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I was going to write about this a few weeks ago as a follow-up to the acid attack post HERE but didn’t get round to it and was reminded by an article in Monday’s ‘Evening Standard’:

Evening Standard Acid Attacks

Following the string of terrorist attacks in the UK this year both from Muslims and against Muslims (though many Muslims feel their community is attacked by a small portion/extremists of their faith as well and then they suffer the backlash from non-Muslims) we’ve seen a rise in acid attacks.

Acid thrown towards the face and body of victims is usually towards women and children, a ‘punishment’ for rejection and being disliked similar to ‘honour rapes and killings’. Now those groups have to be careful of both ‘their own’ dishing out revenge and capital punishment as well as ‘outsiders’ taking out their fury of social politics in general against them. Acid attacks have also been noted in gang warfare however they are now being directed towards Muslims and potentially Brown people in general (since unless traditionally dressed it’s hard for many non-versed in religion and culture to tell between someone likely of Muslim origin and a Hindu for example, let alone whether they actually subscribe to religion) i.e. the most targeted out of ‘likely’ Muslims as it’s even harder to tell who is Muslim out of the many Black or White believers/practitioners. So as usual since 9/11 (US Twin Towers, Building No: 7 & alleged Pentagon attack) if you’re Brown or Yellow (non Chinese-subcontinent) you have to be on the lookout for offending someone due to the colour of your skin. Offending them to the point of being marred, injured for life and/or put to death.

An insidious crime already some of the methods of getting ‘a Muslim’ person’s attention before attacking them has been the innocent seeming asking a driver/passenger to roll down their window (and potentially asking the time or for directions) and then throwing acid at them. Remember throwing acid at someone is condemning them to a slow, extremely painful ‘punishment’ because it burns everything; skin, hair, clothing and isn’t easily stopped like a fire that can be put out by water or a fire blanket. The people who touch the initial victim to help them are also put at risk, but what do you do? Stand aside and watch someone burn?

It reminds me of the level of fear and caution raised some years ago when news (some claim it was false) spread that criminals would/could play a recording a baby crying outside women’s homes and when the woman opened to door to see what was happening, she’d be pushed inside and raped/killed as part of a home invasion. It also reminds me of the spread of machete attacks in London this year, one of which I narrowly missed being around for i.e. I’d been hoping to visit The British Museum for Father’s Day but was put off because of the ongoing attacks and then what happened a week before? An attack in Russell Square. Not on the same level of massacre but when the 7/7 attacks happened in London I was 15min late that day and missed all of the tube stations/lines involved, all of which were on my routes to work. I’m not a lucky person at all but it seems there’s someone/thing(s) out there looking out for me sometimes.

Those using acid against Muslims are ignoring the national tragedy and what some have been calling ‘murder’ i.e. long term, systematic, institutionalized process leading to injury, homelessness, loss and death of the poor and many of non-Caucasian origin people at Grenfell Tower. What were they guilty of? Other than being poor? And if some of them were guilty of things like sub-letting – does that mean they deserved what happened to them, what they were put at risk of in ‘building regeneration’ and having their concerns and welfare neglected before that? Is their suffering and demise worthy of attacking Brown people and Muslims in general? No.

This is bloodlust plain and simple and disgusting to anyone with any kind of capacity for sympathy and empathy.