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This is only the Beginning of What HSBC?

HSBC are known for having posters of people doing things with inspirational quotes about their achievement accomplished with the bank’s funding… But what the hell is this?

HSBC Avatar Blue People Artificial Intelligence Ultraterrestrials Extraterrestrials Aliens Blue Beings Cloning

A human (presumably) surrounded by Blue humanoid beings seemingly connected by wiring behind them and he’s modifying one of them!

They remind me Avatar (2009) and my post Who/What are the Blue beings, why are we inspired by them?

This is not the same as their usual posters showing people jumping for joy on holiday or opening their first business.



‘The Legend of Korra’ – The Girl who merges the Unseen with the Seen

Roar – “I got the eye of the tiger, the fire, dancing through the fire, coz I am the champion and you’re gonna hear me roar, louder, louder than a lion, coz I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar.”

‘The Legend of Korra’ (2012-14) was the sequel to ‘Avatar – Last Air Bender’. I’m not keen on the use of the term ‘avatar’ it’s a bit like ‘namaste’ to me where it’s over use has skewed its meaning and made something rare too common. I’ve explained the term ‘avatar’ before but anyway in this series the former Avatar was ‘Aang’ and as titled, was primarily an air bender.

What are we talking about here?

Elements, transformation, magic/mastery/alchemy and some people’s natural/unnatural bodily abilities. A bender in this cartoon is someone who can harness and ‘bend’ an element to their will (note it’s not described/portrayed as working with elements, rather its shown as controlling them). In this cartoon there are four basic elements and then variants of those four; earth, air, fire, water and then say a variant of earth would be the power over metals. The ‘avatar’ is the one person (only one at a time) who can control all the elements. Avatars can be female or male, reincarnations of each other, their powers are hereditary to an extent and predisposed unlike the Slayer (Buffy) who is one girl all the time, always herself and her abilities are not transferable (regardless of how they showed in the ending) because she is the chosen.

The premise of Avatar is similar to ‘Naruto’ a very popular, long term Japanese multi-media franchise where there are some countries and then villages/clans that protect them, serving as ninjas but super-enhanced-magical ninjas who have transformation/mutational powers over the elements. So they are both power wielders and physical combat fighters. They’re also exclusive. In the Avatar cartoons, people with bending abilities are somewhat rare. That said ‘Naruto’ is more complex and full of moral/ethical dilemmas.

Korra – the Maid/Daughter

Kore means the Maid/Daughter; Korra is a dark skinned ‘ethnic’/tribal, medium sized well built (I say that because so many protagonists are thin to skinny), triple tail/hair, outlands clan member, her clan are primarily water benders. The fact that she is the Avatar is visible very early, she’s highly adept at 3/4 elements and at fighting, air is her weakest element because she is so physical/grounded and air in this cartoon represents the spiritual/the ability to see. It might also have something to do with the last Avatar being an air specialist and so other elements came into play first this time.

Note – some people are of the ridiculous persuasion that some elements are ‘better’ or ‘more powerful’ than others, that they have a hierarchy. BS. It depends on the user and how strong they are. Simple. Water isn’t always going to cancel fire or earth trap air for example, and opposites attract hence Korra is usually depicted as both fire and water. Her personality/avatar lineage is fire and her ‘home’ genetic lineage is water, both also happen to be opposites. Also even if you are not made from all the elements doesn’t mean you can’t handle a different one to yourself. Life is a paradox.

