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I give thanks for short lectures like this for those of us who can’t focus, have lack of mobility and accessibility or even just a lack of time.

I’ve met so many psychopaths and sociopaths, and people who would be labelled as such (if they’re not already by the people around them at least) or who would even like to be and my problem is that despite my toughness and strictness I’m always looking for the good in everybody and the potential in everything. Activists (empathy) and people who care (sympathy) do their best to make that ‘soft’ (even ‘weak’ to some) mindset work with ‘normal’ though normal is mostly ‘normalized atrocity’ hence their disenchantment and activism. But what do you do if you’re too sympathetic and/or empathetic?

The problem with psychopaths/sociopaths is that they’re always looking for an opportunity and if/when you spend too long around ruthless, greedy, jealous, narcissistic people you’re always anticipating their next move, trying to think like them but not be like them. If you’re a caring person you try to understand but at some point it’s likely to go wrong and then you know better. People who don’t care, don’t understand or haven’t been personally involved in such a situation are complacent, they forgive/forget too easily and tell those who worry that they worry too much and possibly think them paranoid. People hang around and even look upto attention seeking bullies in schools and workplaces everyday right? They tend to be popular and loud or unpopular and sneaky, either way they’re controlling. The issue for most people is when/if the psychopath/sociopath become violent and even then if it’s normal/in an understandable situation it’s ok like ‘Tony’s’ month in jail in the above example seems to be until you realize he was in Broadmoor when he shouldn’t have been and for much longer than normal for his crime against psychiatrists who couldn’t step back from a situation because they over-analyze as their job dictates surrounded by similar people and subjects whilst pronouncing judgement with authority. Another issue there was were they jobsworths i.e. using their job as an excuse for lack of personal responsibility/humanity and needing to stay on the legal side of insurance/lawsuits vs preventative policing i.e. treating everybody as a potential suspect and even criminal to the point of mind control. Tony apparently stayed ‘sane’ (and seemingly non-medicated) to the common person but not clinician despite being surrounded by rapists and serial killers whilst he had what would’ve been called an acceptable level of psychopathy had he been on the outside of ‘prison’. I’m not standing up for Tony (and certainly not Scientology) and I think the counter example of ‘Chainsaw Al Dunlap’ who profits from pain is an excellent one – they both show there’s no balance in society because we’re conditioned to accept extremities as normal and have to accept them as normal in the first place to cope/regulate. We’re not balanced.

As far as I’m concerned there is no such thing as normal, only probabilities between ‘major’ and ‘minor’ groupings of people so I’ve always said ‘existence hangs in the balance of extremities’. Just look at the violent, nurturing, volatile yet beautiful world we live in – I used to love it so and still treasure it but it’s precariously balanced and in my old age I seek a place of peace and harmony. We live in an endless age of stagnancy; war and notions of an idyllic era of glory to be built or re-built, then torn down and re-built over and over.

‘Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’

In answer to the speaker’s poignant question at the end: I wouldn’t go, I’d tell Tony to go teetotal. Don’t hang onto bad behaviours and habits especially when you lack self-control and no, there’s no way I would go on a psychopath spotting course either. There’s more than enough of that in regular life, just look at the popularity of gossip in the news lol.

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