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Food of the gods?

Cacao now known as the ‘food of the gods’; here’s a chocolate wrapper I have as a little food for thought and what I personally call ‘The Orgy’:

Cacao Food of the Gods Montezuma Cortes Linnaeus Christopher Columbus Elites Spirits Entities Negative Energies

This wrapper is from a company called Lovechock – who by the sound of it are trying their best to be as ethical as possible and are just trying to be culturally authentic so my thoughts here are no criticism to them whatsoever but to the beings that dominate the planet. (I liked the Lovechock but why are ethical chocolate bars so thin?)

What’s depicted on there exactly?
Cupid? [Brain washing using hormones/hormonal secretion = mood/feelings/thought]
Music? [Hypnotism – mood music]
‘Others’ i.e. spirits/entities doing what exactly?
Craven. Do they do this to themselves as well as humans or are they showing humans how they want them to behave?

For historical/chronological information about cacao:

and I particularly liked:

It wasn’t until 1519, when the conquistador Hernan Cortes wrote to the Spanish Crown that he had discovered a miracle beverage, “a cup of it gives every soldier the strength to march for an entire day”, that importance by Europeans was given to this “Food of the Gods”. The Aztecs called it xocolatl which translates to: bitter water (xoc = bitter; atle = water).

No wonder hot chocolate was almost my sole sustenance for nearly three years of my life.

Remember that the cacao pods were considered a gift from the god Quetzalcoatl to the South American peoples and who was Quetzalcoatl? A feathered serpent. You’ll have to look up the history, I’m not up to that or explaining at the moment.

Cacao was already used as the base for a spicy drink in South America and when that so-called explorer/navigator Christopher Columbus went there (somehow) instead of to India and paved the way for a Spanish invasion the elite nature of cacao for the monarchy/priests classes became known and the ingredient exported to Europe and made into a solid food. It’s aphrodisiac [Aphrodite and I prefer Aphrodite Urania myself ‘Aprodite Urania, a celestial Aphrodite who represented higher, or transcendent spiritual love, and Aphrodite Pandemos, a goddess representing earthly, non-spiritual love’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aphrodisia%5D properties are shown above have been extensively researched but I think when we look at the culture surrounding cacao (which is empirical and witness testimony/art) and not just laboratory evidence/group testing I think they’re overblown by the ‘atmosphere’ of the situation. Cacao has very high (‘superfood’) nutritional value and whatever the likes of Montezuma were using it for I believe it has to be enhanced by indoctrination e.g. carousing… To the point where it was looked down upon and then re-classified as acceptable by the Catholic Church?


Pleasingly Piquant Plum Treats

I picked some early plums recently hence they are still very sour, ever seen an anime character eat a dried/preserved plum only for their face to pucker up so much it looks like they’ve been caught by an invisible vacuum cleaner? They’re like that at this stage but without the dehydrating of the mouth so a lot of sugar is needed even if you have strong tastebuds and like sour things they need a little something :-). I let them ripen for approx 1 week until they were Red but obviously ripening off the tree meant they retained their sourness rather than acquire sweetness.

Note – I used demerara sugar (didn’t have any molasses or muscovado but demerara has a stronger sweetness so more suitable for this anyway, the other two are subtle and build richness slowly in the taste whilst eating but the plums would be overpowering for those here), soy milk and sunflower oil in this recipe.

Step 1:

Chocolate sauce. This can be made in one of three ways:

a) Raw – Make a simple chocolate spread with cacao powder, sugar/syrup/fruit syrup and oil. Once mixed, stir in a bit of milk (coconut or almond/hazelnut/cashew are great for chocolate sauce but soy, rice or oat milk are fine too). Most unrefined, edible oils are fine except you know, olive or some other strong savoury oil like mustard 😉 (although Coleman’s do sell Mustard chocolate…)

b) Cooked – Heat cacao powder, milk of preference and sugar in a small pot; high heat but not boiling and gently but continuously stir until the chocolate turns glassy. Turn off the heat, leave to cool and thicken.

3) Cooked – Melt down a chocolate bar or cooking/baking chocolate, with the latter you’ll need to add sugar and/or milk.


Step 2:

Preparing the plums.