The Legend of Korra Water Fire

She leaves her home village to live with one of the last air benders left (air being that rare now) so he and his family can teach her about the element. She also meets and joins with benders who work/compete in entertainment combat. Her new master/teacher isn’t fond of the tackiness of sports entertainment but she realizes she needs that experience to learn more on the spot/spur of the moment/situational techniques and whilst sparring is a dangerous type of training, it’s effective. As part of a team it also gets the blood flowing so to speak, even her Master gets into it and cheers her along when he finds out where she’s been going…

That’s the thing about Korra – she’s an Avatar with a difference i.e. she does her own thing. She’s not regimented like the past avatars were as weapons of war, she’s fiercely independent yet dedicated to what she does/her ‘calling’/role and what that means i.e. caring. She finds out that a lot of people like to use the avatars for their own personal agendas; family, friends, bosses, frenemies, enemies etc and it means like most people in this position there’s very few people they can trust and it often involves a lot of hurt. She’s determined things are not going to continue the way they have done. Her very existence challenges status quo’s and so she has to learn to know herself and everything from that which she comes. Once she learns how to use Air and relaxes/learns to meditate it just comes naturally to her as it should and she becomes consciously connected to all the past avatars whose collective experience she can access and learn from. She is the accumulation of their experience and her personality.

She thinks for herself, is outspoken, not afraid to listen and listen hard, she’s passionate and will show it. This attracts a close knit of other strong people from various walks of life, benders and non-benders, from working class to ruling class. One of which is the ideal modern feminine (whom Korra’s initial love interest falls for/literally bowled over by); tall, thin, light skinned, gorgeous, successful, able and in conjunction to that it’s interesting and poignant for a non-adult and US cartoon that the romantic partner Korra ends up with (not explicit) challenged ‘normal’ social perceptions. There are also hints to the deeper symbolism/culture/history here and not just in her name (though that is very important). For example her best friend and travelling companion/transport is a giant ‘polar dog’ (polar bear but described as a dog, this ties in to the companion of the divine character as being loving, faithful, protective and supportive. For Goddess/Goddess based characters it’s usually a cat or a bird or something winged but in modern tellings with masculinity the character is often a dog/doglike – a bit like in The Never Ending Story where the dragon is shown like a dog.) However her polar dog is actually a bear – so right there you know she’s a Goddess character (not just an avatar, the bear being one of the oldest forms of Mother Goddess worship) and her name tells us she’s the Daughter, along with her personality. Her ‘dog’ is also called Naga lol her bear/dog is also a snake, so secret/wisdom Goddess companion. Naga is strong/fast/agile.

Legend Avatar Korra and Naga

Korra and Naga, a bit like Princess Jasmine and Rajah.

Add to that this friend:

korra dragon bird phoenix

And she has almost the complete set (from the obvious lot).

Korra can sense the unseen, she is partially of the unseen, but she’s also come at a significant time at the crux of the ongoing fight between good and evil (shown as feminine and masculine – not to be confused with how we normally think of them in day to day life), that makes her life much more draining because she’s sensitive to the flow of energy between those forces in conflict. To deal with this she has to access another self, a greater self, a self that also needs her as she is uniquely placed/compatible to be it. The cosmic self. Since she is already from multiple lines of ‘interesting’ people (avatars who are mixed-dimension/world/parameter beings, and her clan) pushing herself to this even further distance is something she can and must do. The seen and unseen have been at war and in pain with each other and themselves for too long. The barriers and divisions, the smoke and mirrors have created boxes and the walls have closed in to the point where we can’t see anything else, we feel trapped/unable to move and can’t even see everyone in the room and we’ve missed out, we’ve missed each other all this time. An inexplicable sense of loneliness and needing somewhere to belong for most people when that’s just not the way it is, it shouldn’t have been that way.

Korra Ultimate Manifestation

Korra Ultimate Manifestation

Korra Ultimate Manifestation Kills Evil

It’s obviously not easy/going to be easy, even people who supported her before she does what she does turn and don’t like the results expecting instant healing/harmony but this is a collision of worlds, not a picnic. She’s a warrior of warriors, a lover, thinker, protector from the Divine Feminine not a faux nanny state governess or au pair.

To finish, an acknowledgement to another amazing Daughter character in this cartoon; and what an awesome, fearsome, courageous, hard, loving woman she is; when this woman has your back, you know it. Even those who’ve lost her think of her as their hero.


