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squash stew soup vegan recipe cooking

So, yesterday Mum made some awesome squash stew and here’s how she did it:

Ingredients (quantities depend on your taste)
– 1x small-medium squash
– Fresh homemade nut milk
– Fresh homemade nut ‘okara’ (okara is a leftover from the sieving/grinding of soy beans to milk but I’m using it here to describe the same for nut milk)
– The ‘cream’/thick bit left over at the bottom of the milk
– Mustard oil
– 1/2 a lime (the juice)
– Fresh garlic
– Fresh ginger
– Turmeric powder
– Himalayan salt
– 2x Fresh Green chillis
– Fresh parsley (added at the end as a seasoning)

squash stew soup vegan recipe cooking

Served with tomato and onion salad, and strawberries for dessert.

Mum’s tip: Remember if you want a soup and not a stew (chunky soup) just blend all the ingredients together with a blender before of after cooking, or use a hand blender once everything is cooked and most importantly once the squash is softened. If you’re makeshifting i.e. don’t have either blender, there’s a masher and/or whisk (don’t worry, we makeshift all the time!)

Enjoy! 😀