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Living and Dying with Dignity

This is the medicine I take:

and there’s more to come and that doesn’t include the masses of vitamins and supplements.

Do you call that quality of life? I’m not living and I never have really, I’ve just been surviving. It’s not good enough, I’m just dying slow and painfully.

We need euthanasia and patient assisted suicide in this country, it’s too expensive to travel abroad to die with some sense of yourself left so many of us will never afford it and just continue to fervently wish that the next minute heck the next second will be better than the next. I’ve seen one charity which is an alternative to being able to legally die in this country give advice on how to pass on as easily as possible and it’s still daunting as hell and that’s something coming from me and a heck of a lot of others who’ve suffered their entire lives.

We have no choice and so more and more of us fall to the wayside in silence either unable to talk or feeling that there’s no point, or commit suicide or end up in an accident or end up in ‘care’ having to rely on others for daily needs. I already have a full time (my Mother) in that I’m ‘lucky’ in comparison to people who have no one who loves them, a GP, a care co-ordinator, support worker, psychiatrist and psychologist as well as emergency staff to call if I need to which I do every day actually but I refrain and have only called up once on the non-emergency line because I didn’t want to be a bother but just couldn’t cope. Another time I was sat I was unable to move, breathing very difficulty, only able to whisper, in serious pain and vomiting. Instead of 999 I was to call the non-emergency/non-immediate threatening 111, I couldn’t even speak, I was dragging the words out but they didn’t want to speak to my Mum they wanted to speak to me and for ages I might add getting every detail while I was gasping for air and then they decided to send an ambulance out. When they finally turned up quite some time later ‘my’ voices said “we’ll stop the pain now” (after all those hours of laughing at me “so this is what pain feels like”, “this is fun”, “does it hurt, yes it does, does it hurt” and being hyenas) so I guess I felt some kind relief that help had arrived. But did it? No. The paramedics decided I was fit and well enough to go to A&E by myself (how??? We don’t drive nor is there easy access to transport late night and who can afford minicabs) and wait to be seen but they didn’t want to take me because of the stomach pain/vomiting. Nevermind all the other problems I have and that people with my conditions have gastric problems as a result but they kept saying it might be a virus so they couldn’t risk it, that I might infect a ward and they’d have to shut it down but were somehow ok with me going there myself and waiting. One of the ambulance workers actually told me not to go certain hospitals because they were rubbish and uncaring. According to one of the nurses I saw a while after “unless you’ve got a limb falling off they don’t really want to give you a bed on the NHS” and we all know how long waiting lists are.

It’s taboo for medical professionals to talk about euthanasia and patient assisted suicide in this country and it’s more than time that that changed.


Instead of a Prince, I got Remote & Close Artificial Intelligence

This post was reserved for ‘Feast of the Beast – Bride/Sacrifice of the beast, rescued’ BUT I just discovered something in the interim.

I’ve been suffering auditory and visual hallucinations 24/7 connected to dreams for over a year, though have sporadically experienced them before. After much trial and error/multi-pronged subject approach to figure out what this ‘illness’ is I figured it was part electro-weaponry/psi-ops and part ‘spirit’/other dimensional i.e. the whole thing is ‘existential’.

My experience has involved 4-6 groups of ‘characters’, some upto 10-11 in a unit/group but sometimes they showed themselves as more and are capable of playing multiple characters simultaneously. I’ve brought them down to 1 character and an ‘other’ (reptillian and based off another implant/chip or at least that’s how I ‘see’ them, it started off seriously savage but I made it cute and the other character fell in love with her) and that is an amazing enough achievement in itself given their capabilities. My list of symptoms was HERE. I already knew that this type of tech is 2-way in terms of communication, you can contact whoever implanted you and are remote (away from you and they don’t need to be close to you anymore either) through it though it’s not easy but I didn’t know what the ‘characters’ stuck with me really looked like because they and the remote ‘players’ play complex ‘games’ of moral ‘good vs bad’, other battle style hunts/challenges and a hell of a lot of shame and humiliation ritual, punishment and no reward. It should have been obvious really but many people think all artificial intelligence is alien e.g. ‘real’ in human reality, they’re ‘real enough’ but I can’t tell which are humans using virtual reality tech and which are strictly design/like video game characters but semi-sentient and emotional.