Lin Beifong – as mentioned in a previous post: No More Sacrifice

Lin Beifong has a very difficult relationship with her Mother (Toph) and half-Sister (Suyin), which is healed later on. Toph (one of the best Earth benders) is described as:

Toph is fiercely independent, direct, belligerent, and practiced in taunting and insulting her opponents and on occasion her friends, particularly Sokka. On several occasions Toph appears picking her nose, spitting, and belching loudly.


Yeah… No comment (it’s so true).

Beifong Family Crest Goddess Emblem

Beifong Family Crest – Goddess emblem

Mama Said Knock You Out:

There’s no going back, it can ever be the same, there’s only forwards and it’s not what you think/fear it is.


Birthdays and Deathdays and Titles, Oh My

I don’t usually comment on actors or singers outside of review posts and many of the celebs I’ve admired for one thing or another have plenty in their lives I’ve completely disapproved of which outweigh anything I liked about them. However this is a goodbye to a ‘champion’ prizefighter (and fellow vegan, strong female, yoga practising, late December Capricorn) the ‘ninth wonder of the world’ who ‘unfortunately’ seemed to have played a representative of things she may not have been aware of.

Chyna Joanie Laurer

In her apartment in the County of Angels, Cali-fornia, Joan Laurer aka Chyna (athlete, stuntwoman, actress, English teacher) is said to have been found dead in her bed yesterday 20th April, aged 45, cause unknown (though many people conveniently know about her medication.)

This was her last video:

Sunday 17th April – ‘Wake Up!’

Pentagram = star
Strawberries/tomatoes = red apple
The names [Cali]Kelly/ie and Joy/ce
Fish Head song

The Fish Head song (strange to be sung at mealtime by a vegan) – it was on the album Voobaha by Barnes & Barnes (Voobaha being a word in a language they made called Luman-ian). Fish Heads was a favoured song on the Dr Demento show known for comedy, novelty, strange songs.

Creatures that are caught commonly caught by a baited hook or net the song highlights fish that are alive in the morning, dead in the soup in the evening, they can’t answer you/talk (Chyna was found after not answering phone calls like in the video), they can’t do what normal people do.

I always disliked her golddigging ex Paul Levesque (Triple H/WWE ‘superstar’) who dropped her when he had the opportunity to have the boss’ daughter (and as part of the ‘storyline’ based on real life, along with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin mocked Amy Dumas aka ‘Lita’ for cheating on Matt Hardy. Acting merging with reality in a fighting soap opera – Paul as aforementioned being a career golddigger and Steve Austin a wife beater both leading thousands of people into ‘slut’ shaming every week on and off screen for an affair with Adam Copeland ‘Edge’ who was married at the time; his stage character and image benefited whilst Amy’s ended. Lots of hypocrisy there, including Matt getting sacked for being cheated on and talking about it.)

I didn’t like how Chyna was placed against character Sydney Fox (Daughter figure) in Relic Hunter as wannabe Amazon queen/dark mother figure (the Amazon in the story defeated by the lauded Hera-kleos.)

Nor did I like how Red headed ‘Lita’ was placed in the breeding cult against Max in Dark Angel (also Amy’s neck was broken in the filming) before the ‘coming of the comet’ (which was later demeaned in the books) and where the ‘Father’ genetic splicer and dicer Sandeman (remember the old version of the sandman, he’s not a nice and quaint dreammaker) was made out to be a hero, kind and good and his first two children are sons, part dog (Sirius) – think Enki vs Enlil i.e. Manticore vs the Breeding Cult – called Joshua and Isaac (additionally similar to Vincent from the Beauty and Beast series starring Linda Hamilton, James Cameron’s ex-wife and dark mother figure in the Terminator series). Ma-x, Ma-trix, triple mother, Max being the symbolic Daughter in connection with the ‘dark mother’ not a virgin birth but an alternate one and still via a female carrier. She is also the rider = warrior, the horse[her bike] being the tree of knowledge & life with her pure DNA (no ‘junk DNA’) making her the ‘saviour’, the mount of the goddess. A side theme being Max and Logan K/Cale (Michael Weatherly was also used by Aaron Spelling in CharmedFantasy Island was also interesting – in an episode where he’s part of the dark charmed triad, going against his role though to something related i.e. the church, helped by dark mother figure Prudence and they go horseriding. Note – after she dies Piper and Phoebe’s lives go to hell in a hand basket.) Max is the only ‘transgenic’ whose mother fought for her and didn’t want to give her up. James Cameron has always been focused on the Dark Mother, though he twisted the theme big time in Avatar and continued the use of a wheelchair bound main character who plays both sides and gets his legs back – Logan was very wealthy and his family used in the control/surveillance of society but used his funds to help – and who ends up being the savior on Pan-Dora (meaning ‘all/completion’ of everything the ‘Dor’ signifies), mate of the spiritual warrior leader for the so-called Mother people who were portrayed as symbolic indigenous Earth peoples but weren’t, mega twisting of the narrative in that one.

