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Now I’ve never used the terms ‘vrill’, ‘droning’ etc even as an ardent fan of Donald Marshall, I’m a bit old school (so is he though) and even still use the term ‘twin’ for ‘clone’ although ‘twinning’ (merging) and ‘cloning’ (copying) are different as processes, and even ‘clones’ can be different to disembodied bodies once you inhabit them.

The problem is I’ve never been able to reconcile two periods in my life

a) The amnesia from age 5-9/10 and the mass hair loss that followed. My only memory from that period was the ‘Cinderalla’ programme flash at age 5 where I was apparently sitting in a car at night and all I saw was lights (supposedly street lights) going past and it was apparently a family outing to the Elephant & Castle (the title is hint hint in itself) Cinema to see Cinderella (1950), but the film wasn’t re-showing that year and the only person in the car was supposedly a father figure.

b) When my hair started falling out en masse at age 17 again and never stopped and how that happened after a dental visit, a fight with a family member which was followed by a 17.5 year relationship with a very famous person (whose family consider themselves to be godlike yet subservient to political/financial empires) and at our first physical meeting which I don’t remember very well other than feeling ‘shocked’ (like I was hit on the head) that sibling was there too. The meeting or should I say introduction was in a very public place and yet it was empty and that VIP knew.

I had masses and masses of hair just like Merida from Brave (2012).


I’d never thought of myself as ‘chipped’ in any way except perhaps from the extremely shoddy job the NHS dentist did on my tooth (the only cavity I ever had) which was so bad I couldn’t smile for a year and then the same b*stard ‘fixed’ it with an even worse job ignoring the actual problem and making it worse for the teeth next to it.

However this year since the ‘voices’ I hear went even more hysterical than usual in July onwards and after all the mating/sex/marriage/body transference/twinning (hybridization whilst alive) storylines failed to impress me and I kept resisting they went into full on punishment/shame/humiliation mode (still ongoing). One of the affects of that was that the left side of my face froze in August and I suddenly started feeling very masculine. They’ve been trying to make my left eye ‘lazy’ since then (and have been working on my right and possibly coinciding with the right side of my face starting to freeze this month).

Fast forward to approx the 11th of this month (Jan 2017) and I saw a black chip inside my brain, I saw it visually i.e. with my mind (no your mind and your consciousness are not necessarily all in your brain or all of the time), and I saw part of it’s serial number but the voices as usual blocked it out (as stupid as they are constantly blocking out messages and things even if it’s to their detriment to do so). It was very definitely reptillian and very definitely ‘coming through’. Both the voices and I could see the reptile, it’s behaviour and it was in me like a ghost (something else possessing me other than them), as usually they never listen to my better advice that their own behaviour was feeding and attracting it so continued with their evil. So as usual (AGAIN) it was upto me to deal with this thing whilst they were being an absolute nuisance and that’s putting it mildly. That night William came because I was supposed to be asleep but couldn’t due to the internal voices manually keeping me awake, put his hand on my head and a finger to my forehead.

Now from Donald’s excellent information on ‘vrill’ and ‘droning’ e.g.

Jul 16, 2012 at 2:43pm
Post by celine on Jul 16, 2012 at 2:43pm
Donald Marshall:……….. the eye of a person thats been droned does sometimes go funny, pop out mostly from swelling after the lizard spine goes in and takes over… It doesnt make a light flash in the eye though,… no magic like that, sometimes it makes the persons eye stray so it looks like theyre cockeyed or walleyed… and after years sometimes in some drones they eye sinks in…

Read more: http://donaldmarshall.proboards.com/thread/5/vrill-cloning-centres#ixzz4WaNzEjyI


Taken from vrillizards.webs.com/droning


Droning occurs when a Vril injects its quill/proboscis into the human eye where the lizard parasite takes over the human host brain. It is terribly painful for the human being until the human consciousness dies and the vril parasite consciousness is in full control. All (or most) memory and ability of former human is retained & the lizard consciousness now mimicks the former human’s behaviors. The former human is now a drone. These are the ‘people’ that are used by vril to infiltrate governments, religious, legal & financial systems, organizations and/or corporations. It is not uncommon for male or female drones to lose their hair at a younger age. Intelligence seems a little decreased-with a minimal capacity-if any, to understand sarcasm and/or dry humour. Offspring have increased risk of various birth abnormalities. Drones often seem incapable of empathy/sympathy and can quite often display psychotic behaviours. Drones enjoy perversion, sexual deviance and self gratification. The drone will seem to be an ill human until fully recovered from the parasitical infection which takes varying degrees of time, but is usually minimal. The eye that was droned with the proboscis will be affected and sometimes never fully recovers, leaving the affected eye to seem different from the other. Most drones appear completely normal and walk among us undetected.

