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Blog Makeover 7

My yearly blog makeovers seem to be getting earlier and earlier each year *blush* but I just couldn’t help it this time ๐Ÿ˜› I hope you like it!

Here’s a rundown of the last six:







And this is how I feel- ‘Pure’ by Superchick:


World Homeless Day – How Convenient – We’re Evicted

So as usual on the caravan site where we live the owner’s (other residents and staff including the owner’s family) throw their weight around using our rented plot for their convenience. They know they have to ask permission but today’s excuse is “you don’t have a car so I can park here” (and put the engine on in front of you to leave running to annoy you and leave his property on our porch as well as a ton of arguing and aggression from him/staff & the owner herself hence we’re heavily outnumbered and outshouted) whilst admitting that he purposely ignored the designated parking spaces and his car is lovely in his opinion so it’s fine by him to park it right in front of us so we can look at it and despite agreeing that he wouldn’t expect or like others to park on his property (though he considers the entire park his family’s regardless of tenants). That gets us… Given (knocking via the side door not the front door for some reason, as if the porch isn’t ‘ours’ either) a vague memo on headed paper acting as an eviction notice. I read it, went to ask for his mother, who typed it, he shouts “I’m not allowed to talk to you, I’ve got four witnesses” (there was only one in eyeshot) “fine, I’ll look for her” I reply and as soon as I turn my back he yells after me “ok I can’t help myself” and pontificates about how they can evict whoever they want whenever they want, it’s their park and they’ve just done the same to the lady at No:1 who “didn’t have a leg to stand on” apparently and then blames us for this not being a residential park denying that the onus is on them for being open all year round like a private residential or part private residential/holiday park and letting to us for almost 3 years. They’d previously stated they’re open all year round and do long term lets because “we don’t care”. We do care and so pay council tax for this as our main/only and permanent residence and when we signed up ironically whilst there are other long term tenants and owners the council only had one address as paying.

Funnily enough the memo conveniently cites a different member of staff (not one of her sons), and not the owner who greeted us when we moved in. It’s not a solicitor’s letter properly served but they seem to believe that threatening behaviour “if you’re not out in 4 weeks the sheriff will get you” and successful eviction of another tenant recently allows them to do what they want e.g. the tenant who they forced out and replaced her caravan after she moved, and threatening that if we try to move to another park he’ll warn them about us. I told him that was a threat and he changed his mind “I’ll give you a glowing reference”. It’s also apparently our fault for not being given any terms and conditions when we moved in, and them not wanting to supply us with a retrospective contract (which they don’t have/didn’t provide); it was all verbal and informal which wasn’t a problem at the time but of course that means they feel and seemed to have gotten away with doing whatever they want even though we pay our rent and utilities.

What I find interesting is that today they’re removing the caravan next to us which was occupied and have just done the same to No:24, evicting or moving people to renovate/upgrade? Goodness knows our caravan needs it, extremely dilapidated from the start with furniture and fixings unsuitable for purpose and a lack of structural integrity (windows/doors). It’s not an accusation, just wondering.



I change the look of the blog annually, this is the 6th makeover ๐Ÿ™‚

This was the last one:

5 Screenshot




The looks that got us to this day:










‘Does My Bum Look Big in This?’ – Fashionista Award :-)

Fashionista Blog Award I was honoured enough to receive this award twice, first from Camila of TheGeekChickBlog and then from HuiMin from HuiMinxoxo; I don’t usually do more than one post on the occasion I receive an award more than once but since I’m a ‘slow poke’ I hadn’t got round to writing the reciprocation post to Camila when HuiMin awarded me too. Funnily enough I was going to nominate HuiMin for the award when I received it from Camila but she beat me to it! So in this instance I’m writing a post in thanks to both of the lovely ladies for their generous gestures ๐Ÿ™‚

Additionally I find this award to be quite unique in that the creator has a personal touch and likes to be informed as to whose been nominated and explains that this is a chain of recognition and thanks which I think is lovely. So I’ve duly left a comment on her post letting her know I was awarded and to my awardees, please feel free to do the same.

This is her link: http://thatchicfashionblog.wordpress.com/the-fashionista-award/ ๐Ÿ™‚


Reference the blogger who nominated you

Answer 10 questions asked of you by the nominator

Link back to the award creator and nominate 10 others for the award

Inform the 10 nominees and ask them to comment on the creatorโ€™s page to enter to win the award

Give 10 questions for your nominees to answer

Questions to Me:

I’ve answered a mix from both of my nominator’s questions otherwise there’d be too many and some were duplicates ๐Ÿ™‚

1) What motivated you to start blogging?

ย I started this blog at first as a help guide for the rules, nuances and community know how for other members of Chicstar.com and as somewhere to keep and showcase my fashion designs for the ongoing design contest there where they ‘accept’ designs to make prototypes for auction and if successful/’wins’ the design is produced and sold in their store. There’s also a weekly customer photo competition and a myriad of other contests/initiatives that come and go. Six years later, a few hundred designs, 89 photos submitted I was the only old member who had never been accepted or won. So I decided to call it quits except a few comments now and then. I was a member for a long time before I started this blog so I just started posting my designs here from that point. No one can say I was a quitter, I kept trying to improve, be innovative and creative/versatile yet keep the target audiences in mind etc but when something is so deeply and/or publicly humiliating and frustrating it’s best to cut the ties.