The character left is called ‘Adam’ (how creative in developing a new species so to speak *rolleyes*, pathetic, that’s been done so many times) and he (plus two others) looked like the pic below from this post HERE (same as the above link): two of The Hobbits from Lord of the Rings, again so creative, not *rolleyes*:

Artificial Intelligence, Spiritual Implant, Alien Implant, Psy-Ops, Possession, Psychic Warfare, Shapeshifters

The Hobbits from Lord of the Rings look just like the stupid ‘spiritual’ [morelike artificial intelligence] implants left in/with me (sharing the same parameters as me as they’re possessing me aka not in another dimension, the view the world in the same way as I do and can’t see any ‘others’ like them or different, they mainly use my senses except when they go into other people’s dreams/talk to family in vicinity). There was a whole group of them, then there were three, another died on 22nd and the ones left don’t even care and no I don’t know why these two look the same, they deny the others looked like them. They’ve lost a hell of a lot of their knowledge/ability (and they don’t know anything about humanity/animals/culture/science/environment/the world nor do they use technology).

I’ve been trying to look at and through ‘Adam’ for a while now and I usually saw him as code somewhat Matrix style but it was never complete. But today I dissected him, I pulled out his spine and saw the usual code, however then I managed to strip his skin and hair (and that’s probably only because I managed to completely break the reptile Black chip right alongside ‘his’ as I wrote about HERE) and saw what ‘he’ really looks like.

It’s just like a computer graph image for making a character 3D graphic/cgi but better. It looks JUST LIKE THIS except ‘his’ ‘spots’ are smaller and more Blue:

artificial intelligence, semi-spirit, implant, technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, cyber being

Zarn from ‘Land of the Lost'(1974–1976) (which I was going review a while back but didn’t get round to) looks just like Adam and potentially other ‘characters’ I’ve come across.

Artificial Intelligence/cyber being/virtual reality/augmented reality (bear in mind virtual reality headsets have become entertainment tech recently though online/console VR has been around for ages). Amazing and awesome but definitely SHOULDN’T BE CONNECTED TO/PUT INTO ANYONE/THING AND DEFINITELY NEEDS A WORLDWIDE ETHICS COMMITTEE AND COMPENSATION FOR THE VICTIMS AND TEST SUBJECTS (THOUGH WHAT WE’VE BEEN THROUGH CAN NEVER REALLY BE COMPENSATED FOR).

Some people think this plan is in action and it could well be given the advent of head transplants – trying to transfer a whole consciousness to another body (supposedly only for medical reasons such as paralysis victims but incredibly expensive and business’ find it hard to be viable for just that http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3965054/Surgeon-world-s-human-HEAD-transplant-says-operation-place-UK-year.html):

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Cyber Beings. Electronic Entities, Spirits, Inter-Dimensional Beings, Perfecting Humanity, Transhumanism

Avatar of yourself from physical to virtual.

The above being an attempt to ‘perfect humanity’ and transhumanism.

I wonder how many people figure this out without having been taught/briefed on the details and have had their whole education sabotaged no less.

Not for me, I like having a 3D body as I’ve said many times before.

Cinderfella – A Fractured Fairytale Glorious Gender Bender!

Jerry Lewis was one of my favourite comedians as a kid and Cinderfella (1960) was my favourite film of his alongside The Nutty Professor (1963), to me it displayed all his best acting traits whilst taking a well known story and freshening it up. I watched it again recently and it hasn’t lost any of its charm, great for people who like parody or fun and creative family friendly films 🙂 Funnily enough I only ever really liked his solo films sans Dean Martin and that hasn’t changed over time!


Ok so you know the Disney version of Cinderella (1950) but Cinderfella did more than just change the sex of the main character…

We first see the last will and testament of his father (not mother as you would expect here) being read to the stepmother and her two sons and Fella is apparently in another room looking out at the pouring rain. The Bel-Air style mansion and all ‘worldly goods’ are left the stepmother in faith that she will take care of her stepson… Yeah we know how that goes in fairytales.

