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I was expecting habitats more like their natural setting rather our normal countryside with a bit of customization, below are some of the animals we saw.

NOTE: Don’t use your camera flash on animals in zoos, parks etc – the buildup affects their eyesight, many sea creatures in aquariums for example had reduced vision to blindness. I’ve reminded people on occasion myself and then the customer service assistants realize they should be doing the same and step up. Also I don’t support animals in captivity not even out of their country a lot of the time, this trip had exceptional circumstances.

Safari Camels


 Safari Black Bears

Safari Monkeys

Safari Monkeys

Safari Monkeys

Safari Monkeys

Safari Zebras

Safari Giraffs

Safari Meerkats

Safari Otters

Safari Penguins

Safari Lemurs

Safari Giant Tortoises Turtles

Poor thing was quite upset at being carried/moved and just look at the size of the one in the background o_o

Safari Wallabees

Safari Tiki Mask Boomerang

My Tiki/spirit guardian mask and weapon/boomerang fit in nicely with our indoor garden decor and in a place of transformation/vulnerability; the stairwell. We have even more terrifying guardians in doorways.