After that the blog obviously took a different direction and has continued to do so opening up into various sections which I like because I post in more subjects. That doesn’t mean one topic doesn’t have enough scope to blog about as many of the theme focused blogs demonstrate very well but I’m a bit like a tree, I have roots and branches ๐Ÿ™‚ (maybe the odd woodpecker). It’s not a business blog either so I’m not looking for popularity, I like that I can keep a personal touch and post when I can/want instead of feel obligated or pressured.

I should have started blogging earlier really like a couple of people around me recommended, instead of nattering with them ๐Ÿ˜›

2) Favorite movies?

This is a handy question because I’ve already written my top five on my blog so I don’t have to think about it!

a. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone (2001),

1 - Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stoneb. 9 to 5 (1980),

nine to five 1980 jane fonda dolly parton lily tomlin judy violet dora lee franklin hartc. Short Circuit (1986),

Short Circuit Johnny 5 Stephanie Robot Friends Filmd. Without a Clue (1988), and

Without A Clue 1988 Detective Comedy Spoof Sherlock Holmes Dr Watson Ben Kingsley Michael Cainee) The Age of Innocence (1993).

The Age of Innocence Michelle Pheiffer Daniel Day Lewis Winona Ryder Edith Wharton Film Review Martin Scorsese 1993

Like many people I’ve seen a lot of films and so many are enthralling, moving, inspiring, visual treat/arty, intriguing, surreal etc but many of the ‘best’ or ‘most well made’ films are ones that I couldn’t/wouldn’t watch again or would have to feel ‘ready’ for usually because they’re overwhelming and/or harrowing; nowadays the ones that I like the best are heartfelt and if possible have a good laugh involved.

3) What is youโ€™re dream career?

I really don’t have those kinds of aspirations anymore, I’d just like to retire!

4) How do you decide on your outfit every day?

I try to think about it the night before but it’s also a balance between my mood and how appropriate an outfit would be for whatever I’m doing, so I could end up in ‘rough’ pants (e.g. skater/hiking/combats) and a cute/smart top lol. How healthy/fit I feel also comes into it, don’t want a fitted top if I don’t feel I’ve digested properly for example. That said I think if you’ve got the right amount of flair for yourself the exact details of what you’re wearing don’t matter as much.

5) How much do you spend on shopping for fashion items each month?

Nothing, nil, nada – haven’t bought fashion items in I dunno two years now I think – oh wait I bought some socks a couple of months ago.

6) What kind of shoes do you prefer?

Comfortable, strong/durable, with at least an inch heel or all over sole as I can’t wear flats and with enough ‘give’/bounce to take the weight and not throw it back up through my bones as I’m walking. I’ve never been a stiletto person, though I can tolerate platforms and wedges but I really prefer curved soles on a good study shoe which is unlikely to buckle. I have four pairs of shoes, one pair of boots and one pair of slippers; all Black so versatile (not that I really care whether they clash a bit). Always been like that, had a pair of Gold wedges that I loved and wore to death but I find comfortable shoes in my size hard to find and I keep them well.

7) How would you revamp/spice up an outfit?

Accessories are the classic answer and rightly so but I tend to just change hairstyle and/or makeup which I guess are similar or extended versions of accessories, they fall into ‘adornment’ anyway :-). If I was feeling carefree… I’d give the item to Mum and it’d probably come back looking unrecognizable at first, She’s awesome at metamorphasizing/fixing things.

8) Describe youโ€™re dream vacation?

Sailing as leisurely as possible down the Amazon on a small-ish/medium boat and hopefully don’t mess up and end ‘up the river without a paddle!’ That or cruise on a floating island. Then again there’s plenty of interesting places, the Hellhole in W.Virginia, the Great Blue Hole Belize, Bermuda triangle, the black forest… Ok I’ve got it – the natural hot spring baths that cover and overlap on the mountains in Turkey called Pamukkale


9) What are the goals for youโ€™re blog?

I dunno, it pretty much does what it wants and goes its way, like my hair.

10) If you had the opportunity to interview a celebrity, who would it be?

None, I have an aversion to celebrities in general though not necessarily specifically and of those specifics there’s a few I’d like to get some bloody answers out of though it wouldn’t be a stereotypical interview.


This is a particularly difficult award to pass on because there are so many amazing, interesting and creative fashionists out there who put a lot of effort into their wardrobe and image. Though of course fashion blogs are also about personal style, tips as well as the presentation and weather/lighting permitting (and assuming we wake up with generally decent skin and hair functioning instead of looking like lightening struck us) good photography! I particularly appreciate fbloggers who keep, re-use, upcycle, recycle, donate and thrift clothing and those with an interest in ethical/fairtrade/eco fashion.

Taking fashion photography of oneself also takes an amount of confidence and self-acceptance which doesn’t come naturally to us all. I wasn’t originally into personal photography and absolutely shied away from the camera as well as disposed of pics I came across with me in them lol so the only ones I had were kiddy and annual school photos. Then I was forced into having to get used to taking pics due to a long distance relationship and learned a fair bit realizing I had to send the good with the bad, candid with posed, and different types from grainy webcam to clear daylight. This was before the days of selfies and it’s true to say I still only sent a bunch periodically rather than continuously but I do know how much work goes into taking photos especially ones that you want to keep. So without further ado here are the awarded fashionists for you:

Shaaz at MizShaazStyle – Super hawt and versatile, unusual style with great attention to detail.