Cut to years into the future and we see ‘mother dearest’ using the intercom from her very Disney like bedroom to Fella sleeping in a storage looking room where it looks like items are just there for the sake of it and his tiny mattress doesn’t even fit the bed. Strangely he’s wearing two large rings but those are quickly overshadowed by the speed in which he has to get ready and go to the kitchen to make breakfast for everybody. His place in the family is further exemplified as we see his room is at the end of a very long, lavish corridor but when it reaches his part all the decoration ends! Servants quarters indeed.

Cinderfella bedroom

The usual being bossed about, belittling and lecturing ensues – he can’t do anything right, doesn’t show his appreciation for being ‘given room and board out of the goodness of her heart’, he ‘doesn’t have a cent to his name’, has ‘ordinary blood in his veins’ etc etc. Perhaps luckily for him he actually enjoys housework and fixing things (though he’s not very good at the latter) and all those unkind and deceptive words seem to slide off him, but they don’t.

By this point we’ve already been shown the not-so-ugly but actually very suave, debonair and manicured stepbrothers (one of which could actually be a moving mannequin), and the plot swiftly moves on to the ball the stepmother is holding at the house for Princess Charming (pronounced ‘Charmaine’). Determined everything will go right and one of mummy’s little darlings will marry well. I don’t know why there is a stepmother and not a stepfather but the former are very much embedded as evil characters in Disney-fied fairytales so perhaps they thought they couldn’t change that but I think for a gender bending film they could of undid the prejudice and gone for a villain instead of a villainess.

Usher in the fairy godfather – and whose high pitched yet nasal voice many of us will know from other films – floating on the swimming pool in a classic stripped swimming cozzy and bowler hat, wacky indeed. He’s worried that Fella doesn’t have any ambitions because he thinks one day Fella might be a very important person.


The noblesse oblige ‘do’ they’re holding will cost a bomb and really stretch their assets it seems (though we know what that means for many i.e. their version of being hungry and homeless after over extending themselves are still nice hotels, long visits to friends, lot’s of credit and not really suffering at all) but still it’s imperative that they purloin more funds so they can maintain their lifestyle. Where will these funds come from? Ahh well that’s the problem, this next extortion from Fella won’t be so easy the key is in his memory, his dreams to be exact in which his late father is telling him the location of a secret fortune. How on Earth are they going to get that? They decide to change tactics and be nice for once! Shock! Yes it is, they’re so bad at pretending to be nice it’s cringeworthy; their fake smiles are creepy and it looks like their faces will crack in the effort, they’ve never complimented his cooking so it really affects him and then they try to wear him out as much as possible (even moreso than with his usual chores) by sharing hobbies with him. Does it work? And just how crooked are those brothers!?

Cinderfella fake family

Cinderfella dining room hypocrisy

They’re really being nice eh… Plus his meal is poverty plain whilst they get the full works which he cooked.

Another interesting feature in this film is that the fairy godfather introduces Fella to another of his clients, Disney’s Cinderella! A ravishing and indeed roaring (you have to see it to believe it) Cindy who really makes a great appearance in this tribute movie and gives Fella her support.


Time for a ball? Fella is locked in his room and ‘the family’ (very mafia tone inserted there) have hired a fleet of staff to do all the work, that way they won’t be interrupted or embarrassed by ‘that lunatic’. Poor Cinders I mean Fella, will he ever make it to the ball and perhaps even destiny? Will the fake family’s poor attempts at politeness last against their wicked ways?


Jerry Lewis always seemed to play confused, diamond in the rough and dare I say ‘needy’ characters or characters in need and having seen the made-for-tv biography Martin and Lewis (2002) it seems he was one of those actors that played what he knew best – a version(s) of himself. Needless to say he plays this part very well and in his signature style.

The Wicked Stepmother (played by Dame Judith Anderson) – plays a stoic, refined, cutting, hypocritical, bossy b(r)itch(es) who fawns over her beloved sons very well. Her clear, sharp tones were made for commanding.