cradles of civilization Egyptian eye symbolism hieroglyphs implants reptillians vril droning alien consciousness microchips possession technology

The Vril proboscis connects with human eye and releases a foamy substance where the parasite injects itself into the human brain. The unfortunate human suffers temporary agony. Once the parasite is effectively in the brain, the human ceases to exist and the Vril is in full control of it’s host body.The age-old ‘eye of Horus’ symbol represents the age-old

~ Drones do NOT have lizard eyes. There are no major or obvious physical changes to the human body. The only change is that the human consciousness has ceased to exist and the Vril consciousness is now in control of the body.

~ Drones are NOT shapeshifters. Once the lizard takes over the human, there is no transferring in and out of the body as it is a permanent one time transfer until the lizard consciousness perishes. Shapeshifting is thought to be a metaphoric description of droning as it was difficult for people and/or their cultures to communicate the existance of Vril, much less the droning procedure in a way that would not bring them harm for attempting to expose the ancient secret or to preserve any information whatsoever.

~ Excessive or increased blinking and/or lip licking MAY POSSIBLY be lizard traits that transfer with the consciousness.

~ Drone offspring have increased chance of various syndromes and/or birth abrnomalities.

~ Drones are NOT nice people. They are a lizard consciouness who killled a human being via a parasite to assist the Vril agenda.

~ Most drones are ruthless, psychopatic, sexually driven and sadistic.

~ It is reported that the genitalia has an effect on male genitalia leading to the appearance of an underdeveloped penis.

~ Hair loss is reported to be a common trait among male and female drones. More skin anomalies appear such as moles, skin tags, age spots, etc.


After Reading Donald Marshall’s story where he claims to be a clone victim subject to tortuous acts by Queen Elizabeth & her gross elite friends, there was one part to his claims that I could NOT allow myself to believe….the parasitic ancient lizards called Vril. My conscious brain would not allow me to believe this part of Donald’s claims yet something was subconsciously driving me to look into it. Finally I decided to allow my ego to risk the potentials of embracing this ‘ludicracy.’

I communicated with Donald via skype several times and found that not only was he very REAL, he is very mentally stable as well. He’s humorous, kind & intelligent. He truly is an amazing, strong, courageous & moral human being. After getting good vibes from Donald, I kept up some really intense research and I believe I can offer merit to Donald’s claims about Vril Lizards. Please open that mind of yours to very real scientific possibilities that may just explain a few things.

I aim to link science to Vril lizard possibilities as I believe this is the one area that people are unable to wrap their minds around, as was I.

Humans, animals, insects & REPTILES can all become infected with a parasite. This is not a new concept and is widely known. Parasites ‘take over’ the thought process of the host (body) that it invades. An infected ant will be ‘driven’ to climb up on a blade of grass to purposely become eaten by grazing animals so that it can enter the stomach of sheep, cow, etc. and complete its life cycle. Sometimes the parasite can be transferred to a human that eats the newly infected animal, such as a pig. Pigs are very nasty creatures biologically and the bible FORBIDS any consumption of this meat or meat of any other ‘split hoofed’ animal. Sometimes humans can contract a parasite from an infected cat as well (Toxoplasma gondii). No matter how it gets contracted, once it enters the body it can in fact invade the brain. Parasites mimic their host yet the thought processes and further behaviors of infected persons alter significantly.

In the case of ‘Toxoplasma Gondii’ found in the stomachs of cats, the cats excrete the eggs and the eggs are eaten by smaller animals such as rats. The rats ingest the parasite and are ‘taken over’ to the point of losing their fear of cats and exposing themselves directly to a cat so that it can be ingested by and further infect that cat. Parasites instinctual nature is to ‘take over’ as much and as often as possible. There are various ways the parasites transfer from animals/bugs/reptiles to humans and once inside the human host, the natural process is to ‘take over’ the human thought process and control it. This is scientifically proven! Since humans are superior and there is nothing left to ‘take over’, the parasite is content to live in the human and the human becomes diseased. The parasite must feed and if it has infected the brain, then it begins to feed of the brain itself where the host begins to lose feelings like empathy & sympathy, they become sinister and self-driven. They eventually care for nothing but themselves and their self-preservation. They will hurt/destroy almost anyone/anything to get what they want/need. They become the most ruthless people on the planet.