Lovely lady at TheFashionHuntress – A nice, cool breath of air style wise – elegant/casual chic.

Mindy at TheGeekySeamstress – A creative and nimble fingered cosplayer, great costumes!

Leah at LeahPereyra – A lady who displays boho, wearable chic very well.

Lovely ladies at IWearMySariwithJeans – Their name says it all really; grand detail effortlessly mixed in, decadent photography.

Dapper dude at WellDressedGeek – He’s well dressed, dapper and puts mood into his photography.

Nadia at ListenGirlfriends – Hard hitting, on point with thought provoking fashion and ethical items in general.

Stephanie at SheisSoEco – Bringing attention to eco fashion and beauty brands and looks lovely doing it.

Katie at ThriftYourHeartOut – The lady loves thrifting, a pro showcasing and styling her finds for others.

Eliseba at DoodlesDoodads – A thrifter with dreams, interesting thoughts and of course style.

My questions for them

1) At what age did you know you were a fashionist, or knew you would be one day? (let alone blog about it!)

2) What’s the no:1 thing f-blogging has taught you about writing/presenting to an audience?

3) Do you machine wash items labeled ‘hand wash’ or ‘dry clean’ only? ๐Ÿ˜‰

4) Do you consider yourself a savvy or impulse buyer, or a bit of both?

5) What is your favourite trend; e.g. neon, colour blocking, monochrome, pattern mixing, leggings, big accessories, socks with sandals!?

6) What is your least liked or just most disliked trend?

7) What are your pet peeves or no:1 pet peeve about fashion, be it the industry or how it impacts society? E.g. ever changing sizing, fast fashion, keeping up with the catwalk etc

8) What’s your favourite thing about your style?

9) What you’re least liked thing about your style that you’d like to change/improve?

10) If you could have helped come up with one of the major fashion innovations/trends in the past, which would it have been?

Then just for a bit of fun

Some oldies but goodies.

Some of my worst styling:

Yeah that jacket never got worn again (and pvc is an environmental no-no)

Yeah that jacket never got worn again (and pvc is an environmental no-no)

Thou shalt not wear puffer jackets (unless ski-ing or it's really cold, again what's up with that fabric?)

Thou shalt not wear puffer jackets (unless skiing or it’s really cold and in the right size! Again what’s up with that fabric?)

This next outfit started out ok and then ETphonehome :-S see sometimes adding accessories and mixing patterns doesn’t work!

Not sure about:

I quite like the idea of wearing t-shirts under blazers but I’m not sure

picture 249


On the flipside, unfortunately I don’t have pics of what I consider my best outfits but here are some of my faves since starting this blog:

Navy Denim Stripe Jeans Turtle Polo Roll Neck Turtleneck Rollneck

Indian Sari Sequin Skirt Black Retro Halter Top

Ruffle Check Brown Blouse Black Fishtail Skirt

Fashionists and non-fashionists alike we all make faux pas and then at other times it all comes together ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for the award and for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


Versatile Blogger Award – Can You Pat Your Head & Rub Your Tummy?

Versatile Blogger AwardHmm it was quite some time ago that I was able to lean on my stomach and stretch my feet over my head to sit on my shoulders (a tad more than ‘Whole Wheel Pose’ in yoga) but I have been kindly awarded with The Versatile Blogger Award for still being somewhat supple as a blogger ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m grateful to Lauren at LuceLuxeLifestyle for the honor and humbly apologize for taking so bloomin’ long in responding. She awarded me near the start of my recent illness which took a long time to dissipate and I just didn’t get round to it nor felt upbeat enough to participate. Plus I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say in the personal facts section of the award and have been so tired I haven’t been keeping up with blog reading so as to pass this on. However the good Goddess that is my Mother has been pestering me, I mean gently pushing, to simply get on with it. Again thank you very much Lauren for the award and I enjoyed reading your own acceptance post which can be read HERE It’s always interesting to learn more about bloggers and spread a little joy in the blogosphere ๐Ÿ™‚

The Rules

โ€œThe Versatile Blogger Award is an award given to you by your blogger peers, for writing quality posts that have somehow touched them, having good quality photographs, and the uniqueness of the subjects covered. The award is to honor the bloggers who bring something special to your life.โ€

If you wish to accept, the rules for the Versatile Blogger award are as follows.

– Display the award certificate.

– Announce your win and thank the blogger who nominated you.

– Present max. 13 deserving bloggers with the award.

– Link your nominees in this post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.

– Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

For my part

Seven facts eh, seven… Seven, seven! Seven dwarves? Seven days of the week, we’re in July the seventh month, seven colours in the rainbow? There’s a lot of interesting things about the number Seven that’s for sure and I just read an interesting article at the Daily Mail Online about the popularity of the number.