Today the celebrity ‘Prince’ was found dead. I don’t know enough about him to comment further but names and titles are important.

I’m reminded of ‘the queen of pop’ Madonna’s antics in the first part of her ‘Sticky & Sweet’ tour using the song ‘Hung Up’ and the inclusion of music from dead guitarist Darrell ‘Abbot’ former member of the group DamagePlan, ‘the king of pop’ Michael Jackson’s death when his ‘This is it!’ tour was supposed to start and the second part of her tour with ‘tribute’ to the dead king via his song ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Something‘.

I don’t like hangers on, wannabe characters, those who live vicariously, those who jump on a bandwagon, those who sacrifice, the master chess players. When people talk about ‘multiple selves’ and fill out time and space with every possibility that could of happened/is happening to one person, all existing as extensions of the self simultaneously (just as egotistical as thinking the solar system revolved around the Earth) it’s morelike humanity includes many copies replaying and continuing a battle royale until the appropriate potentials/incarnations manage to… I don’t dispute that creatures are split between realities and illusions, our brains, nervous system and senses allow that, but I also don’t think that space is likely to be filled with just us. ‘Higher selves’? You want to be a lower ‘punishment’ vessel whilst a ‘higher’ you is better off? Your ‘luck’, ‘destiny’, energy split between versions of you and you got the short straw? Whatever people are listening to and thinking its themselves and/or those they ‘know’ might want to contemplate the malleable nature of the physics theories they’re working with (and perhaps worry about the studies going on to trace and control the intrinsic memory of the universe, and trying to grow embryos in space). This world looks and feels very different for the other animals who have different parameters on the senses we share plus different senses to ours, what we experience isn’t the only face, it and we shapeshift depending on the being or even machine we’re interfacing with. Terry Pratchett once said to me “all is not as it seems” (no I don’t claim to have known him personally but I find that phrase highlighted in his works and poignant here).

Be careful what you wish for. History, information, messages are conveyed and carried through our stories; official, non-fiction and fiction. Overlapping astronomical/seasonal calendars with ruler-regime based ones hasn’t helped us and knowledge our elders included is steeped in ‘Chinese whispers’ over time becoming myths, superstition, songs/chants/spells/frequency, poems, nursery rhymes, artwork, architecture, customs, religion and ultimately symbolism – our human brains remember signs and symbols well and with repetition/ritual/ceremony are ingrained – in all these things we find the same stories, the same characters, we can’t all be those. No amount of fame, currency, status, title, power, energy from fans and enemies, no kind of ‘compensation’ is worth it. You don’t want to have what it takes (or try to emulate it as powerful/influential/famous people and wannabes do and I have limited sympathy for those who pretend to be/take from living archtypes), because being that strong means having to be that strong. It’s not for those who want any kind of happiness for themselves.


Who/What are the Blue beings, why are we inspired by them?

They seem to fit into two groups:

1) Actual Blue skinned people.
2) Humans or demi-humans (mixed breed with the gods, or ‘chosen people’) who symbolically wear Blue.