See where this is going? Our world leaders fit this ‘psychopath’ description to a tee. Do you think all of our corrupt leaders, corporations, scientists, teachers, doctors, military, clergy, lawyers/judges, child welfare workers, police, etc. got infected by a cat scratch or could there be a different way they became infected? Since parasites are very common in lizards, I wonder if you could believe for even a fraction of a second that there may be truth to the fact that the illuminati’s best kept secret is Vril lizards. Could Vril lizards possibly transfer a parasite & ‘take over’ the elite characters on our planet and drive them to be the ‘evil’ that we just cannot understand in today’s world? I think so. If you’re not so sure, please keep reading.

When an uninfected rat senses a ‘predator’ cat nearby it becomes very frightened and aims to avoid the cat at all costs, as us ‘normal’ humans do when we sense an ‘evil’, ‘bad’, or ‘corrupt’ person. Yet when an infected rat senses the ‘predator’ cat it will present itself to the cat. This makes so much sense as far as I’m concerned. ‘WE’, the uninfected ‘rats’ naturally sense this same ‘fear’ when we are exposed to the ‘predator’ cat and we ‘run away’ from it, yet the infected ‘rats’ (psychopaths) among us do not fear the ‘predator’ qualities of the cat and instead desire & seek to become the same powerful ‘predator’. These people do not fear the bigger cats who could potentially ‘eat them’ and ‘desire’ to be as ‘powerful’ thereby giving up everything they are to become such. They don’t care about their former self…they now thrive for the power. Parasites and psychopaths often crave ‘evolving power’.


There’s tons more info out there folks….it’s time to wake up; a lot has happened while the world slumbered!

There are scores of interwoven conspiracy theories out there. This article is based on my opinions and/or observations. Please use your common sense when researching and stick to things that are scientifically suggestive. I do not claim in any way, shape or form claim to know everything on these matters, in fact, I’m just learning as I go & finally able to connect some dots. I sincerely hope you will too.

The author offers opinion through informed research. The author exercises freedom of speech with no intention towards: treason, sedition, blasphemous and defamatory libel, disruption of religious worship, hate propaganda, spreading false news, public mischief, obscenity, indecency and other forms. Content of expression is TRUE. The manner of expression is PEACEFUL. The intentions of the speaker are GENUINE AND NON-VIOLENT. The circumstances are a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE requiring information sharing.

Pyramid Eye alien possession implant parasite masonic


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Dec 20, 2016 at 11:01am
Post by celine on Dec 20, 2016 at 11:01am

Cindy (Fri. April 10, 2015) – Donald or anyone who’d know…………………Do the Drones consent to this? Im thinking surely not, so if its against their will, how is it arranged to happen.. do the Vrils come up or are the host bodies taken down underground?? forgive me if this question doesnt show up in correct place / format… I am new at this.
Donald Marshall………………… – Vrill come up to underground military bases from below. No one volunteers to be droned.

Betty Pak – How can a person prevent it from happening to them?

Donald Marshall – They’d have to get you while in your real body. Bring you somewhere. They said years ago that they do it in hospitals and prisons sometimes too.

Richard Feldman – Does anyone keep tabs on drones or are they simply cut loose to live their lives? Are most or all drones obligated to “return the favor” by providing future human victims, either through their own children or by snatching others? Any idea when droning will be “officially” considered a crime against humanity, which it literally is, and punishable by law?

Donald Marshall – Long answer.

Read more: http://donaldmarshall.proboards.com/thread/152/droning#ixzz4WaQ22rO5

What I know is that despite everything that’s happened to my family and I that I can remember since childhood I’ve never succumbed to any reptile or ultra nor extra-terrestrial influence. I was shown how a possession/political deal goes on by a reptillian that manifested in my room when I was approx 15 years old and I said No. I’ve always been completely resistant but no matter how resistant you are you can end up/be sold out to things, people and places like D.Marshall describes and players involved can buy you/have contract dates.