I’ll start and finish with the most interesting/fun stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

1) I’ve been thinking about the cultural popularity of bears lately and the ones that stood out the most for me as depicted below. The Care Bears (and friends) are probably some of the most favourite though icons like Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear still enjoy cultural grace and even The Wombles have made a comeback! (Which is great since they’re socially responsible, though we’re not entirely sure they’re bears, but bear-like anyway.)

There are also the well loved Gummi Bears, Ewoks and who could leave out the ever charming Sooty, Sweep and Soo?

My preference tends to be for those that aren’t as remembered anymore including Rupert the Bear, The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin and something I remember finding funny but without any detailed recollection: Rainbow.

My favourite has to be these furry friends though, I just love the Paw Paws! (Listen to the theme tune at least ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

2) I asked mum for a fact and she said I Am the Fact (yes she speaks in Bold Italics, Underlined). Also I’m always looking worldwide for answers and have never found any other fact.

3) I was freegan for a year. I was already frugal and was brought up to only really spend on food and bills whereas everything else could be found and/or fixed, school meals were the bulk meals, and Mum would not accept gifts and would even get angry/upset if anything as spent on/for Her because it was a ‘waste’. I got lax in my mid-20’s when I got into buying second hand/vintage clothing from autions, fairs, charity shops etc but went back to losing more than gaining and have learned to be even more savvy. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone or think such experience is ever necessary/essential or should happen in this world let alone the situation we have with countless born into it. I’m not one to be thankful for making the best of things and thinking of them as a valuable learning experience, I’d rather address the issues/beings/causes and support those affected rather than be grateful for the ‘generosity’/’favour’ of unethical and unfair living aka survival. Just because some of us learn from experience doesn’t mean we should have had to or such a situation should exist in the first place.

4) I was pretty robust as a child, had all kinds of falls, tumbles, broken/burnt/bruised bits and just got up, walked away or tried again or sometimes had the wounds treated if necessary. Never cried as a baby either apparently.

5) Some people seem to think I’m well groomed and some kind of ‘it/snooty/popular girl’ that they dislike on pre-first impressions, I say pre-first to basically mean ‘on sight’ a quick glance/read. *Tch* I’ve been in a salon twice in my life, both times as a awkward looking, skinny kid waiting for my mum to get her roots done – the one thing She allowed for Herself as well as makeup (which she bought cheap in bulk and kept way longer than recommended) but then many can attest that looking the way you feel you need to is a massive driving force, helps to fill holes in the soul and a creative outlet. However in accordance with the waste not, want not style She never went back and instead realized we could do it ourselves cheaper, quicker and using gentler/less ingredients. I’m glad, it took ages sitting there waiting. Needless to say I was helping and then doing Her hair and later She started doing mine. I can be ‘sleek’ and ‘elegant’ but it’s not me nor do I want it to be so even though I may look like whatever negative image stereotype that springs to people’s minds sometimes – I put more effort into health and value and any looks I have are hard kept/won. There’s way better looking folk, more symmetrical, less flawed, generally in better condition peeps out there as well as the greater number of people who put the effort into faking it til they make it or obsessing over it – some with more time, resources, intent, entourage of stylists/yes-people or fashion mags/media. In regards to the ‘it/snooty’ or uppity bit – I’m serious, dead serious whilst appreciative of lighter things but I’m not mean and as for popularity – I really couldn’t be bothered trying to wrangle and successfully manage that fickle monster.

6) Mum, kitty, feathery folk and myself have our own language – ok mostly I just mm-hmm my way through conversations with Mum though I get my fair share or wry comments in there. We can wake up and get through whole mornings using various grunts, huffs and sounds understanding each other without needing English/obvious meows and squawks.

Other times it’s silly like this morning when Mum was too tired to get up and her and Kitty were doing their usual ‘I’ve got my eyes on you’ silent, staring/adoring, competition/conversing. Mum kept dropping hints at me to cook and said she was too tired to even go to the bathroom and if Kitty could go for her. “You can’t do that kind of thing by proxy!”, Why not, it’s only fair, you would wouldn’t you Kitty?, *Kitty looks at me*, *I scowl and go cook*.

7) I’ve often thought about going to a fancy dress party and even had costumes ready but never got round to it! Recently I read an awesome post from Vanessa about visiting a comic con HERE and got round to thinking again about what/who I’d dress up as.

My favourites have always been:


She-Ra Princess of Power Strongest Woman in the Universe

But I could never wear that outfit.


Rogue X-men Xmen X-Woman Xwoman

Again the outfit probably wouldn’t suit me.


Storm X-men Xmen X-Woman Xwoman

This one though really speaks to me. Sidenote – I don’t think Halle Berry had anywhere near the gravitas or stern yet kind/sincere aura to play Storm.


Wolverine X-Man X-men Xmen Xman

Probably wouldn’t need to do anything to it to feminize it, would have to think about what to substitute the blades with to wear them practically.

Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite Starlite Twink

The dress is too short for me but could easily be lengthened.

But I’ve really wanted to go as:

Death Discworld

I figured it’d basically be the Black ensemble/cloak, scythe, mask and LED eyes. *Sigh* my darling Death of Discworld, he’s such a hottie โค

So I guess I’d be more like this:

Lady Death

Note – I prefer this outfit and the earlier ones she has in training to the usual string bikini thing she ended up wearing.