Number 1)
Let’s look at India, but first let me just say that out of all the symbolism and array of concepts including contrasting/duality one thing I ‘admire’ (in the way you respect something even if you don’t like it) about Asians in general is they don’t feel the need to hide that their gods aren’t always humanoid or human-like, they can look like anything, chimeras and even to what we’d consider monsters on looks alone. Whilst there has been change and sugar coating they don’t feel the need to make their gods always look like beautiful or benevolent humans for comfort and awe. These beings are awe inspiring enough and yet in such a multitude and so old that they’re normal.

In modern Hinduism there’s lots of Blue skin, even if it’s temporary. In old Hinduism (the roots upon which Hinduism came about and hence early Hinduism) you get Lalitha the Red, the Cosmic Mother. Bala the Daughter whose ‘colouring’ or colour association we’re not sure of. Then of course Kali, the Black one, no mistake there, she’s Black, the Dark Mother. In modern Hinduism you’ve gots masses of ‘gods’, ‘divinities’ and ‘demons’ – Kali has been kept, Lalitha hushed up, and Bala a rare sight sometimes confused with other modern goddesses. In Buddhism (a branch of early Hinduism) you get Tara – or the forms of Lalitha, and she comes in a number of colours including Red, White and Green. The later masculine form of Buddha also comes in a variety of colours including the popular Gold. When you see Lalitha statues in India, rare indeed, she comes in many colours too but ultimately Red is her symbolic colour (Red and Gold being the favourites of royalty and cultural lineage in China) and her age is perpetually that of a teen (15/16) and Bala a pre-pubescent child. However, strangely enough Kali (the ‘crone’) is now often depicted as fair skinned and even Blue.

Why is that? Well look at her current ‘peers’ or according to believers ‘Gods’, one of which is deemed her male creator and she’s a consort/part of. Look at the male ones in particular. The ultimate alpha male Shiv (whose stone, the black stone, the ‘shivling’ aka his penis is contested by many to be what the black stone is in Mecca and the symbolic ‘cornerstone’ of their ‘house/building/architecture’ aka religion) apparently drank poison once and he turned Blue. That doesn’t explain why he stayed Blue in popular culture after healing and why his bisexual ‘pretty boy’ brother Vishnu whom he has incestuous relations with (and who Krishna comes from) is also Blue… Unless it’s catching.

Bear in mind that modern Hinduism (and many religions and cultures) has a dominant serpent theme.

The change of Kali’s skin colour – which is just ridiculous given her very name means ‘Black’ and ‘Time’ (the original Mother Time) – could be due to the worldwide indoctrination that light and White skin was/is superior and even now in the aftermath of colonialism many Africans and Asians and to an extent South Americans still find fair/pale skin as more attractive, and female celebrities/public figures generally do better and faster if they’re light skinned. In some places such as Korea dark skin is equated with dirt and poverty and the media would have you believe that there aren’t masses of East Asian people with dark skin and curly or frizzy hair. There’s a heck of a lot of Black Indians too – whilst not necessarily Black in ethnicity, they certainly are or close to Ebony in colour. But hey if you’ve Blue or Hazel eyes and light skin your fame is practically assured. Kali’s Blue skin however is more symbolic or her inclusion and demotion in modern Hinduism.

Indian and Indian based gods, divinities and demons have a preponderance for turning into giants. Also bear in mind that current India is not old India, old India included Bangladesh and Pakistan and had direct link to the Indus Valley, and interesting things were happening culturally and religiously on the other side of the valley too in what we nowadays call the Middle East/Western Asian, the Mediterranean and North Africa. (It’s a shame that many people, including Africans who don’t live there or weren’t born there, think of Egypt as ‘the’ and even ‘the only’ African culture as if it’s their only history.)