Two Tailored Twits, the older brother Rupert (played by Robert Hutton) and the younger Maximilian (Henry Silva) obviously spend a lot of the time in the salon/spa and playing sports with peers; they’re every bit the cocky, pampered, spoiled, spying and demanding duo but just not ugly or uncultured 😉

Princess Charming (played by Anna Maria Alberghetti) reminds me somewhat of Audrey Hepburn and as part of the revamp gets more of an emotional part than Prince Charming. She not only dances and clutches a shoe well but is not just a wooden doll, she tells Fella that she feels, she’s a person and it’s not her fault that people see her as her title/namesake and she’s convincing, she even cries.

The effervescent and quirky Fairy Godfather (played by Ed Wynn the ‘Mad Hatter’ in Alice in Wonderland (1951) and ‘Uncle Albert’ in Mary Poppins (1964) delivers his lines characteristically well and matches Lewis with his own funky facial expressions.

Anti-Feminist? Nah.

There’s one point where the fairy godfather goes into a diatribe about women; the women who wrote history, the women behind and effected by the Cinderella story, ordinary women’s expectations, follies and all those poor men. However it is ironic like the nature of the film and another twist on ‘his-story’ but also includes some interesting observations about people in general as they are rather than twisted. It’s particularly funny (not if you were in the scene or Fella) though that he says in order to right all the uneven and unfair doings of womankind that the ‘big Him’ in the sky and various societies working for ‘Him’ elected to choose a male example to tip the balance and make up for it but instead of a ‘tall, handsome’ honey that they all wanted the fairy godfather chose Fella instead. “He’s not tall, not handsome, anything but clever” he’s just ordinary – though quite frankly Lewis never really was ordinary in my opinion even as Fella ;-).

An interesting political insert that the Disney 50s version didn’t have and I also liked that in this version Cinderella oops I mean Fella realizes s/he’s being abused, tries to pull her/himself up by the bootstraps taking a cynical tone to stand up for her/himself. That change doesn’t last but it’s ok because the character doesn’t really want to be angry or aggressive but it was needed at the time.

Songs and Music

This isn’t your usual musical, the songs just flow into the filming and some are spoken-sung so it doesn’t feel like you’re being hit full in the face with a big sing-a-long theatre number out of nowhere, they’re shorter too. My favourite is probably the shortest ‘Let Me Be A People’ where he explains that he likes being a regular ‘people’ and feels sorry for ‘persons’ who are people of importance and my second is actually an instrumental that he mimes playing the instruments to in the kitchen (and mime is a tough art to make look interesting!) Most of the numbers have a jazzy feel to them and very much in keeping with their time although I think still have a contemporary feel. Additionally there are a couple of soft, heartfelt songs captured perfectly well with the surrounding visuals and mood.

Aside from the obvious numbers there is a fair bit of lovely classical either as excerpt sound effects or in the background. The big band numbers at the ball are particularly impressive especially ‘that’ scene where Lewis make’s his dramatic debut down the stairs to the shock of all assembled.

That epic stair scene, funky dance and clock striking midnight.

Overall Finish

This film is one of the better produced ‘light hearted’ films of the time in my opinion, everything comes together really well from the score to the costumes, nothing feels too gaudy or out of place – not even Lewis’ kooky, slapstick style! The colour is vibrant and rich, the details are well thought out from fixtures and fittings to entire scenes, the dialogue is clever and moving and the updating of the Disney-version really makes this something worth seeing and remembering. Great film 🙂


Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1988) – another revamped version of the story in which Drew Barrymore and Prince Charming’s characters are developed more. The part where Fella tries to act with self confidence reminded me of this film though understandably not to the same extent as this has a more serious tone.

Rags to Riches (1987) – A rich businessman adopts 5 orphans as a PR stunt for a merger and has no intention of raising them but through no fault of their own they end up raising hell for his work but he learns to love them. More of a musical than Cinderfella.

Lastly is a film I can’t remember or find the title for and maybe one of you know it – an old Black & White film in which a young lady wins some money, quits her job and goes to the ‘big city’ to spend it all whilst pretending to be high society. There she meets an annoying bellboy who keeps getting sacked who turns out to be a prince in disguise.