Passing the award on

As aforementioned I haven’t recently been keeping up to date the with the great many blogs out there let alone the ones on my reader so I can’t fill all 13 spaces for this particular award (though there’s another one in the works – the Fashionista Award for which I can add different bloggers to). That said there are many possible contenders with great blogs whether big, medium or small in size/following with a lot of interesting content and many who tend not to or do not wish to participate in blog awards as is their choice. ๐Ÿ™‚

1) Allison at Long and Luxe – she has a thought provoking, inspirational blog.

2) Lady Kate at Into The Stratosphere – lovely boho style and interests/reviews.

3) Stephanie at Budget Friendly Too – a wonderfully informative eco-health blog.

4) Camila at The Geek Chick Blog – a fun lifestyle blog with pearls of wisdom.

5) John at Story Time with John – Stories from his life as a teacher and traveler in a laugh out loud or stomach churning way, not satire yet tongue in cheek but heck truth is stranger than fiction.

6) Vanessa at Ness Bow – beautiful and insightful lifestyle blog.

7) Healthy Life Pursuits – what this blogger can do with a few, simple, wholesome ingredients is so creative, love the recipes.

Thanks again Lauren, to my readers and to bloggers/blogs that help inform and inspire me! โญ


3 From 1 Back and To 1 From 3

In my last post I mentioned doing some designing, the design was my blog makeover. Traditionally I overhaul the blog in July but I suddenly felt like doing it now and since it takes a lot of time and effort to get to a point I’m happy with it was best to do it there and then with the inspiration.

I had originally intended to go with a Black and White background with bright Red and White banner – something bold and edgy, but I couldn’t get it right try as I might. Then Mum woke up, we worked on it together and ended up with something totally different, something actually much bolder in its simplicity than the mosaic I was working on before. As usual I was fussy over ‘balance’ of colours, positioning etc finding it difficult but managed to make Mum’s ideas come to life in balance with my own.

Then later I found out that Sunday 15th June 2014 is Trinity Day…

So I was going to post this on Sunday but I’m running ahead of schedule. Trinity Day is usually thought of as the father/son(sun/light)/holy ghost(spirit) which is based on older triads e.g. the incestuous and insidious Shiv/Brahma/Vishnu (Vishnu more commonly known as Ram or Krishna) and their consort triad Laksmi/Pavarti/Saraswati. Those and other patriarchal triads such as Al-Lat/Al-Uzza/Manat, Qudshu/Astarte/Anat, Isis, Hecate, Brigid, Morrigan, the Spinners/Werdes later to become the Fates/Norns/Wyrds (based on the matriarchal MahaVidyas/Fibonacci Goddesses – servants of the Mother) were based on the more primal matriarchal Maid/Mother/Crone which is based on the original Daughter/Mother/Dark Mother aka Bala/Lalita/Kali or 3 from 1 Dea later called Sophia.

Since my blog design is based on a trinity from 1 aka all me but in three forms and the banner shows left to right the Mother, Dark Mother and Daughter it’s perfect. Ah synchronicity even to the colours of the banner text which kept my original thought for the colour scheme which I was later reminded had links to the Daughter/Mother/Dark Mother.

I really liked the raspberry ripple 3rd version, it was ‘sharp, young, hip’ but I feel at home with this one, I don’t even need time to ‘get used to it’.

For the sake of record here’s a screenshot of the last incarnation:

Substance AND Style 3

And here’s the previous makeover post I wrote on July 13th 2013, I don’t think I’ll need to do another.


Today I just felt the urge to do a blog theme makeover and so I did it and then realized it’s been almost a year since I did the last one! Can you say synchronicity?

I thought I’d go for a sharper, young and hip look – something stylish for a fashion and beauty blog though still artistic.

For new readers and those that still like the last look here’s a screenshot:


And here’s the last ‘blogiversary’ post I made which has some good points for those thinking about updating:

So it’s been almost a year since I started this blog and I’d been thinking for a while “the blog needs a new look, how can I update it, what should I do?” It went on like that for a while, a veritable mental block of um-ing and ah-ing, and a little trial and error. As my long term subscribers will know I’ve given the blog a face lift and made it more functional but I wanted a total makeover.

Then finally, during a Mercury retrograde prompt computer meltdown, I finally had enough andย  decided “just do it!”

I could have gone through the whole process of Q&A in a quick checklist fashion, which would have gone something like this:

1) What do I want the blog/theme to look like?

2) What do I want it to express?

3) What would my readers like?

4) Do I need to change the WP theme?

5) How much detail do I want?

6) How long with the look last and will it stay relevant?

Blah blah blah etc etc

All very important questions and considerations, but I’d been thinking about those in bits and bobs over the aforementioned dawdling period and so pulled up my bootstraps, got my act together and just started drawing.

I knew what elements I wanted to keep and what I was generally going for, I just didn’t know how I was going to achieve it, but once I started, it naturally came together in one go. Usually I have a few options/variations of any design but strangely enough I like this the way it is and I think that in itself is auspicious, or so I hope. That’s how it was with the first theme too, it was a quick process yet adequately expressed where I was at that point as a first time blogger. It was individual, arty, abstract with lot’s a bight, harmonious colour in a vibrant display of enthusiasm – my blog was new and it felt new.