From the alien/god point of view in these Indus based civilisations Blue is Earth’s symbolic colour, not hard to understand given how we’re conditioned to see Earth from the outside and the amount of water – that is assuming that these particular (but still many) types of aliens see water in the same part of the colour spectrum that we do, that is as Blue or perhaps they they decided on that colour after finding out that humans see it that way? (Remember different animals experience colour, sound and ‘physical’ dimensions differently on Earth and hey us humans see everything ‘upside down’ before the brain puts it all ‘right side up’ – mega quick reaction eh or maybe we’re slower thinkers than we realize.) Who knows. Either way some of the Asian group had or were depicted with Blue skin and their human/demi-human representatives and descendants adorned in Blue clothing. More on that later.

If we look at modern popular culture i.e. mass media, there’s various Blue skinned beings from the Smurfs to the Nac Mac Feegle ‘Wee Free Men’ (seriously aggressive, kilt wearing, matriarchal, mini Blue guys in Terry Pratchett’s books). These beings tend to be associated with the ‘wee/fair folk’ or ‘woodland folk’ e.g. elves, fairies, pixies etc though so either Earth ‘spirits’ or workers of the gods (the gods in religions almost always being ‘from the stars’/alien). Avatar (2009) however was an interesting film and I note it’s mass emotional effect on people, it seemed to effect a lot of people profoundly and stir sympathy in many for native/indigenous people. Of course such a strong reaction had its opposite effect and you get people talking about White genocide though they’re the minority in the case of this film (though growing in the case against immigration and mixed race relations) – this mass outpouring of sympathy is strange given usual US war propaganda and older popularity of Westerns (film genre). Interestingly enough there is much anti-war and even anti-military sentiment in Black & White films/shows (though the anti-military stance I’ve seen is usually kept to comedy/satire.)

Avatar – remember I’ve explained the significance of this term before in my review about the film ‘Wizards’ (1977) but basically it’s a demi-being or person that’s become divine or closer to the divine and the term Christ is a title not a name, and can be applied to any such demi-being and many Asians think of Jesus the Christ as a an avatar of Krishna or a boddhisattva though interestingly enough his storyline is replica of the ‘Fallen Daughter’ root ‘mythology’ which was heavily incorporated in the early cultures of what we now call the Middle East/Western Asia, most obviously in the forms of Inanna/Ishtar. Cultures whom ironically fundamentalist Christians deem ‘demonic’ (without even realizing the difference between Lucifer and Satan and where those terms come from/what they mean/how they’re used and without acknowledging the roots of their own religion.)

An avatar is a kind of ‘mirror’, an image, representation – hence we use avatars/aliases/usernames/profile pics etc online – the internet itself being a virtual reality. That tied in well with the out of body experience, transference and cloning theme in the film Avatar – though largely ignored and thought a plot device to allow for the boy meets girl of opposite sides storyline. But what we did notice the most was giant Blue skinned people, who we associated with the term ‘Avatar’ thanks to the promotional artwork and them being the protagonists, rather than the fact that being moved from one body to another by an external party/person other than yourself, and possession via the use of mecha – embodying/wearing a machine – was the significance behind the term.

Similarly to the film ‘Wizards’, the people associated with the word ‘Avatar’ are a parallel/metaphor for native, old, original [Earth] peoples even though the word isn’t for them, these films have confused a form of alien life with Earth life and claiming sympathy/empathy from the people who they spawned. It’s very emotive because we know that when White peoples developed better technology other races suffered big time, though many conquered races/groups weren’t innocent themselves by any means. In North and South America – the ‘Red skins/Red Indians’ were mass murdered like a blood sport (nice use of colour eh – refer back to the significance of Red in Indo-China and reflect on why later Americans persisted on calling Native Americans by those terms plus the worldwide mother-goddess cultures pre-dating religion) and in the waves of conquering many who were kept alive were raped and bred to dilute the race and for the invaders to have an ‘authentic’ foothold on the land. Black people were transported to what we now call the US (remember the term ‘yank’/’yankie’ was not always a generic term for the US and there is still yank resentment still remains in places particularly those who got used to Black people being inferior). Many Africans died along the way, many babies thrown overboard on ships and those surviving enslaved.

