Pursuing natural health & thinking beyond the superficial. Deconstructing Culture.

I first started this blog as a creative outlet for fashion design as a hobby/competition and then branched out but I’ve kept up the designing and improved. The design process has gotten more and more convoluted but hey it keeps my skills limber though not my fingers!

The last time I wrote about it was exactly one year ago HERE (no I’m not posting this as an anniversary coincidence 😉 and no I still haven’t won anything, not even gotten through to the first stage/round of acceptance/processing!)

Nowadays drawing patterns and prints from scratch doesn’t really happen and those of us left mainly focus on alterations of base templates from each other.


Art, Design, Pinup, Fashion, Competition, Contest

A Design another Member did for me/tribute back in the day which I still treasure. (The model’s supposed to be me but darker.)

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