ‘mother’ figure could say “now that I’ve got you all alone, you harlot” and got ready to unleash on me as usual using any means necessary also as usual, she added to the fact that they go quiet when I’m in the bedrooms, really quiet. Almost as if they don’t want other people to hear they’re there. Who was she afraid of talking in front of? My Mother Dearest. Who they believe is fully loaded/wired.

I have a lot to say about the ‘brotherhood’ (calling themselves of ‘man’ as a front, and who have women) from the last 6 months but who knows what will happen 🙂

All they really care about is feeling insulted like typical psychopaths, and will change tactic/stance no matter what and won’t leave so whatever I say won’t ultimately matter, they’ll punish and continue as usual. They’re not allowed to get real blood on their hands though but they can watch unlimitedly, threaten, hound, carry out massive shame/humilation rituals and physically affect in other ways.

It’s funny how William doesn’t even want me to think of a certain somebody “I forbid it” or smile at another man politely who I don’t even know “don’t smile at him, I won’t tolerate it”. The thing is I never consented to these people being around (let alone existing lol), it’s all manipulation, orchestration, deception, coercion, pressure and force – so everything they do is unacceptable, unforgiveable, unpermitted. They claim my value was a $1,000,000 at ‘auction’ $500,000 at ‘street value’ and go from one tactic/storyline to another until someone ‘accidentally’ let slip “he [William] tests software on dumbass women like you” and then it all turned even nastier. Before that he was playing knight in shining armour (which I didn’t need) now it’s just total saddist psycho – and btw remember to look into ‘Hamilton’ hospital/hospices, Harvard (Cambridge agrea) Massachusetts US.

It started as a ‘handover’ between one military group and his, his being very Men in Black looking (in uniform but they wear plain clothes a lot of the time). He/they also don’t like me to mention the Peuce/Pink and Green (sometimes Red and Green) colour scheme that he initially rushed to change into (and was used by the disabled woman who called me a runt). It’s all layers of lies with them but at least the initial thing was them thinking they can ‘induct’/seed people they’ve chosen, mine was in March and then a few weeks later I was called “White-Jasper-Sun/Son” all against my will, which is also an interesting thing because they go on about free will a fair bit whilst violating it all the time.

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