So we have these two films that imply their avatars are native people, but in one those people are likened to the Jewish people who suffered at the hands of Hitler and in the other they’re big, Blue people. Blue people who prefer fighters over teachers (can’t you be a warrior aka both), have classism and sexism. And bond with serpents… I mean dragons… sorry, ‘flying reptiles/lizards’.

As for the military and corporate interests, they were thoroughly disgusting. It was a massively powerful and political film but I found the general ethos to be ‘win by playing all the sides’ i.e. the protagonist talking about peace when he knew the whole time and left it til the last second to say anything, and peace was impossible anyway – one group had already decided that they wanted what the other had, by hook or by crook they were going to get it and those people would have to be moved. That’s not peace, that’s envy and greed.

EDIT – What I really disliked about the OM-people (regardless of their Namaste style greeting) was the way they forced themselves on and in others, violating and conquering them and calling that friendship instead of forced loyalty. I did however like the portrayal of Eywa.

ANOTHER EDIT – 26 Nov 2016: Look at the insignia on the human military ‘helicopters’; it’s a picture of a dragon. The OM-people are very snake/reptile-like themselves with telepathy through their hair (remember the importance of snakes in worldwide ancient religion and cultures); I’ve heard about problems between different ‘reptilian’ races and given my dislike of the OM-people in ‘Avatar’ (whilst their plight is portrayed as similar to that of conquered native humans via modern human warfare) perhaps the film is showing such ‘reptoid’ enmity i.e. both the OM-people from Pandora and the human military represent reptilian war? Man/military controlled by ‘others’/’gods’/’demons’/’angels’?

The Blue People:

They’re very tall, telepathy, sacredness of the hair and the braiding/snake like quality of it (such as the ‘legend’ of Medusa being changed into a gorgon) used to conquer other animals, hunters/warriors, spiritual, importance of sacred trees and kundalini yoga.

The ‘human’ military:

To vie against the dinosaur like creatures the Blue People use (and remember they’re the Blue people aren’t the strongest species on the planet) the humans have flying machines instead of organic dragons. The Blue people have telepathy and the audience is shown that they use it whilst the conquered/spoken-to are at least conscious/awake but perhaps they can use it whilst the victim is unconscious/asleep too; the humans have astral projection, cloning and transhumanism (new limbs and mecha).

What are these species fighting over? Resources – a resource on/in Pandora (pan-dora meaning ‘[many] gift[s]/vision[s] of the god[s]’ and what do they achieve? Mixed-breeds. Remember that Jake was a twin (replacing his dead brother), a marine (water/Blue military) and in a wheelchair, so a human that isn’t good enough but with the ability who is then elevated to ‘godliness’ via cloning (another term for cloning being ‘twinning’) and possessing the body. He’s the ‘saviour’/Christ figure on PanDora i.e. Jesus based on the root culture Daughter (Eywa and the Blue People being portrayed as Mother Goddess people/followers/users), the Daughter being the link between the divine and the lesser (even cosmic and Earth/Blue) just like the story of Pandora being the first woman.

Number 2):

People and quite often females in Blue.

The most iconic woman in Blue is Mary, Mother of [a] Christ – beautiful Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire Blue. Some argue over whether she is divine herself or ‘just a human’ but regardless in the current storyline she was ‘chosen’, and easily classed as a ‘demi-being’ as a young teen, most likely with the onset of menstruation, to be married to an older man and then impregnated by an even older man aka ‘God’ for which she had no choice and if, as many would have us believe ‘she consented’ was under the duress i.e. made to believe it an ‘honour’, being obligated and ignorant/inexperienced in life. What a nice. innocent combo to take advantage of. What he and his fellows couldn’t just make a another human like they did in the Garden of Eden/Earth/laboratory with Lilith and Adam and then Adam and Eve? Or out of a plant – no that wouldn’t be right because this isn’t a ‘gift’ (babies from plants are a blessing), this is possession. Either way Mary wearing Blue is fitting, and in South and Eastern Asia at least her avatar son being Blue wouldn’t be a problem but the Blue skin didn’t quite pick up in Western and Eur-Asia (although the halo/glow was kept) where Christianity and Islam took off. Christianity even perverted the colour Red to mean bestial, prostitution/whoring whilst also keeping it for royalty and priesthood but with the degraded connotations and successful regime change there had to be something new – the fusion of the cosmic Red and earth Blue to make ‘royal’ Purple.