Anyway – this new look is a development on the old. A simpler, more polished ย look yet still arty/fun, but cleaner. More focused. That doesn’t mean I know lots about blogging, but like the proverbial tortoise I’m steadily moving along and give thanks to my mother for being a constant inspiration and helper (and constant ‘most likely to give me a heart attack or breakdown at a young age’… ahem) ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s how it looked before, though certain features such as the title and tag line were recently changed/added:

I probably haven’t finished the new look, as with anything it will need tweaking but I think that it’s basically good to go. Therefore welcome to my re-fashioned blog, I hope you like it.




Muhahaha I won an on air radio competition!


No way?

I kid you not.

Today I went on air on Capital Radio ‘London’s No.1 Hit Music Station’ (potentially 8 million listeners) at a prime slot to tell people about a costly mishap, well a slapstick series of events. I won’t go into it because I think enough people heard it already given the station’s popularity and it was embarrassing/humiliating enough!

I had to tell it in a funny way but I’m an old fashioned, droll person with a sardonic tone of voice that gets more emphatic accompanied by expressive hands as I go along and my voice is kinda deep to boot (though changes to girlish now and then of its own accord). The person contacting me coached on how to deliver, tone of voice and frequency i.e. straight to the point, bubbly and fast so I couldn’t tell it the way I would have but that’s ok (and I’m not usually a bad raconteur in person!) I also had to speak much louder than usual. I think my voice came out a tad slower and teensy bit less energetic than a chipmunk but at least I was understandable, didn’t trip over my words or fall into umming and ahhing!

So what did I win? ยฃ500. Not much but when you don’t have it, it can be hefty. Suffice to say it will almost all have to go on bills and a couple of gifts but I’m going to try and squeeeeze a tiny bit aside to treat us with, heck I haven’t had fresh fruit or veg at home since my pineapple salad post, I think we deserve it!

Pineapple Carrot Chillie Salad Gajar Ka Achar

I’m just waiting on the competition team with the prize details now, I’m outdated and thought I’d be put through to them on the phone straight afterwards but was told they’d contact me shortly *rubs hands stressfully thinking about what food I’m going to make!*

Do I feel lucky? Well, do I?

Oh please. Well… If luck is a freak incident or series of coincidences then I guess I was extremely lucky in this competition though it came at a price! I’ve been regularly entering competitions for 7 years now, both direct ones where you just enter your contact details and effort based ones where you have to put together an entry submission or in this case, go on air. I’ve won six prizes, mainly books and the biggest (and best imo) prize being this tub of coconut oil.

Viridian Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Hell I’ve put hours and hours (and hours) into competitions and have entered thousands, some one off entries and others where you have to enter consistently. Obviously most tribulation, frustration and heartache comes with the effort based ones especially when the winners are picked on popularity, who can social network the most, chosen randomly, or when it’s the same characters being chosen again and again. If there’s a Silver lining I guess I can say at least I do it out of necessity rather than addiction… Wait, that doesn’t sound good either… At least I started as a creative outlet and hobby, phew good intentions save the day!

Anyway, it’s true to say that for all those people that have weekly or monthly wins or big wins instead of regular ones and have somehow caught the favour of ‘Lady Luck’ or whoever’s in charge there’s a heck of a lot more who don’t win, it only takes one person to beat you (the same as with anything in life), and even more who don’t enter at all. So I’m grateful for this win and give a solemn nod to all those who enter and enter, try their best, lose their mojo, pick themselves up and try again, repeat the vicious cycle and perhaps eventually give up. A lucky break can happen, it’s not guaranteed and I wouldn’t recommend comping as a hobby but if you have to, you gotta be in it to win it.

Thanks and all the best!


Wonderful Team Member Readership Award


Dasha at GreenMakeup passed this award on to me and being that I find her blog and effort amazing I’m very glad to receive it ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s what she has posted about herself from her About page:

โ€œI need to express myself through colours and brushes. With creating new looks and images I fly in my own world. I love to work with different kinds of people and Iโ€™m very happy when my work makes people feel beautiful and unique.โ€

My make-up artist career started several years ago at University, where I studied fashion design. I have been inspired by the beautiful world of fashion, make-up and colours since ever. During my studies I started to expand my knowledge with several make-up courses, workshops and assistant works. Then I decided that the passion for make-up will become my profession. First I worked for magazines, fashion shows and video productions in my country. Then I moved to Milano for a year and later to Paris where I gained precious experiences while working with professional models from all over the world, especially on photo shootings and in showroom. Meanwhile, I also made a huge change in my perception about beauty products and lifestyle. I had an opportunity to collaborate with a beauty salon, that used just organic cosmetics. When Iโ€™ve worked for the first time with natural make-up, I was very surprised and at the same time excited about this new discovery. The results had shocked me in a positive way. Iโ€™ve tried a completely organic skincare on my face for the first time and my skin looked younger, fresh and felt really healthy. That occasion led me to dig deeper in this new field. I started reading and trying new organic products and especially learning about the harmful ingredients in cosmetics. I even realized that I had some health issues in the past because of using too much chemicals, even in cosmetics. My make-up kit is now filled with lots of natural cosmetics. However, when doing a professional photo shooting, I still have to use professional products to gain a perfect and lasting look. But I do my best to include more and more natural products even there as well. Otherwise, on myself I always wear just the best natural cosmetics.