I washed them, halved them carefully removing the seed (of which I haven’t decided what to do with yet, dry and fry or sprout instead) and fried them in oil and sugar. The amount of oil an sugar purely depends on your taste preference but I personally chose to fry these because I find early and/or non-organic fruit make my throat, gums and tongue swell and itch so I had to cook them.

Quick, shallow fry only otherwise they turn to mush (some people stew early and bitter/sour fruit to make into jams/conserves). Now the inside will always be sour unless you use lot’s and lot’s of sugar, which I didn’t, using approx 3 tsp I found that the skin became nicely permeated with the sweet fried taste and was complimented by the sharp sourness of the insides.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a light oil or oil well suited to sweet things/desserts such as grapeseed, coconut or safflower so used sunflower. For those not allergic to nuts, a nut oil such as peanut or macadamia should work nicely.

Mum judiciously said to add dried fruit aka raisins/sultanas to them because they’d probably still be sour, She was right.

Step 3:

Serving accompaniments.

Starting from the top of the photo going round clockwise we had a) a plain one, b) one with coconut chips, c) chocolate sauce, d) choc chip biscuit dipped in and, e) one with some soy cream.

I also tried one with peanut butter and then a mix of peanut butter and chocolate sauce – both were yummy 🙂


The egg cups aren’t ours, as we don’t eat eggs but found ’em in a cupboard and they looked cute.

Other ideas could be vegan ice cream, cheese, yoghurt, jelly, other fruit particularly sweet ones, sprinkles, flaked almonds/nuts etc

After I’d sampled those,  to Mum’s distress I put them altogether with a dollop of fig spread, trifle style – which She said was un-artistic, unacceptable and rather than trifle style was messy style. Well, what can I say? We take turns being barbaric 😉 (Usually she mixes her food and I like to keep sections separate to taste each flavour but I appreciate the mixed taste too and hey, at least trifle has strata so can be eaten in layers 🙂 Though I wouldn’t recommend that with such a base, the tartness is better buffered by the surrounding ingredients.)



Beetroot Chocolate Cake(!) Layered with Fruit Spread

An Easy Lunch hour cake!


I had 40min to fully make this cake incl. prep, cooking and aftercare. I’m usually a bit old fashioned when making cakes and make ones that taste even better with time e.g. the ones left over night before eating, can be kept upto a week and taste absolutely mouth watering by the end of it. However this was a modern, make it quickly and eat it now kinda cake so it had to taste good without needing to settle.

Prep & Aftercare: 20min
Cooking: 20min


2 cups of any flour – I used wholemeal
1/2 cup cacao powder or cocoa powder
1 1/2 cup of Brown sugar (e.g. molasses, muscovado, demerara)
3 whole beetroot OR 3/4 cup of beetroot juice
1 cup coconut milk
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp apple cider vinegar (I used unpasteurized)


Fruit spread (I used 100% fruit -pomegranate and raspberry- in juice, no sugar hence not a jam or marmalade)
Dessicated coconut

Note – The sugar can be substituted with a non sugar cane or sugar beet based sugar such as stevia or fruit syrup e.g. argave or date syrup. I had intended to do that but used all my date syrup in hot coconut drinks lately :-p The way to check how much you need is through tasting – get the chocolate/batter to your desired sweetness and then cook, and for those not using fruit spread as a topping add abit more sweetener to your cake mix before baking.


1) I mashed the beetroot as best as possible into pulp in a bowl with a fork, it would of course be easier with a blender/hand blender to get a smooth paste, however without access to either I settled for pulp and to be honest the taste didn’t suffer at all, it’s the shape that is affected but I like a bit of weirdness and see it as ‘character’ though smooth is good too 🙂 Plus the baking tray has a hump in the middle so it wasn’t going to be straight anyway lol!

Beetroot Cake

2) To make sure all the ingredients are evenly mixed I prefer to stir the bicarbonate of soda, sugar and cacao powder into the milk in a separate pan to get a sauce and then add to the flour in the mixing bowl. I know the normal way is to mix the dry ingredients and then add the wet but without proper tools to sift and mix fully that can sometimes risk an uneven flavour and at the worst of times a great result but then a spot of saltiness or something similar in the cake which is not desirable.

3) 2 cups of flour into the mixing bowl with the beetroot and then the chocolate sauce with it. Stirred, added the apple cider vinegar (watch it make a nice ‘cream’) and stirred again as much as possible.


4) Preheated the oven to Gas Mark 4 / 180 celsius / 350 fahrenheit.