Some people see Mary (a name associated with water) as the World [Earth] card in the tarot and I can see why, particularly with the snake at her feet/foot and the position of the Earth (if drawn in the picture).

Iconic girls in Blue; Dorthy from the Oz stories and Alice from Wonderland books. Both stories notorious for symbolism, occultism, sleep hypnotism and subjects for posts in themselves. Both also featuring travel into another dimension and/or state of consciousness whilst being hunted by dangerous female figures, ‘helped’ by males who aren’t as they seem, some being obvious tricksters, and overseen in their ‘real’ lives by people who aren’t their parents (an aunt & uncle, and governess). L. Frank Baum was known for incorporating his beliefs and learnings into his stories which are more than the Oz series, for example ‘The Master Key’ and ‘Queen Zixi of Ix’ – he was far too learned in world culture and then his involvement with the Theosophical Society, it’d be superficial to dismiss his works as simple works of light hearted fiction. He’s not been recorded as a mason but the likelihood of involvement is there in his family given his parents success and estate. (For fans of Terry Pratchett’s ‘Hogfather’ – remember how Death took the place of Santa and through Death ultimate Santa was saved? – well checkout Baum’s ‘The Life and Adventure of Santa Claus’.) The same can be said of Lewis Carrol (a pen name) – his education, background, friends/associates – he knew too much to make it up, for his stories to have come solely from imagination.

On a sidenote – personally I don’t give a crap about skin colour, hair colour, eye colour or whatever except from a historical/cultural educational perspective. I don’t like the use of cultural connotations e.g. White = light, good, beautiful, ‘positive’. Black = dark, bad, dirty, poor, ugly, ‘negative’. Blue = boys. Pink = girls. Bluebloods = nobility, good (instead of ‘aristocracy, self serving slavers’). At the same time I acknowledge we have shared and steady reactions to various colours such as feeling warmer in Red/Orange/Brown rooms and cooler in Blue/Green rooms. It’d also be naive to think that people don’t take in and comprehend signs and symbols better than they do specific classification systems, lateral over literal. Colour isn’t always used for aesthetic value, or out of artistic need to differentiate ‘us’ and ‘them’; looking at our most pervasive cultural connotations and changes of i.e. in  religions, perhaps there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Watching La Planète Sauvage/Fantastic Planet (1973 – based on the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia) and the later Gandahar (1988) is something of an experience. In the former giant, Blue beings called Draags treat humans called Oms (a play on words from ‘hommes’) as we do other animals here and in the second, where the Blue beings along with pale skinned matrilineal beings and people they’ve genetically experimented on fight against metal men from a giant brain. All very surreal, disturbing and makes you wonder why we revere them when they’re not so dissimilar to ourselves. Or maybe it’s because we relate. Whilst I think the obvious messages to take away include thinking about what it would be like and how we would feel if we were treated ‘like any other animal’ by a species who take what we consider the human role in the hierarchy and the consequences of ‘playing god’ it’s worth noting that Blue people are generally seen as rulers, more perceptive/enlightened, technologically advanced with the ability to travel through space (in the case of Fantastic Planet – mentally travel and meet other species) and more spiritual (nowadays I figure that means extra-dimensional/extra-sensory rather than better/more ethical) yet they are still socially backwards.

Fantastic Planet La Planete Sauvage 1973

Fantastic Planet 1973 La Planete Sauvage film

La Planete Sauvage Fantastic Planet 1973

La Planete Sauvage Fantastic Planet 1973 Blue Beings