My wish for the future is to create my own truly green make-up brand and to write a book about the new concept of beauty!

I really like sharing my experiences, expand my knowledge, make new connections and start new collaborations. But most of all, I love make-up!

I kindly invite you to read my blog, share your thoughts with me and most of all: ENJOY!

Dasha โ€“ makeup artist, writer & editor of this blog

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1. The Nominee of the Wonderful Team member Readership Award shall display the logo on his/her post/page and/or sidebar

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My nominations

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A Great Reader Is…

Someone who reads your posts consistently, not necessarily all of your posts or reads them thoroughly but skims enough regularly to get the gist, leaves a comment showing they have done so and hopefully understood/appreciated.

Black White Polka Dot Spot Vintage Retro Inspired Top Pinup Pencil Skirt Wide Belt


Very Inspiring Blogger Award – Home Calling


I was given this award byย Petrel41 at DearKitty.SomeBlogย and to be honest it’s one I’d been hoping for for a while. In my own small way I do try to get people thinking when I write posts; not always directly, not aggressively but in an eye opening way (though anyone who knows/knew me non virtually could confirm that I am an aggressive person, sometimes with aggressive being another word for passionate). A way that makes you go hmm…? In ways that try to help people feel more confident and able to help themselves. I’m not a lifestyle or activist blogger – I don’t write about my everyday life, just moments of it usually focused on food I make that I found more interesting than the usual and days when I felt up to being on camera (and now that I have to on Fridays, which is easier since it’s a shared experience with other bloggers). I don’t write about my political opinions, thoughts or discourse on ethics and existence, my reading material, actions/activities, myself or people in my life in much detail – but I leave inklings because I’m alive, there’s hints and glimpses, I go over history and culture a little to highlight points in posts. Whilst my blog may not be massively inspiring I hope it’s at least interesting and supportive. I’ve written more on other people’s blogs, forums and review sites and still throw verbiage at wordpress’ ‘new’ reader format which is presented imo in a way to disparage reading. It’s harder and more cumbersome to visit blogs and read posts whilst easier to ‘like’ posts as Homer used a weeble type toy in The Simpsons to do his job for him when he worked from home. So even though the extra clicks and increasing slowness of my computer in general annoys me daily when trying to read my reader, I still do it and let other people know that I appreciate their time/effort. It’s nice to know that someone with such an issue relevant/informative and educational blog finds mine inspiring. I am completely honoured to be part of the awardees, a list filled with important, enlightening and reflective content. I was a bit surprised actually to be amongst them and perhaps some of the readers of this post will be as I’m aware that on glance my blog may seem superficial. No one said blogs had to be serious (all the time at least) and intellectual, they can and are about anything and everything and some are an avenue of escapism, a relaxing hobby. I don’t really know what mine is – it just is and I just do with both foresight and spontaneity. Thanks for thinking this space in the online library or internet/web otherwise looked at as waves of social consciousness and current thought/language used by some for data capturing and examining for pattern/event prediction, inspiring enough.

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7 things I would like to be a part of my life

I was daydreaming recently and wondered to myself, if we had our own place and could decorate it any way we wanted what would I really like?

1) Funnily enough the first thing that came to mind was a statement dressing table, perhaps because my dressing/makeup area consists of a bamboo stool, a box and a mirror that fell out of an old leftover wardrobe in a horrid and rumoured haunted place we had to stay in (certainly experienced a lot of things there). Ha the mirror is funny because it was the first full length mirror we had since I was a kid and I spent my teenage and young adult years never knowing (and never caring) what I looked like from the neck down unless I went into a public bathroom or looked in a shop window. Plus the featheries like to sit right up against my midriff when I sit there so I try not to bend forwards towards the mirror too much when doing my makeup, they don’t mind it to an extent as it’s like cuddling but still. With a dressing table they’d have plenty of space to stand and do their own thing and now that I write about it I remember I used to pass a furniture warehouse on the way to college everyday and look at a show piece dressing table they had. It was there for years so it was probably too avant guarde or gauche for people’s tastes but I liked it.

2) Moving on the second thing (on a roll now ha) I’d like is a bureau plat/writing desk with a space for ink, paper, envelopes etc This would probably be a faux pas but I’d probably etch something in it, not something crude like ‘so and so woz ‘ere ‘ but something in cursive script stating something like ‘we came, even if no one remembers us, we were here’. It would also have a couple of draws, one with a secret compartment and little key. Not that I’d try to lock it, you can’t lock or close anything with us. No matter how quietly you close a door there’ll be furry and feathery people immediately on the other side making a fuss or preparing their best ‘I’m so sad’ looks to make you feel guilty, acting like you’re keeping a secret or shutting them out of something. The hinges on everything may as well be ancient and creak cantankerously people everywhere have such good hearing and always know what you’re doing. Watching me brush my teeth, sharing the shower, trying to eat from my plate/mouth is not enough for them. There is no privacy. Speaking of which they also like to know where you are, so when I’m out I inevitably get a call (yes they know how to speed dial). Well they’re better than human creatures with GPS, tracking vans, satellites, drones, gang mentality and hypocritical excuses ๐Ÿ˜‰

3) Ok next I’d like a couple of rocking chairs for mum and I – I imagine us as old hags poking a stick at each other to get each other’s attention.