Where I disagree with Donald is that he states the reptile ‘quill/proboscis into the human eye where the lizard parasite takes over the human host brain’ and then the human becomes very reptillian in behaviour. The voices and I saw what I had was a chip (no idea when it was inserted) and know that I haven’t become reptillian (that’s the voices forté) and an experienced djinn exorcist I know says that one of the things that possesses or at least one of the things that follows me was put/grew through my eye when I was a child or teen (another through food like a poison, and I’ve been poisoned many times) and who knows about the rest (I’ve seen all kinds of things come out of me and linked to me last year and there’s still more yet there’s no accounting for how many of them were/are illusions made by ‘others’ too). It also seems from Donald’s point of view that once droned that’s it, say goodbye to being human/humane/yourself again.

I’ve always been ‘Ms Personality Intact’ and as soon as we saw this chip I went to work on it, focusing on it with my third eye on the 11th for approx 30min (whilst keeping another chakra which has been seriously overworked and ill this last year firmly off). On the 13th with the aid of a little electronic device I made I focused twice again and it (or something on its behalf/pretending to be it) answered.

The first time: I was meditating on the chip with my third eye and an electronic/reptillian voice said (sounded like an internal phone call – but bear in mind technology and ‘others’ can change their voices and language especially to a telepath) “it’s just part of the lesson, do you want me to tell you what it is, they [the usual voices in my head] are lower than… [some kind of hierarchy]” and then the usual voices distracted me so I couldn’t hear it properly (they are always disrupting communication since they just have to babble 24/7).

The second time: I had been watching one of Dr Leir’s (deceased surgeon who later specialized in alien implant removal/research) videos on youtube and a few min in for some reason youtube froze, I couldn’t be bothered with it and focused on the Black chip, after a while (an hour?) I saw an image of the chips shown in the video and someone(s)/thing(s) said “what do you want me/us to do?” I said “I’ve had enough, remove it” and straight away youtube came back on (just the right time) = agreement.

The Third Time: The next day (14 Jan 2017) I felt something break in my left eye and a veering to the middle of my forehead. Different parts of my head affected. Spoke to the reptillian told it remove/stop the chip it said “what benefit [to itself?]” I told it who was boss, that it is nothing, that this is my body, mind, soul/spirit and it’s nothing but a $&(%^&%* and it said “I can”. Then the background noises I used to hear before the current voices, couldn’t make them out except for one word/phrase that I can’t remember. Then some of ‘them’ seemed to be talking to each other and one heard clearly in English “There’s no signal”. Haven’t had any issues with the chip/reptillian since then and the current voices think I destroyed it or at the very least disabled it.

Lot’s of dreams since the 14th about chips/bugs being broken/destroyed.

So basically if this happens and you know/are aware of it, don’t think it’s the end, don’t give up if you don’t have to, you can beat it.

You don’t have to live like this (it’s not a reptile but a good example of a parasite):

labyrinth 1986, secret societies, cults, illuminati, reptillians, aliens, ultraterrestrials, masons, symbolism, parasites, nwo, old world order

From the film Labyrinth (1986) – a masonic handbook for mind/dream control if I ever saw one after the training manuals that were ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

For more from the excellent Donald Marshall:

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6uNZqRUN8ceQnRRaGI1VEk2Nm8 and of course his Youtube videos.

P.S I can’t remember where D.Marshall got the term ‘vrill’ from to described his knowledge and experience but I think it might be related to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vril which goes back to the Black Sun/primordial matter/mother/original source/energy, The Rosicrucians, the Vril Society, The Thule Society and Hitler. Don’t confuse the Black Sun with the Nazis, similar to the swastika they stole from India the Black Sun (also stolen from the cradles of civilization) is also incorrectly facing to the right, even in today’s India Islamic people are using a right facing Swastika when they should know it faces to the left especially when they can see Hindu use of it facing to the face right next door to them in the same places. Interestingly in roughly 2011 my ex asked me if I knew anything about the Black Sun, I just gave him a stock definition from an excellent alchemical encyclopedia a colleague I barely spoke to (but got on with) randomly gave me one day. The ex later asked me to help finish his first tattoo design, I declined because I could the beginnings of the Black Sun design and knowing its Mother Goddess back herstory turned history I thought it too good for him. Immediately after that his current gf at the time finished it for him in the exact same way I’d denied.

On another note – I don’t know why both Donald and I spell it as ‘vrill’ rather than ‘vril’ though others tend to use ‘vril’.

Black Sun

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