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Food of the gods?

Cacao now known as the ‘food of the gods’; here’s a chocolate wrapper I have as a little food for thought and what I personally call ‘The Orgy’:

Cacao Food of the Gods Montezuma Cortes Linnaeus Christopher Columbus Elites Spirits Entities Negative Energies

This wrapper is from a company called Lovechock – who by the sound of it are trying their best to be as ethical as possible and are just trying to be culturally authentic so my thoughts here are no criticism to them whatsoever but to the beings that dominate the planet. (I liked the Lovechock but why are ethical chocolate bars so thin?)

What’s depicted on there exactly?
Cupid? [Brain washing using hormones/hormonal secretion = mood/feelings/thought]
Music? [Hypnotism – mood music]
‘Others’ i.e. spirits/entities doing what exactly?
Craven. Do they do this to themselves as well as humans or are they showing humans how they want them to behave?

For historical/chronological information about cacao:

and I particularly liked:

It wasn’t until 1519, when the conquistador Hernan Cortes wrote to the Spanish Crown that he had discovered a miracle beverage, “a cup of it gives every soldier the strength to march for an entire day”, that importance by Europeans was given to this “Food of the Gods”. The Aztecs called it xocolatl which translates to: bitter water (xoc = bitter; atle = water).

No wonder hot chocolate was almost my sole sustenance for nearly three years of my life.

Remember that the cacao pods were considered a gift from the god Quetzalcoatl to the South American peoples and who was Quetzalcoatl? A feathered serpent. You’ll have to look up the history, I’m not up to that or explaining at the moment.

Cacao was already used as the base for a spicy drink in South America and when that so-called explorer/navigator Christopher Columbus went there (somehow) instead of to India and paved the way for a Spanish invasion the elite nature of cacao for the monarchy/priests classes became known and the ingredient exported to Europe and made into a solid food. It’s aphrodisiac [Aphrodite and I prefer Aphrodite Urania myself ‘Aprodite Urania, a celestial Aphrodite who represented higher, or transcendent spiritual love, and Aphrodite Pandemos, a goddess representing earthly, non-spiritual love’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aphrodisia%5D properties are shown above have been extensively researched but I think when we look at the culture surrounding cacao (which is empirical and witness testimony/art) and not just laboratory evidence/group testing I think they’re overblown by the ‘atmosphere’ of the situation. Cacao has very high (‘superfood’) nutritional value and whatever the likes of Montezuma were using it for I believe it has to be enhanced by indoctrination e.g. carousing… To the point where it was looked down upon and then re-classified as acceptable by the Catholic Church?

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