4) Hmm this one should be really be first on my list; a garden. We’ve never had a garden nor indoor space to grow fruit/veg/herbs but I’d really like a kitchen garden and a long trellis covered in a plant with long vines/tendrils or roses so we could walk through/under it.

These almost but for the purposes of labeling 'Black' roses are extremely rare only found in one place in the world hence are called Halfeti Black roses.

These almost but for the purposes of labeling ‘Black’ roses are extremely rare only found in one place in the world hence are called Halfeti Black roses.

5) A garden swing underneath/attached to a big tree with a treehouse or even better a series of trees with walkways and treehouses for each of us and natural woodland critters.

Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway at Kew Gardens

Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway at Kew Gardens

Cute eh? Photo Credit: http://www.bajiroo.com

Cute eh? Photo Credit: bajiroo.com

I wouldn’t like stylized ones like this

Very sleek but do birds fly into them? Photo credit: globaltreehouses.com

Very sleek but do birds fly into them? Photo credit: globaltreehouses.com

6) Gnomes! I’d have to hide them from mum since she hates them, but perhaps I could mix them in with the more classic statues of wee folk such as fairies, pixies, nymphs etc, some nice water features (a well, a spring/stream that goes through the house), a pagoda, a decorative arch bridge and possibly a maze. Mum would probably have me digging a moat whilst she draws up the plans for a drawbridge and battlements. My ideal garden though would be split into several types of garden (there would have be a ‘cloud’/bubbly hedge somewhere, I love those and maybe a mineral cave nearby ack just throw in a volcano).

I love the jungle garden in this episode. The whole ‘Around the World in 80 Gardens’ is a great series btw, after this episode my favourite is the floating homes/gardens on the Amazon (ideal living).

Hilarious ‘One Foot in the Grave’ episode featuring garden gnomes.

7) At the front (and maybe the back) there’d be a ferocious giant Goddess Kali jet Black statue (according to mum there’d be a circular perimeter of the statues or just all over the place). There are very few left in the known world and they’re not made anymore other than as morphs of later ‘gods’ and in smaller sizes but the originals are awesome and we like them. But then again I can peaceably walk through flocks of geese or swans when other people cross the road. I’ve seen people walk faster and put their heads down/turn away when going past big statues, a strange phenomenon particularly from those who have/use all kinds of symbols on their clothes and consumables usually in the form of branding/logos/artwork which more often than not are twisted and adopted from older cultures (e.g. when you do the ‘devil horns’ you’re telling me that you’re constipated or need to move your bowls). Perhaps some people are innately scared of a Jason and the Argonauts effect where the statues come to ‘life’/are robotic/automated or they just don’t like the ones/images/symbols they’re not used to in a context that is marketed and normalized for their lifestyle such as waxworks of celebs. Oh well, nowt as queer as folk.

Ok so those were my 7 et al things that I would like in a home and home is where the heart is.

That said, I wouldn’t mind these two ready made places:

My blending in with the landscape ‘portabello’ house

or my underwater looking version:

Cob houses really appeal to me though too and are of course better than the above, especially ones made straight out of the land/hills/mountains/caves.

There are many inspiring, interesting and wondrous places, structures and buildings on and in Earth; natural and, well I’ll say ‘human’ made though some are up to speculation especially if you look at some ancient carvings and see things like what we think of as modern ufo stereotypical images.

An awesome 4 video serious of amazing places.

When I look at images and videos like these it makes me feel freer, like I was there. If I was alive in the world pre-money/currency, before ‘ownership’ of land/water/air/each other and when the notion of citizenship would have been alien, scary and even laughable – the life of a wandering wayfaerer would have suited me just fine. Laying/sitting still under the sun and then the shade or walking and walking (perhaps even flying) – the world was the home, not the spoils of war, with a living, breathing, hot heart.

That feeling is similar but not the same as the more common one experienced by many nowadays but seen as being ‘lost’, poor and not the same as those who are raised in places of coveted learnings through rigid hierarchical systems (that I don’t agree with ethically) and by the time they’ve trained their minds and bodies can survive on the/road with nothing but thin body coverings, a walking stick and maybe a bowl. Ha I’d love to be breatharian/inedian.

The modern way of being a traveler is seen as a short term phase for most to fill some kind of void and then ‘settle down’.

I’d always know where/who’d I’d end up with though, the start and finish is always the same. I never feel lost just knowing I come from her. Some say a chip off the old block, I say a speck/a grain of sand and on this road I’ve been honoured to be by her side. Were that I’d heard her call sooner. I’m not one of those fools who can’t see or acknowledge when there’s someone better than them (more good, ethics over talent – talent is just a bonus, without ethics/goodness there’s no spirituality, no point and talent doesn’t excuse/make up for anything).

Carried by the Wind Tsukikage Ran Full Episode 01
The English dubs – 13 episodes – are on plenty of anime sites.

Lalita MahaKali Rajarajeshvari Goddess

Mum – Rajarajeshvari



Home beckons. And not on a false Yellow brick road.


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Thanks again for this award and thank you to the blogs listed.