5) At this point I added oil to the baking tray (veg butter can also be used) however if you have grease proof paper or don’t mind using foil then either of those can keep the recipe oil free for those that need it that way.

6) Cake went into the top of the oven for 20min.

7) Cooking done! 🙂 I stuck the tip of a cutting knife (not eating one which would be too thick/blunt) into the side and it came out clean. Note – if it doesn’t come out clean keep cooking for a few minutes until it does.


8) I only had one large baking tray rather than two smaller ones so to layer it I simply cut it in half, put fruit spread on one half and lifted the other (carefully) onto the top. Then I added more fruit spread to the top and coconut.



A gorgeous rich sponge cake, dense and succulent without being too heavy or dry. The coconut pulp – which was the result of making coconut milk earlier – wasn’t dry yet and a bit clumpy. Usually waiting for it to dry or using ready made dessicated coconut would ensure it spreads evenly but it doesn’t change the taste much overall. If I had time and since it was moist I would have made some into a snowperson by the side of the cake 😀

For general notes – incorporating veg into desserts like this can really help e.g. I’d had a coupon for beetroot and so bought some as I love it but mum was adamant in her refusal over me adding any to dishes. I kept trying but the there was no way – so into a dessert it went! That disguises the look and mental impressions of it (hello carrot and other veg cakes/loaves), made it sweet(er) and the dessert benefited from its nutrition.

Beetroot can also be used as a natural food colouring so if I had gone with a non-chocolate sponge cake the Red colour would have been more noticeable (great for Red velvet type cakes) and would have been delightful with cream. With chocolate the Brown colour becomes deeper and has a Red tone though that’s not apparent in the photos – great for Black forest type cakes.

The slice shown has fruit spread on top but if I get round to making this again I might make a frosting to go on top instead of two layers of fruit spread. Either way I know it’d taste good! 🙂



Chocolate Oaty Biscuit Cake

Hello! 🙂

I’ve been posting a fair amount of desserts lately but I do honestly eat things other than confectionary! The funny thing is desserts aren’t my specialty, I’m actually not that great with them having spent time concentrating on my main dish skills where noodle dishes and soups are my forte and in which I love to incorporate fruit and various oils. That said I have another recipe for a dessert I’ve just made but I’ll see if I can post something a main meal or non-dessert snack next time 🙂

OK on to the recipe and possible variations of.

Chocolate Oaty Biscuit Cake


8oz wholemeal flour
7oz Brown sugar
8oz oats
2oz cacao powder
5oz non-dairy butter
2tbsp hot water or non-dairy milk
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
Optional – nuts
Optional – dried or glazed fruit such as cherries

1 ounce (oz) = 1 heaped tablespoon
tbs = tablespoon
tsp = teaspoon



1) Put all of the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl/pot and mix them well.



2) Pre-heat your oven to 180C / 350F or Gas Mark 4.

3) Grease a baking dish (with a bit of oil or butter) or use foil (no need to grease) – whichever is your preference.

4) Gently melt the butter on a hob on your cooker.

5) Whilst melting the butter, also heat a tiny bit of water or milk. Dissolve the bicarbonate of soda into the heated water/butter and add to the dry ingredients.

6) Stir in the butter and then mix until it all the of dry ingredients are sufficiently covered and ‘wet’.


7) Depending on what you prefer, you can either take out dollops of the mix and adjust them into biscuit shapes on your baking dish or if you’re like me you can just put the whole lot in the dish in one go.


8) Place high up in the oven (but not at the very top – hot air rises) and cook for 15min. If you have a fan assisted over 10min may be better.

9) When the time is up, take them/it out of the oven and leave to sit for 40min-1hour (depending on how long you can wait).


10) If you didn’t make biscuit shapes you can cut the ‘cake’ into slices before leaving it to cool. I personally prefer slices as I find them easier to dip into my tea.



I’ve used muscovado sugar as that is what I had available however muscovado is a subtle sugar and so the end result is subtly sweet, however if you use demerara, molasses or Golden sugar it should be sweeter and 7oz should still be enough.

If you’re not a fan of chocolate you can omit the cacao powder and either have very sweet biscuit cake or reduce the amount of sugar to 6oz. Also in that case you may want to reduce the butter, depending on your taste.

Thanks for looking and if you try this I hope you enjoy it! 🙂