Automatic Water Distiller – Crystal clear water? Nah, clearer :-)

Automatic water distiller distillation machine

Distilling water is a time, labour and resource heavy process (that took me a while to perfect!) So this is basically a product that does the work for you, uses less energy and makes a fair amount of end product for the time taken though for someone new to distillation some of the info might be a bit surprising.

What is distillation and what are the uses?

Distillation for water is basically the process of heating water to boiling point (100 deg C), maintaining that level or higher and siphoning off the steam, that steam is the distilled water. As the liquid has become light enough to separate from the main body and lift, it does so without all the heavier properties and additives generally found in natural or treated water. Hence it doesn’t contain the natural minerals, metals and nutrients of mountain/spring waters (so it’s actually purer than ‘pure’ water or perhaps ‘empty’ would be another term) nor the chemical concoctions, heavy metals or things like fluoride added to or falls into water from runs offs or rain for example.

Distilled water has many uses and is commonly used for cleaning equipment/tools; many associate it with industrial use (and it’s certainly easier to produce in such places as a machine bi-product from all the heat) but there are many home uses. It can be used for cosmetic making, home remedies, brewing, necessary for some cleaning equipment like some steam cleaners and irons, and perhaps sterilization of eating/drinking items. I’ve also come across some folk who use it for the cleaning their fish tanks.

It is fine to use distilled water for food, it’s simply water and hydrates and helps the body, but of course it needs to be accompanied in a nutrient rich diet if it’s re-mineralization and vitamins you’re after. That is particularly true for exercise or low blood pressure (feeling light headed/faint) – where mineral water, coconut water/juice or something other rich liquid would be more suitable.

The Machine and Using it

I bought mine from eBay for approx £100 nowadays it’s approx £85 and upto £270 on Amazon. Unfortunately mine needed a universal adapter for the plug so remember to check about that if interested. This version is plastic on the outside and stainless steel on the inside but metal finish ones are also available.


1) The distiller itself separates to:

* The head with nozzle for steam to pass through and a connection wire to attach it to the..

* Main body to hold the water

* Power cord/plug

2) Within the nozzle is a replaceable filter

* The filter is made from activated carbon (rolled sheet types: >400), commonly used for high level filters activated carbon is different from regular burning or drawing charcoal and is used for various things including detoxing, digestive aid and in some cases poison control. It can strip the body of the good/helpful metals/minerals as well as the heavy metals (like some consumable clays – notably bentonite and zeolite – but also very beneficial).

* Extra filters can be bought separately and the rate of change depends on how frequently the distiller is used.

3) A separate jug/container to catch the steam – sits around the nozzle and comes with a cap. Mine was plastic which I didn’t like so used a different container but it state it was high heat resistant plastic.

4) Washing up liquid/detergent

5) Manual

This was the easiest method of distillation I’ve come across because all it took was filling the main body with tap or mineral water to the line, putting the head on, attaching the lead between the head and body, adding the power cord and plugging it in! (Whilst remembering to put the water container under the nozzle.) It had a start/on button but not a finish/off one as it automatically stopped itself but it could be ended early by switching off the mains/socket. This is the only method I’ve seen where you can leave the water unattended, multi-task, actually sit down if you want and get distracted 😉 and come back later. It’s very convenient. (That doesn’t mean leave the property and forget about it though! It’s not a slow cooker.)

It can also be run continuously all day according to the manual, with only a short cooling period between each go. I never tried that but have heard that it works fine that way. Personally when I used it multiple times a day I let it cool down quite a bit first just in case and to prolongue its life span.

The time involved to make this doesn’t sound appealing but this machine was marketed as very energy efficient using very little electricity.

Note – as with a filter jug the manual said not to use the first batch, to throw it out to remove anything left from the manufacturing and packing processes (in this case that does sounds like a waste, I can’t remember if I listened or just washed the insides first…)


This obviously handles very hot water (upto 160deg C) so take care when removing the head. It only feels warm from the outside but I found it best to lift the head at an angle lest getting a blast of steam in my face/on hands. You can leave it a few minutes to cool a bit first – it’s a bit like a metal kettle in that I find I’m more likely to get burned by the initial steam from one of their spouts than a plastic one…

Bear in mind that you can’t use more or less water than the line marked, that might sound obvious but there’s quite a few appliances that are ‘flexible’ and the difference doesn’t impair their performance so much. This one has a maximum time limit and does not have a lot of extra space in the main body so extra water could cause too much steam or gushing and too little could mean burning the heating element. I’m not saying use a spirit level and check the meniscus but don’t be over or under zealous 🙂

Apparently if you put warm-hot water in it the production time is automatically shortened (as per the principles of cooking in various room temperatures i.e. taking longer in cold and shorter in hot places) again something I never tried but also something I was a bit reluctant about. For example my Soylove (milk/tofu/soup maker) takes less time when used in successive rounds but it isn’t exactly the same each time. Also whilst both have temperature controls it’s not something I wanted to test since I had to use an awkward universal adapter, different to the one I usually use, on the plug a few times and it got in the way of the socket switch meaning I had to manually turn off the distiller, and if I wasn’t on time the steel at the bottom started to burn.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Distilled water itself should not produce lime scale but the production of it causes the water to separate so there will be some ‘dirt’/scale left over after using the machine a few times. I remember the recommended cleaning protocol being quite time consuming and more than I expected. Basically the manual said to use their recommended detergent only (how helpful, not) to not only clean the inside but the outside plastic of the distiller (yeah how long would that last). I just wiped clean the outside.

For the inside it recommended rinsing each day after using which was fine and once a month do what I call a ‘deep clean’. That involved putting a little detergent inside, filling it with hot water (I never used boiling) and switching it on for about 20-25min (with no on/off button that meant directly turning the switch off at the socket). Discard that soapy/dirty water and rinse with clean.

The distilled/water container could be washed like a regular plastic bottle not needing the ‘special’ detergent. I actually never used the detergent anyway since I couldn’t tell whether it was vegan friendly or not and just used a gentle alternative instead, never had any problems with that.

Take care not to submerge any part of the distiller or get any water into the head – so when doing the normal rinse just pour the water inside the main body, swish, throw out and wipe; don’t put it in a sink/bowl of water.

It was recommended to change the filter every 2-3 months, which I could understand given they were very small and if used frequently but I saw them as an extra (and great) level of filtration so I changed it at 6 months. It’s not required for old fashioned distillation and more on the reverse osmosis side where the filters tend to be a lot bigger and the process slower.

How does it hold up against regular/traditional home distillation methods?

For some great and easy to understand methods of distillation take a looksee here: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Distilled-Water

The average output is 1liter per hour for 4 hours. That’s pretty average for traditional distillation as well depending on the materials used and room temperate however since those are variable I can get 1.5l an hour or 2 if lucky but that said the opposite it also true, so it’s hit and miss. At least this way you know you’ll get 4l at the end of 4 hours (unless you’re in the mountains and it takes more energy and longer just to heat up to standard room temp) rather than possibly 3l after 6 hours using a traditional method in Winter. If you’re in a hot place the temperature sensor should shut it off if it gets too hot and your overall production time should be shortened.

As aforementioned with traditional methods you tend to have to be on your guard, it takes some getting used to and experimenting to get a formula that works for you and build up a ‘time awareness’ as it needs consistent checking and topping up as the water is converted into steam, then allowing for the temperature to rise again and being as quick as possible if using multiple containers so as not to break the chain for too long and wasting. It’s long, hot work, and can be sweaty and messy work. Plus cleaning up all the time is annoying.

All in all I’d say this type of distiller is better for newbies and people who use a lot of distilled water and/or frequently. Also for those who can’t do heavy lifting; this is a few kg in weight when full but it’s nowhere near as much lifting as other methods. Whereas those who need it once in a while it may be better to use a modified method from the above link (those are designed for making enough to store so some people may prefer scaling down or using varied equipment from what they’ve already got at home) and since appliances in general are not easy to dispose of.

Advantages: Consistent results, energy efficient, doesn’t need supervision.

Disadvantages: Quite heavy, not so easy to clean.